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Accent Chairs

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So, you’ve purchased the perfect sofa for your living room. You also have a beautiful coffee table and a really awesome entertainment center. But, still, you can’t help but feel like something is missing. Or, maybe you’ve set up your master bedroom the way you wanted. But, now, there’s just one more thing you believe the room needs. What’s missing? The question is probing at you but you just can’t seem to figure out what else you need to add? 

We have an idea you might want to consider. An accent chair. Maybe that’s what your living room or bedroom is missing! An accent chair just might pull everything together, making a statement without clashing with your décor and the overall look and feel of the room. Let’s talk a little more about what accent chairs are and how they can help take the general appearance of your home to the next level!

About Accent Chairs: What Are They?

Accent chairs are chairs that are both functional and decorative. In other words, accent chairs are certainly meant for seating. However, they are more than functional, usable pieces of furniture. They are also meant to elevate the general look of the room and add a design aspect.

Most likely, you have heard about accent chairs before. But, maybe you’re not certain about why people use them or what they can do for your home. If so, you have come to the right place! Here at Badcock Home Furniture & More, we are dedicated to helping you create the design you want in your home. So, our staff knows all things furniture, including accent chairs, and can assist you as you furnish your home!

What are the Benefits of an Accent Chair?

Accent chairs can:

  • Provide comfortable and stylish seating for guests.

  • Add a colorful aspect to an otherwise colorless or “muted” room.

  • Give the room a focal point, much like a bed does for a bedroom.

  • Bring various patterns, colors, or other design aspects in the room together.

As we mentioned earlier, accent chairs are more than just extra seats in your home. They can add to the overall décor of a space. Often, people purchase accent chairs that may or may not perfectly match the other pieces of furniture in the room they’re decorating.

Either option can work well for the room you’re furnishing but it’s important to understand the components to consider when searching for an accent chair for your home. Let’s discuss this in further detail.

What to Look for in an Accent Chair

There are several things you should keep in mind as you look for an accent chair for your home. Whether you are using this chair to furnish a bedroom or you want to place it in your living room area, these are some of the components you might want to see in an accent chair.


Is the accent chair you want to buy comfortable? If it isn’t, it may look good in the room without ever being used. While accent chairs are most desirable for their decorative aspect, they are also supposed to be functional. However, neither you nor your guests will enjoy sitting in an uncomfortable accent chair. So, you may want to test out the chair before you purchase it. This can help you to decide whether or not to buy the chair.


Some accent chairs can be quite colorful and bright. This can be a welcome addition to your home as some rooms may need a little color to bring life to the overall look. In some cases, boldly patterned chairs can elevate a room’s appearance. For example, an accent chair that has geometric shapes or animal print may work well. However, sometimes, brightly colored or boldly patterned chairs aren’t the best options. Sometimes, an accent chair that has a more subdued color but an elegant build can be the perfect addition to a home. It’s best to think about the color chair you want before you begin shopping. This can help you to narrow down your search and help you to avoid feeling overwhelmed!


It’s good to figure out a good size for your accent chair before you start searching. A large accent chair may not fit into your bedroom or in the corner of your living room. If you have a specific place where you want the accent chair to sit, you should measure the area. This will help you to determine a good size for your chair. 


We already mentioned the design of the fabric. But, it’s also good to think about the material itself. Can the material become dirty easily? Is it easily stained? Is the fabric easy to clean? You should definitely consider these questions as you prepare to buy an accent chair for your home.


Do you want an accent armchair? Or would an armless accent chair be better suited? How about a swivel chair or a sleeper chair? It’s best to think about these questions as you consider buying a new accent chair.

Concerned About Your Budget?

One of the other things you should consider whenever buying new furniture for your home is your preferred budget. It’s definitely a good idea to have a budget in mind before you begin shopping. But, also know that, here at Badcock Home Furniture & More, we are dedicated to working with our customers. We want you to be satisfied when you shop with us, so we offer various options that may prove to be helpful!

Firstly, you may consider taking advantage of our free layaway. Yes, we said free! That means you won’t be required to pay interest or service fees. After you provide a 10% downpayment, you can continue to make payments on your furniture for up to 90 days!

Also, we offer multiple financing options. You can look into our in-house financing or consider alternative financing options. 

If you’re concerned about your credit, rest assured that, at Badcock Home Furniture & More, everyone is approved! So, just contact us today to learn more about how we can work with you. We look forward to assisting you as you furnish your home and create the design you’ve always wanted!