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Picture of Baseball Accent Lamp

Baseball Accent Lamp

$49.95 $37.46
Picture of Stardust Uplight Lamp

Stardust Uplight Lamp

$49.95 $37.46
Picture of Studio Black Lamp

Studio Black Lamp

$69.95 $52.46
Picture of Orian Gold Metal Lamp

Orian Gold Metal Lamp

$69.95 $52.46
Picture of Tanya Table Lamp

Tanya Table Lamp

$69.95 $52.46
Picture of River Metal Table Lamp

River Metal Table Lamp

$69.95 $52.46
Picture of Berland Table Lamp

Berland Table Lamp

$79.95 $59.96
Picture of Bangle Table Lamp

Bangle Table Lamp

$79.95 $59.96
Picture of Porter Bronze Lamp with USB

Porter Bronze Lamp with USB

$79.95 $59.96
Picture of Canyon Table Lamp

Canyon Table Lamp

$79.95 $59.96
Picture of Jazzy Table Lamp

Jazzy Table Lamp

$79.95 $59.96
Picture of Forms Table Lamp

Forms Table Lamp

$89.95 $67.46
Picture of Bice Buffet Lamp

Bice Buffet Lamp

$89.95 $67.46
Picture of Lacey Table Lamp

Lacey Table Lamp

$89.95 $67.46
Picture of Monroe Mirror Table Lamp

Monroe Mirror Table Lamp

$89.95 $67.46
Picture of Freeform Chrome Table Lamp

Freeform Chrome Table Lamp

$89.95 $67.46
Picture of Pinnacle Table Lamp with USB Base

Pinnacle Table Lamp with USB Base

$89.95 $67.46
Picture of Kyoto Table Lamp

Kyoto Table Lamp

$99.95 $74.96
Picture of Arch Metal Table Lamp

Arch Metal Table Lamp

$99.95 $74.96
Picture of Lola Nickel Table Lamp

Lola Nickel Table Lamp

$99.95 $74.96
Picture of Lola Gold Table Lamp

Lola Gold Table Lamp

$99.95 $74.96
Picture of Crush Table Lamp

Crush Table Lamp

$119.95 $89.96
Picture of Palms Table Lamp

Palms Table Lamp

$119.95 $89.96
Picture of Rebecca Table Lamp

Rebecca Table Lamp

$119.95 $89.96

Lighting is an important factor in your home design. The right type of lighting can help you relax after a stressful day or bring you bursts of energy when you need it.

Lighting can also set the atmosphere of the home; whether you have fluorescent or dimly lit bulbs, the lighting in your home can make a guest feel welcomed or unwelcomed.

The most important factor to consider when purchasing lights for your home is functionality.

With proper knowledge of interior design and lighting options— like Badcock lamps— you can make your home aesthetically pleasing to the eye. 

Popular Badcock Furniture Lighting Options

There are many options to choose from at Badcock Furniture. Some popular lighting styles include:

Many choose a lighting option based on the ambiance it will bring to the room. If you don't feel relaxed, it may not bring the right type of energy to your area. 

Casual lighting options bring a warm ambiance to your living space. Most furniture pieces will include muted or warm tones, metal shades, exposed bulbs, and wood detailing. 

Glam brings a luxurious feel to a home. If you want something that will catch the light or provide a sparkly accent, glam may be the style for you. A popular piece for a homeowner who likes glam would be a crystal chandelier. You can find many Badcock furniture lamps in glam style. 

Modern styles bring a lot of natural light into a home. The idea of a modern home is to incorporate lots of natural light and to provide accent lighting for areas that get dark. For those that enjoy a modern style, there are many Badcock furniture lamps available for your choosing. 

The traditional style is full of warm colors and symmetrical lines. Badcock lamps are offered feature-rich, dark wood that incorporates intricate bases and muted lamp shades. 

Types Of Lighting Options and Their Uses

Once you choose the decor style for your home, you may want to consider the type of lighting you will bring into each room. 

Ambient lighting— or general lighting— will illuminate a whole room, creating a blanket of light. Ambient lighting isn’t used to highlight a space but to create a warm and inviting area to hang out. This type of lighting is perfect for those who want to relax and unwind from a stressful workday.

Task lighting is used for specific purposes. It is most beneficial in offices and places where you will use your critical thinking skills. This light is especially helpful in stimulating your brain and helping you become more alert and concentrated in your work.

Accent lighting has the intent to draw the eye to a certain object. For example, this lighting may be used to highlight family photos, artwork, or bookcase displays to create focal points. This lighting is most useful when a homeowner wants to create meaning behind what they are trying to display. 

To get the best ambient lighting, you may want to consider:

  • Chandeliers

  • Pendants

  • Recessed lighting

  • Track lighting

  • Ceiling lights

For task lighting, you can use:

  • Pendants

  • Desk lamps

  • Under-cabinet lights

  • Vanity lights

To achieve accent lighting, you can purchase:

  • Wall hung lights

  • Recessed lighting

  • Landscape lights

  • Track lights

  • Light dimmers

Badcock Lighting Fixtures and Complimentary Pieces 

Badcock has many style options to choose from that will allow any homeowner to mix and match to their preference. 

If you are one of those individuals that enjoy a cohesive look in your living space, it may be beneficial to consider searching by style, such as glam or traditional. There are numerous Badcock furniture lamps available for each interior design style. 

Once chosen, a lighting fixture can be more easily designed into space than large furniture pieces. However, that space will not come to life unless the lighting compliments the area.

To compliment your living space the most, you may want to consider lighting fixtures that can be easily matched by the body and shade of the lamp.

Lighting For Certain Rooms

At Badcock, there are many decor options available for you to pick and choose a style that will match your current home decor. If you are unaware of the lighting options available, you can follow along with the guide below.

In an entryway, most homeowners use strategic lighting. You can hang a dramatic chandelier or pendant to draw attention. Furthermore, you can add a floor or table lamp to create a brighter, illuminated entryway.

In the kitchen, personal preference is most important. Some popular choices for kitchen lighting might include recessed lighting, pendants over a countertop or island, or under-cabinet lighting.

In the dining room, your main source of light can come from a large, pendant light or chandelier hanging over the table. If you have a buffet table, you can add a table lamp.

Many living rooms feature to track or recessed lighting and floor lamps. If you have a focal piece of furniture that you would like to highlight, you can place an overhead fixture above to draw the eye to it.

Most bedrooms have a main overhead light source and extra light sources available in the form of table lamps.

Many bathrooms also have a main overhead light source. However, many also feature task lighting above their mirror or bathtub/shower to provide extra light.

In an office, you will want a light that acts as a source of energy. The most popular option is to include task lighting within your workspaces, such as a table or floor lamp.

Contact Us

If you need help deciding the best way to light your home, you can contact us today to discuss Badcock furniture lamps.

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