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Full Bunkie Board

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Full Bunkie Board

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Offers extra support for platform beds or for bunkbed use when an innerspring or foam mattress is being used.
Offers extra support for platform beds or for bunkbed use when an innerspring or foam mattress is being used.
Products specifications
Attribute name Attribute value
Width 53
Height 1
Depth 74
Bed Size Full
Foundation Support Board
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Products specifications
Attribute name Attribute value
Width 53
Height 1
Depth 74
Bed Size Full
Foundation Support Board

Full Bunkie Board 

When it comes to a place in your home for relaxation or sleep, sometimes it can be challenging to figure out what your bed needs. How do you know if you are you are choosing the right furniture for your bedroom

If you have a bed more low to the ground or don’t want your mattress to be too big and cover up too much of the bed or headboard, so it is more aesthetically pleasing. 

Today’s most popular pieces of bedroom furniture include platform beds, which means more support is needed to hold up the bed, and maintain your room’s vision. Something called a bunkie board may be just what is needed to complete that polished look. 

At Badcock Furniture & More, we have everything for your bedroom needs online, and in our showrooms at our 11 convenient locations throughout South Florida. From mattresses, bedroom sets, and bunkie boards, we have high-quality and built-to-last furniture, all at affordable prices. 

What Is A Bunkie Board?

For those who haven’t heard of a bunkie board, don’t worry you are not alone. A bunkie board is a flat and thin object that looks like a board or pallet made out of various materials. It is placed under the mattress to provide extra strength and support for the bed. 

An alternative option for a box spring, bunkie boards are popular with platform beds, daybeds, trundle beds, or bunk beds. 

How Does A Bunkie Board Work? 

A bunkie board is an easy solution to providing support for your bed’s mattress. Most recommended for foam mattresses, such as memory foam and other types. Bunkie boards are non-intrusive which provide a slim and sturdy surface that lays under the mattress to keep it in place. 

Benefits of A Bunkie Board 

The slats of a bunkie board allow the type of bed to be lower to the ground and take up less room for smaller spaces. Bunkie boards have several benefits including: 

  • Support: Keeps the mattress from falling through the bed frame, or the support slats from breaking. This is especially beneficial for platform beds that only have slats for the mattress or other sleeping surfaces to lay on. 

  • Sleek Appearance: Bunkie boards help to minimize space, the size or appearance of the platform bed, making it maintain a sleek profile low to the ground. 

  • Affordable: Bunkie beds are very affordable! They are priced far less than typical box springs, and other forms of bed support.

  • Versatility: Bunkie beds are very versatile. They can be placed on adult beds and kids beds for extra space, support, and strength.

Bunkie boards are beneficial because they can usually fit on any size with especially with beds that have slats that lay laterally on the base. Other types of support other than a bunkie board can age a matress and ware it out. Bunkie boards help to increase the mattress’s lifespan. 

Also, the high-quality bunkie boards are constructed so that the mattress doesn’t squeak or make noise when moving on it. At Badcock Furniture, our bunkie boards are assembled with proper padding and composition, all in one piece, so it is easy for people to put right on the bed without hassle.  

What Are Bunkie Boards Made Of? 

Bunkie boards are very sturdy, strong, and manufactured to be very supportive. The most popular bunkie boards are normally made of flat plywood slats covered in cloth The board is put together with the intention of this support to go under the mattress and remain unnoticeable. 

Therefore, the upholstery is usually neutral colors so the slats remain invisible. The board’s slim and simple appearance gives the platform bed proper support without adding any extra height to it.  Here are how bunkie boards come out on top compared to some of the most popular bed base types. 

Bunkie Board Vs Bunk Bed

If you guessed that a bunkie board’s name was derived from the popular kid’s bedroom piece, the bunk bed, you are correct. A box spring and innerspring mattresses go together, and so do bunkie boards and bed frames. 

With bunk beds, space can be an issue. The top bunk often leaves the person who sleeps up there being way too close to the ceiling. 

Therefore, bunkie beds are a good option for bunk beds as it already has slats, and it provides adequate support. The bunkie bed is a bit visible on a bunk bed, but also invisible enough where it still looks aesthetically pleasing in a bedroom. 

Bunkie Board Vs Box Spring

Changing your mattress or flipping it every few months was a thing when we were younger. This evened out the stress that the box spring put on the mattress. Today, an old reliable box spring may not have been able to withstand the weight of a mattress or be sturdy or stable enough. A bunkie board can, as you lay it directly on the floor and put the mattress over it, giving the bed and mattress the most reliable form of support. 

Where To Buy A Bunkie Board

With such an unfamiliar name, people may not know that bunkie boards exist or where to even buy them. 

At Badcock Furniture & More Of South Florida, we have bunkie boards for all mattresses and bed sizes. Whether you have a full, queen, king, or twin, we have a catalog of suitable bed bases that fit your budget. 

As our bunkie boards are made out of strong plywood, they provide not only support, but our specialists will ensure that measurements are very precise, so that the board fits snug and tight on your bed base, regulated to the floor.  

Also, if you have kids or teens with bunk beds, bunkie boards will stand the test of time. At Badcock, our products online or in-store are of the highest quality. Whether you need to find full bunkie boards, twin bunkie boards, queen bunkie boards, and king bunkie boards, you have come to the right place! 

Contact us today for more information, and to find the right bunkie board for you!

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