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Delray Beach

Store location

2400 North Federal Highway
Delray, FL 33483
(561) 243-8393

Monday-Saturday: 10:00am – 7:00pm
Sunday: 12:00pm - 6:00pm

Your Ultimate Delray Beach Furniture Store

As you’re working on either remodeling your home or renovating a room, you probably have one thing on your mind: furniture. That’s right: you know as well as anyone else that the right furniture is going to change the way your space looks and if you go for anything less than the best, you’re going to regret it later. 

So, where do you start? How do you find the best furniture for your home without having to sacrifice quality in order to avoid breaking the bank? That’s easy: Badcock Home Furniture & More! We have various locations throughout South Florida, including here in Delray Beach. Our company is dedicated to providing the best furniture and home goods to our customers. So, why not stop by our nearest location today? You can also browse online to find appliances, living room furniture, bedroom sets, home décor, and more!

Quality You Can Count on at our Delray Beach Furniture Store

While many furniture stores tend to be a little bit subpar, you’re going to want to find someplace that really embraces quality. After all, this is your home we’re talking about! No doubt, you want to put some serious love in it, making sure it’s welcoming and comfortable while still exhibiting true quality. Whether you’re in the market for bedroom furniture or living room furniture, our store can offer you the best of the best!

Perhaps you’re looking to give your home a little makeover. Maybe you’ve been living there for a while and now the existing furniture is starting to look a bit old. Or perhaps you just want to try something different. No matter what the case may be, now would be a great time for you to look at our furniture sets for dining rooms, living rooms, bedrooms, and even children’s rooms. If you need it, we have it!

Finish Up Your Furnishing with Our Accessories

As we mentioned earlier, we’ve got plenty of items for your home here at Badcock. From appliances to mattresses, we’ve got you covered! We don’t just have couches and chairs at our Delray Beach furniture store. We also have a wide selection of electronics and kitchen appliances to make your space even more useful. Grab a computer for your office or a washing machine for your laundry room. If you’re looking for a one-stop shopping experience for your home then you have absolutely found it.

Here at Badcock Home Furniture & More, we pride ourselves on having not only what you need to complete your renovation, but also some of the highest quality furniture pieces in the industry. For more information, stop by, look at our stock, and start planning your next big reno. You’re not going to be disappointed.

Don’t Let Finances Prevent You Any Longer!

Our company is committed to making our customers’ furnishing dreams come true. We know that each individual and family who comes to our store is in search of something different. Each one of our customers has a certain picture in mind. Our goal is to bring those images to life. But, we understand that, sometimes, our customers have some serious concerns.

What if I can’t afford the couch I want? What if my bad credit keeps me from getting the perfect dining room set? Questions like these often circulate and consume the minds of those who are searching for new furniture and appliances. It’s certainly understandable as furniture and other necessities of the home tend to be quite expensive. But, if you’ve been worried about your credit or whether you’ll be able to afford new additions to your home, allow us to put your mind at ease. Here at Badcock, we offer various options as far as the financial side of things is concerned. 

First thing first, at our store, no credit is refused; everyone is approved! And, when we say “everyone”, we mean it! We are not in the business of turning away customers. We know how much new furniture means to those who visit our store, so we are dedicated to working with each one! So, regardless of your credit score, you can apply for financing. 

We offer an in-house financing option. It’s interest-free and requires no money down. We also offer our customers the option to finance their merchandise through other means, such as via Paypal or Snap. You can learn more about our financing options here

In addition to financing services, we offer a free layaway option. In other words, we don’t require you to pay any service fees while you’re making payments for your furniture.  


Would I be able to pay my bill at the store or do I have to pay online?

You can pay in-store! But, if for any reason you can’t do so, there is an option to pay over the phone. There’s also an online option. 

Can I return my furniture?

We want you to be happy and satisfied with your purchase. But, if you’re not feeling the furniture you bought from us, you can certainly return it. Just be sure to do so within 3 days after delivery! Also, be aware that a restocking fee will apply. 

I made an online purchase. Will you still deliver my merchandise to me? If so, how will that work?

We believe that communication is key. So, within about 24 hours of your online purchase or on the next business day, we’ll contact you to schedule a delivery time that works for you. Generally speaking, our customers receive their furniture between 3 and 10 days after purchase. 

What if I need to make a change regarding delivery?

We get it. Life happens and plans change. So, we work to be flexible with our customers when it comes to delivery. We do, however, need to be made aware of any changes by 1:00 pm the day before the scheduled delivery date. This will help you to avoid a re-delivery fee. It’ll also help to eliminate any confusion and allow us time to reschedule.

For more answers to any questions, you might have, just visit our FAQ page or contact us today!


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