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Bedroom Sets

Badcock Home Furniture & More of South Florida has the widest selection of twin size, queen size & king size bedroom sets for sale in Fort Lauderdale, West Palm Beach, Delray Beach, Pompano Beach, Plantation, Hollywood, Lake Worth, Lake Park, Cutler Bay, Miami Gardens, & Florida City. We carry several different styles from contemporary to modern designs ranging from a variety of manufacturers in all of our 11 stores. If you're shopping on a budget, we also offer in-house financing with high approval odds and low-interest rates. Read more
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The Best Dressers for the Shopaholic

Numerous components of furnishings complete a home's perfect look. However, a dresser is possibly one of the most significant elements that complete a room's look among the various kinds of storage furniture. A dresser not only serves the function of enhancing an aesthetic appeal to a room's overall look but also serves numerous functions simultaneously by offering additional space for storage of items, for instance, clothes.

Due to the importance it holds, you must choose a suitable and quality dresser that provides numerous functions while creating a perfect balance when it comes to harmonizing with the remaining bedroom décor. Fortunately, Badcock& more offers a wide range of bedroom sets in South Florida and other locations including, Fort Lauderdale, West Palm Beach, Delray Beach, Pompano Beach, Plantation, Hollywood, Lake Worth, Lake Park, Cutler Bay, Miami Gardens, & Florida City. If you're having a difficult time choosing the best dresser, consider our tips.

Factors to Consider When Buying a Dresser


Your dresser shouldn't dwarf your room nor should it take excess floor area. Determine where you wish to position your dresser and measure the space it will occupy, taking note of the height, width, and depth. Make sure you have sufficient space when opening the door if you wish to position it near a wall or in a corner. It's important to examine the product dimension and description to see whether it's a good fit for your assigned area.

The Purpose

This refers to the things you wish to put in the dresser. You'll want to consider whether it will be for small belongings such as accessories, towels etc. You can actually include folded clothes in there if you run out of wardrobe space. Recognizing your needs is crucial in helping you make the right decision.


Your bedroom should be beautiful, so you can spend your time comfortably there. You must understand that numerous styles of dressers exist, so you must pay keen attention to this task. Our stores will give you an idea of the modern styles that are available. Keep in mind that the style you select should be in line with your bedroom to give your room the deserving attractiveness. The styles to consider include:
  • Traditional
These kinds date back as far as the 17th century and are made of hardwood with ornate designs and detailed carvings. You'll discover their presence enhances sophistication in your bedroom.
  • Modern
These ones are characteristic of usability and form. They feature clear-cut and straightforward lines that offer orderliness in a room.
  • Contemporary
Contemporary dressers are plain, simple, and devoid of decorations. They comprise light wood and their knobs or pulls are ceramic aluminum or stone-made. Moreover, they have a minimalist appeal. Quality Another significant consideration is the dresser's quality. Examine the materials that the dresser comprises. In fact, this factor should be a top priority. You wouldn't want to invest in something that will sustain damage in a brief period.

A dresser's price will reveal about its quality, so keep an eye on this. After all, excellent quality guarantees you of durability. The feet and legs should be strongly glued that can undergo tapering or carving. You should also examine the drawers' joinery. Stapled, nailed, or glued joineries won't last long. The drawers shouldn't squeak and stick in the middle. Instead, they must be easy to roll back and pull out.

Types of Dressers

  • Storage Dressers
These types offer considerable space to store whatever you wish. They provide the role of a storage chest and their design are based on the principles of a bottom and four sides. Generally, you can use them by lifting the top when it's in use. They create additional space since they don't take up considerable room. You'll also find that the small and compact dressers give great storage options in terms of compartments.
  • Long Dressers
These kinds are usually positioned in front of the bed and serve the role of signifying a means of broad storage compartments. They comprise long dressers and you can use them for storing the larger belongings that might not fit anywhere else. Some will even come with a mirror. They have a huge demand because they're available in different colors and designs.
  • Armoires
An armoire is a simple cabinet version that falls under the group of traditional dressers. They have two opening doors with interior space for storing clothes and other items. They're generally taller and broader forms of dressers. They also comprise panel doors that you can pull out.
  • Double bedroom dressers
These ones serve the role of a huge storage space. In terms of storage capacity, they can extend up to 6-9 compartments. They're slightly shorter in terms of height but offer considerable space because their width expands a bit. Sometimes, they have a joined mirror depending on your preference. You'll discover they offer a sense of organization and are very convenient. Moreover, they enhance an aesthetic appeal to your room's theme.

Selecting an appropriate dresser is very important when shopping for bedroom furniture sets in Fort Lauderdale, West Palm Beach, Delray Beach, Pompano Beach, Plantation, Hollywood, Lake Worth, Lake Park, Cutler Bay, Miami Gardens, & Florida City. It's just as important to purchase the furniture from a reliable source such as Badcock & more, which offers quality furnishing.

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