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Twin Bedroom Sets

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Picture of Douglas Charcoal 5 PC Twin Bedroom Picture of Douglas Charcoal 5 PC Twin Bedroom

Douglas Charcoal 5 PC Twin Bedroom

$799.90 $598.00
Picture of Augusta Grey 7 PC Twin Wall Bed Picture of Augusta Grey 7 PC Twin Wall Bed

Augusta Grey 7 PC Twin Wall Bed

$819.85 $658.00
Picture of Amalia Metallic 5 PC Twin Bedroom Picture of Amalia Metallic 5 PC Twin Bedroom

Amalia Metallic 5 PC Twin Bedroom

$1,099.90 $698.00
Picture of Ellen White 5 PC Twin Bedroom Picture of Ellen White 5 PC Twin Bedroom

Ellen White 5 PC Twin Bedroom

$979.90 $798.00
Picture of Lilibet White 5 PC Twin Bedroom Picture of Lilibet White 5 PC Twin Bedroom

Lilibet White 5 PC Twin Bedroom

$1,059.90 $848.00
Picture of Augusta Grey 9 PC Twin Bedroom Picture of Augusta Grey 9 PC Twin Bedroom

Augusta Grey 9 PC Twin Bedroom

$1,419.80 $1,098.00

When your child grows, so will their tastes for different things, along with their likes and dislikes. The same goes for furniture. At Badcock Furniture & More, choose from a wide selection of twin-sized bedroom sets ranging in a variety of styles and sizes. 

The right bedroom set furniture will add a whole new dimension to your children’s bedroom. At our convenient South Florida locations, we have an affordable twin bedroom sets to fit your space and budget.

At Badcock Furniture, we carry unique twin beds that can provide more than just a place for sleeping at night. Our twin bedroom set collections offer storage space, creating the perfect place to showcase and express your children’s personality, personal style, and prized possessions. 

Buying A Twin Bedroom Set

Are you moving into a new home, or thinking about redecorating your master or guest bedroom? Regardless of the reason, twin-sized beds are a great option if you always have guests, such as family or friends coming to stay, or if you are looking to save space. 

So, if you’re looking for furniture, you may want to consider going for twin beds as opposed to the typical double or queen-sized bed, especially if you have the room for it! Space and aesthetics are two important factors to consider when figuring out interior design. 

Think about it logically, a pair of twin beds are more convenient. It will create symmetry and give people double the design envy. 

Also, by selecting a twin bedroom set you can easily complete an entire room with everything you need, pairing the bed with matching nightstands, a dresser and mirror, and more. At Badcock SFL, our bedroom furniture sets come in a wide range of creative styles. 

Browse our types of finishes and materials to match your bedroom suite, such as black, white, and metal. From light wood to dark wood and traditional to themed, you’re sure to find a twin bedroom set your kids and teens will love. 

Finding the Perfect Bedroom Set for Kids and Teens


If you are in the market for a twin bedroom set that will blend well with your children’s room, Badcock Furniture is the place to be. We offer a wide array of your favorite furniture brands and styles, including bunk-beds, trundle beds, sleeper sofas, etc. 

At our furniture store locations, you can also find computer tables, workstations, and most anything your kids need. Your options are endless when it comes to designing your kids’ bedroom. 


Your child has now become a teen, and that means that they are growing up, and their likes and dislikes are constantly changing with the times. Your teen may have a specific style or design in mind for their own special and personal space. 

From contemporary to modern, and funky, we have everything that they need to bring their vision to life. Badcock Furniture showroom throughout South Florida is the experts at capturing the true essence of who our customers are, appreciating all taste, at an affordable price.

Twin Bedroom Set Accessories

A bedroom, especially for kids and teenagers, is where they spend most of their time. Whether they ate talking with friends on the computer online or on the phone, doing homework, watching a show or movie,  or playing video games, children of all ages need their own spaces to grow and explore their imaginations. 

As your children or teenager continues to grow up, their tastes and comfort levels change inevitably. With this notion in mind, they need furniture that is high-quality, functional, trendy, sporty and reflective of the current trends and design, but to their specific taste. 

At Badcock Furniture & More of South Florida, we understand this notion, and that our customers want and need to find high-quality, versatile furniture that will change with the times. 

We are the best source of kids and teens bedroom furniture in the South Florida area. Our showroom and online catalog feature some of the most amazing brands and styles. Our collection includes the following sets:

In addition to bedroom furniture, Badcock Furniture offers other amazing accessories. To match every kid’s special aesthetic, we also carry everything from wallpaper, electronics, entertainment centers, plants, wall art/wallpaper, and lighting. At Badcock, your kids and teens will never have a shortage of inspiration to choose from!

Financing Your Twin Bedroom Set Furniture 

No one wants to break the bank when creating their dream home, and that is Badcock Furniture &  More of South Florida locations, offer flexible financing plans to help our loyal customers furnish their dream homes without having the stress and burden of money. 

Our in-house financing plans are interest-free, which means no money down and no extra fees! Enjoy your furniture while paying for it in a stress-free way. No credit needed! To learn more about how to set up your flexible payment plan with us, click here


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