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Formal Dining Room Sets

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Picture of Hefner Platinum 5 PC Dining Room Picture of Hefner Platinum 5 PC Dining Room

Hefner Platinum 5 PC Dining Room

$1,279.75 $598.00
Picture of Jetson 7 PC Faux Marble Dining Room With Black Chairs Picture of Jetson 7 PC Faux Marble Dining Room With Black Chairs

Jetson 7 PC Faux Marble Dining Room With Black Chairs

$1,049.95 $798.00
Picture of Jetson 7 PC Faux Marble Dining Room With Cream Chairs Picture of Jetson 7 PC Faux Marble Dining Room With Cream Chairs

Jetson 7 PC Faux Marble Dining Room With Cream Chairs

$1,049.95 $798.00
Picture of Empire Black 5 PC Dining Room

Empire Black 5 PC Dining Room

$999.95 $798.00
Picture of Maximus 5 PC Dining Room Picture of Maximus 5 PC Dining Room

Maximus 5 PC Dining Room

$1,599.75 $1,198.00
Picture of Marque 7 PC Dining Room - Grey Chairs Picture of Marque 7 PC Dining Room - Grey Chairs

Marque 7 PC Dining Room - Grey Chairs

$1,699.65 $1,298.00

We’re sure you’ll agree that nothing brings people together the way food does! There’s nothing like gathering with friends and family members around a table of good food. No doubt, the conversations and fun times that occur at the dining room are some of the most memorable. And it’s likely that, as you furnish your own dining area, you want to work to achieve an environment that brings fun and food together. What better way is there to do so than to invest in the perfect dining room table? If you’re looking for the best formal dining room set for your home, look no further than Badcock Home Furniture & More!

What Should I Look For in a Formal Dining Set?

When looking for a formal dining room set, there are a few things you should keep in mind. There are a lot of amazing options when it comes to dining room tables and chairs. This is a good thing, but it can also make your quest for finding furniture a little more challenging. So, it’s important to know what you’re looking for before you get started on your search. Having a clear or at least semi-clear vision in mind regarding what you want will help to minimize stress as you dive into the exciting world of furniture shopping!

One of the first things you should think about when preparing to look at formal dining room furniture is size. How big do you need the table to be? How many chairs will you need? Some dining room sets may comfortably seat 2 people while others may seat 8 individuals. If you have a small family or you sometimes invite a friend for dinner, you might consider buying a table that seats about 4 people. If your family is large or you regularly have a group of friends join you for a meal, a larger dining room set may be in order.

Another thing you should consider is the appearance of your dining set. This includes the color, material, and overall design. Just as the sofa is one of the most important parts of the living room and the bed is the focal point of the bedroom, the table and chairs are extremely vital when it comes to setting up your dining area. So, your formal dining room furniture should fit perfectly with the room’s decor while still standing out and making a statement. In other words, it’s important to make sure your dining room furniture is simply perfect for your home!

Finding the Perfect Formal Dining Room Furniture: What Does Badcock Have to Offer?

If you’re not really sure where to start when it comes to getting new dining room furniture, don’t worry. Here at Badcock Home Furniture & More, our job is to make sure you find exactly what you need as far as furniture goes. So, once you have an idea of what you’d like, we can work with you to create the look you’re going for in your dining area. 

Perhaps you’re looking for a dining set that is small yet elegant. If so, our Hefner Platinum formal dining room set might be exactly what you need. Complete with four glamorously grey, upholstered chairs and a 48” round tabletop with a pedestal base, this dining room set is sure to elevate the appearance of your dining room! Our Sophia dining room set is a similar option, but it brings with it the classic wood look, which is both inviting and stylish.

Not into the upholstered look? Or perhaps you’re looking for something a little bigger. We’ve got some great options for you! Take a look at our Hyndell dining room set. This contemporary and sleek, espresso set includes 6 solid wood and faux velvet chairs along with a beautiful, wood table. This lovely dining room set will undoubtedly keep your friends and family comfortable while offering nothing short of beauty to your dining room area!

Let Us Help You Create the Dining Room of Your Dreams!

No doubt, you have a vision, a plan for your home. You have a few ideas in mind. But, you’re not exactly sure if you will find exactly what’s in your mind’s picture. You’re not alone; this is a challenge many people face when looking for furniture. But, we’re here to help you at Badcock! You can visit our website or drop by one of our South Florida locations to find the dining room furniture that suits your needs and desires. We are ready and willing to help make your shopping experience both enjoyable and successful!

Addressing Financial Concerns

Maybe you’ve already visited our website and found the most amazing furniture for your dining room. That’s wonderful! But, maybe you haven’t gone any further than that because you’re worried. You’re concerned about how you’re going to pay for the table and chairs you’ve fallen absolutely in love with. Perhaps your credit is a little less than decent or you don’t think you can pay for your furniture all at once. These concerns are enough to keep anyone from fulfilling their desire to buy what they really want when it comes to furniture.

But, we’ve got great news for you. You don’t have to let financial concerns stop you from moving forward with your plans! We have a few options you can consider in order to get ahold of the best furniture for your dining room.

First of all, we’d like for you to know about our motto at Badcock Home Furniture & More concerning credit. Here, no credit is refused; everyone is approved! So, regardless of what your credit looks like, don’t hesitate to speak with our team about getting your furniture!

Also, we offer various financing options here at Badcock. So, you can certainly take a look at them here, reach out to us today, or swing by your local Badcock Home Furniture & More to learn more. Finally, you might also consider looking into our free layaway option. (And, rest assured that when we say “free”, we mean it!)

Visit One of Our South Florida Locations Today!

Of course, we provide amazing furniture via our website. So, if online shopping is your style, feel free to take a look at our quality merchandise on the web. But, if you’d rather come to our store to visit us or see what you’re buying, we’d love that! 

What are you waiting for? Your perfect dining room furniture awaits you right here at Badcock Home Furniture & More!


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