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Casual Dining Room Sets

Friends and family naturally gather in the kitchen, making it convenient to eat next to where the cooking takes place. An eat-in kitchen gives diners and cooks the opportunity to chat, maintain a casual and carefree vibe, and simplify cleanup. Take a look to our great variety and collections of kitchen table sets, kitchen furniture set, casual dining room set,  modern kitchen table set, mirror kitchen table set in any of our showrooms in South Florida. Read more

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Let BadcockSFL Help You With Your Furniture Needs

If you don't know where to start, allow us to be of assistance! At Badcock Home Furniture & More, we are dedicated to helping our customers find the best furniture for their homes. We serve various areas of South Florida, including the following: 

  • Fort Lauderdale

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Finding the Right Casual Dining Set

Looking for furniture can be a challenging process. It can be difficult to determine the best options for your home. Dining room sets can be some of the most important features of the home; most people want to make sure they have the perfect area where friends and family can enjoy meals. So, if you’re in search of a good dining room set, it’s likely that you don’t want to settle for anything less than perfect!

It’s important, however, to take time to truly think about what you need. Some dining sets are better suited for some homes than they are for others. For example, a larger dining room table might be better for a house with a larger dining area. So, if you have a big dining area, you might want something like our Monroe Mirror 5pc Dining Set. Or perhaps the Springer Metal 7pc Dining Set more suitable for your home.

Smaller Dining Area? No Problem!

On the other hand, your kitchen might be small and cramped for a normal chair and table. But, you can still turn your small kitchen into an eat-in kitchen Fortunately, we have the perfect kitchen furniture set that will help transform kitchen space into the eat-in kitchen you've always desired. 

Bench Seating

Integrating bench seating into your small kitchen can produce the ideal dining area. If you have very limited space, consider tucking some benches into a corner together with a small table. In case there's sufficient room, an additional chair or two can work by the table together with the benches. You can fold the additional chairs and put them away after meals if you wish. Benches are rather popular and are made with various materials. You can locate trendy and distinct wooden-made benches that are covered in fabric or leather. You'll also find that many of them have built-in storage that helps with the lack of cabinets related to small kitchens.

Slide-out Table

This kind of table offers the ideal solution to a small kitchen. You can add them in between cabinets or fix them in place of drawers. An advantage of this kind of table is that it can slide back easily into hiding when it isn't in use. This will free up the much-required floor space.

Pedestal Table

Tables that have a pedestal base will consume less space compared to a regular table with four legs. Another benefit is that you can easily get in and out of the seat than a common table. Additionally, you can easily clean these tables around compared to a four-legged table.

Triangle-shaped Table

You'll discover this kind of table fits well in a tight corner space. Additionally, the shape consumes less area compared to a conventional square or rectangular table. Your kitchen will have a more contemporary appeal with this table. Ensure you integrate some vibrant colors in the room to make the style come to life.

Wall-mounted bar top

Numerous commercial establishments take advantage of this design but you can equally bring the idea to another level and integrate it into your living space. You can create this look by selecting a beautiful wood slab and mount it along with your wall. A number of people favor the look of upcycled old wood, while others prefer a smooth and polished lab. Bar stools slide beneath it to maintain open space when it's not in use. This is a great substitute for including a table.

Include a Ledge

All you require for a small dining space is a piece of wood and some well-built L-brackets. Fix the ledge in front of a window or on an empty wall.

Allow Your Island to Perform Double Duty

You might lack room for a kitchen table and island, so why not select a piece that can perform both. All you have to do is simply pull up a couple of stools and you'll have a dining area instantly.

Counter Dining

Where space is limited or where users don't have unique needs, a breakfast bar appears great. You'll discover its slender silhouette and informality lends itself to casual, modern scheme. However, if the kitchen is opulently conventional, using similar materials for the bar and counter will tie in flawlessly. Creative counter stools can be excellent decorating assets. Ensure the overhang has sufficient depth to accommodate knees and if the stools lack footrests, ensure the bar has a rail or footrest ledge.

Breakfast Nooks

If you have some available space or desire a more conventional, cozy look, you might want to add a breakfast area with an integrated banquette seating. You can produce a welcoming atmosphere with stool or bench cushions that reflect your color scheme. Regardless of how tiny your kitchen or tight your schedule is, there's always room to include breakfast. A breakfast nook with integral banquette or bench seating is a comfortable solution that functions well in a country/ethnic design schemes. We recommend this solution, especially where space is limited since benches need less floor space compared to chairs.

Bistro Table

Taller tables such as these work well in tight spaces. With this kind of seating, you can easily slide them beneath the table. As a result, walkways will remain clear and the room won't seem cluttered. Now that you recognize the different options from which you can choose, including an eat-in kitchen shouldn't be a dilemma. You might have a small kitchen but it can still offer plenty of efficiency and style!

Addressing Financial Concerns

Let’s face it; buying furniture can be pretty expensive. We understand that’s it’s not easy to make such large investments. That’s why we do our very best to work with our customers to ensure wonderful experiences and results! 

Here at Badcock, no credit is refused! So, if you’ve been concerned about the state of your credit, please know that we won’t turn you away! Also, we offer a free layaway option. That means we don’t charge interest or any service fees while you’re making payments for your furniture! To find out more about our layaway service, just click here. We also offer various financing options, including and an in-house financing alternative. 

Contact Badcock Home Furniture & More Today!

Finding the right dining room set doesn’t have to be stressful. In fact, here at Badcock, we want to make sure your experience is the complete opposite of stressful! Allow us to make furniture shopping easier. Just stop by one of our various South Florida locations or visit us online to find out more about what we offer!


Does your company deliver?

Yes! We deliver to various areas throughout South Florida. These areas include the following:  Broward County, Palm Beach County, and Dade County. However, areas like Martin County or Port St. Lucie are outside of our delivery area. So, if you live outside of our delivery zone, it’s likely that you might have higher delivery fees. You can find out more about our delivery area here.

I’d like to check on the delivery status of my dining room set. How do I do that?

No problem at all! Just call us at 1.888.616.6673.

Do you offer a protection plan?

We sure do! Our company offers a 3-year furniture protection plan for furniture products.

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