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Wall Art & Mirrors

Home Decor
Decorating your home or office means you get furniture of your liking, rugs, lighting, and other decorative pieces to make the space beautiful and inviting. To complete the whole look, you also need to pay attention to the walls. This means putting up pieces of wall art so that the whole space looks put together and you do not have boring, blank walls to stare at. Now if you are not sure about where you can get beautiful and affordable pieces of wall art for sale, let’s help you out. Just visit one of our Badcock Home Furniture & More store locations and you will be sure to find what you are looking for! Read more
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Brede Wall Sconce

$99.95 $74.96

41" Flower Wall Decor

$99.95 $74.96

Joely Wall Art

$119.95 $89.96

Judson Wall Art Set

$119.95 $89.96

Burris Black Wall Art

$119.95 $89.96

Luna Gold Mirror

$129.95 $97.46

Shara Copper Mirror

$129.95 $97.46


$129.95 $97.46

Donata Wall Mirror

$149.95 $112.46

Ava Gold Mirror

$169.95 $127.46

Donagh Wall Art Set

$169.95 $127.46


$199.95 $149.96

Dinorah Wall Art

$199.95 $149.96

Kingsleigh Round Mirror

$229.95 $172.46

Jacee Grey Floor Mirror

$258.00 $193.50

Jasna Accent Mirror

$269.95 $202.46

Bellecott Wall Art

$269.95 $202.46

Duka Silver Floor Mirror

$278.00 $208.50

Villham Multi Wall Art

$299.95 $224.96

Petrica Multi Wall Art

$299.95 $224.96

Trenick Wall Art

$329.95 $247.46

Affordable Wall Art for Sale

A wide variety of pieces

From detailed canvas art to modern paintings to embroidered mirrors, Badcock Home Furniture & More has a broad range of art pieces that allow you to channel your personal style and are sure to bring life to your home. Take our “Charge Wall Art” piece, for example. This eclectic, alluring painting of an elephant is a unique, yet unforgettable piece to add to your home. The deep gray undertones complimented by detailed finishes truly bring this acrylic canvas painting to life.

The “Red Circles Wall Art” sculpture, on the other hand, has a more intricate allure. This piece consists of different sized, multicolored circular metal pieces connected by several intertwining rings. The deep burgundy and ruby tones, coupled with the shine of the metal, add a simple yet sophisticated feel to this piece. The geometric elegance is yet another visually exciting aspect of this sculpture, making it a wonderful addition to any contemporary decor. If you have a clear idea of what kind of wall art you are looking for, or don’t know where to begin, here at Badcock, finding wall art that suits your taste is easier than ever.

With our numerous wall art pieces, which vary in shape, style, and size, there are countless options to add personality to your living space. We have a broad range of wall art for sale in South Florida in Fort Lauderdale, West Palm Beach, Delray Beach, Pompano Beach, Plantation, Hollywood, Lake Worth, Lake Park, Cutler Bay, Miami Gardens, and Florida City. There is truly no better place to shop for unique wall art — at Badcock, we have it all!


Many people want to liven up their home through wall art, but, understandably, do not want to break the bank for buying just a few pieces. Here at Badcock, we believe in combining affordability with style, rather than sacrificing one for the other. Many of our pieces are versatile in size and are available in both small and large dimensions to suit your preferences. Many of our small-regular sized pieces range from $50-$80, with our larger pieces costing $100+. Here at Badcock, each one of our pieces is uniquely beautiful and has a high-end feel, without the hefty price tag. Whether you just moved into your new apartment, or are looking to redesign your house, finding affordable online wall art at Badcock furniture is a perfect way to quickly spice up your living space without spending too much. Browse through our collection of wall art online to get a full look at pieces you love, and for prices, you’ll love even more!

At Badcock Home Furniture & More, our wall art & décor in South Florida in all of our locations at Fort Lauderdale, West Palm Beach, Delray Beach, Pompano Beach, Plantation, Hollywood, Lake Worth, Lake Park, Cutler Bay, Miami Gardens, and Florida City, are incredibly versatile in terms of style and personalization. From large acrylic canvases to intricate paintings to contemporary sculptures, it is easy to find wall art that suits your preferences.

By shopping for wall art at Badcock, you can rest assured that buying our wall art pieces, no matter how big or small, will not put a dent in your budget. Our affordable pieces will have your house looking like a million bucks, without matching that expense. If you have been looking for wall art for sale, there is no better place than Badcock. Visit us online or schedule a trip to one of our locations and find great wall art today!

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