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Returns and Exchanges

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Not happy with your purchase? We make the return and exchange process as easy as possible. No hair-pulling, guaranteed! Below you will find some information on our return & exchange policies.


CUSTOMER SATISFACTION: Furniture must be inspected at the time of delivery for any problems or damages. Customer will be required to sign off stating that "the merchandise was received correctly". If for some reason there is an issue, the delivery men will have customer service call customer immediately while they remain on the premises to verify the problem. Any concealed damage must be reported to customer service within 24 hours.

RESELECTION POLICY: For any reason other than damages or defects, a one-time merchandise reselection for equal or greater value is allowed for up to 3 days after delivery or within 3 days of pick up. The reselection and exchanged pick-up/delivery must occur within 5 days after contacting Customer Service. For Delivery, the original delivery charge will not be credited and a new delivery charge will be applied based on the dollar amount of new items selected. For pick-ups, a 10% restocking fee will apply.

RETURN POLICY: If a customer wants to return part or all of their merchandise for any reason other than damages or defects, they must contact Customer Service within 3 days after delivery and arrange for immediate pick up of merchandise being returned. The delivery charge will not be credited and a 15% Re-Stocking Fee will be applied to all returned merchandise. For pick-ups a 10% restocking fee will be applied. Merchandise must be in perfect condition.

a. Accessories: Plants, Lamps Pictures, etc. in perfect condition can be returned within 3 days with no restocking fee.

b. Electronics: Can be returned if in original sealed package and in perfect condition within 3 days with no restocking fee.

c. Appliances: Customer has until the end of next business day to verify item is in working condition, otherwise no returns.

d. Clearance and “As Is” Merchandise: No returns after delivery acceptance/approval.

BEDDING POLICY: A one-time 60 Day Comfort Reselection Policy of equal or greater value will be allowed if mattress encasement (Protect A Bed) was purchased. If Mattress Protector is not purchased, a one-time reselection of equal or greater value will be allowed up to 15 days . A $99.95 exchange fee and redelivery fee will apply. Must be clean and stain free for eligibility. (No returns, reselection only)

ACIMA and WELLS FARGO ACCOUNTS: Customer must pay all charges up front before merchandise is picked up or returned.

All merchandise has up to a 1-year manufacturer’s warranty against defect (not normal wear and tear).
This excludes Appliances and Electronics as they vary. If there is a manufacture defect within the first year, Badcock will repair at no charge or exchange if the item cannot be repaired.
For information regarding your extended warranty coverage click here.

If something arrives damaged, or if parts are missing, please notify us right away. We will help you get needed replacements as quickly as possible. You have up to 24 hours to inspect your merchandise to guarantee a full refund (due to damaged/missing parts).

If our product is assembled for you, make sure you closely inspect the product for any damage BEFORE boxes are discarded and before the delivery people leave. If your furniture arrives damaged, our delivery personnel will notify customer service immediately.

If you signed for your delivery and discover any concealed damage or missing parts, please contact customer service right away at 1.888.616.6673. You have 24 hours to report any issues regarding your furniture.