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Rugs & Décor

Change your house to a home with our selection of home decor & accents.  We have everything for your home.  Everything from traditional decor to contemporary accents!  We have a great selection of lighting, mirrors, wall art, area rugs, decorations, & much much MORE!  Let Badcock Furniture & More help lead you on your way to creating the perfect interior design space!

Home Décor and More At Badcock Furniture 

Starting the process of decorating your home can be very exciting, but it also comes with its fair share of challenges and stress if you don’t know where to go or begin. The goal should be to showcase your aesthetic in a tastefully, and sometimes it just takes that one final home décor item such as a mirror, rug, accent table, cabinet, ottoman, or a framed photo to take your space from boring to fabulous. 

At Badcock Furniture & More, our 11 convenient locations throughout South Florida features some of the highest quality home decor for your living room, dining room, and bedroom. Transform your house into a home with our selection of home décor & accents.  

Our amazing showroom has everything from traditional décor to contemporary accents, and various other brands and styles to fit everyone’s unique tastes and needs. We have a great selection of accent furniture, pillows & throws, comforters & quilts, lighting, mirrors, wall art, area rugs, decorations, & much much MORE! 

Let Badcock Furniture & More help lead you on your way to creating the perfect interior design space!

Decorating Your Space 

Regardless of the type of space, you're decorating, whether that is your living room, dining room, or bedrooms, there is nothing more important than taking the time to really know what your vision is, and use the basic principles of decorating, from choosing the right furniture and color palette will get you one step closer to designing the home you have always dreamed of. 

Living Room Décor

The living room is one of the main places in a home, a focal point. This space is where family and friends go to relax and entertain. A great living room starts with high-quality furniture. Our living room sets all provide a great foundation for your décor. Make sure to check out our coordinating end tables, coffee tables, ottomans, and more, to complete your living room’s look, at an affordable price!

With a plethora of materials and hues to choose from, Badcock Furniture of South Florida lets your personality shine without sacrificing style or comfort. So, whether in-store or online, get inspired! 

Dining Room Décor

Whether you’re looking for an affordable dining room set or an exquisite dining room set, we have it all! We offer a variety of décor options, from traditional to modern styles, formal to casual, decorate your dining room to your liking. Add a nice chair or stool to complete the look. With our home décor accents, make your dining room the favorite room in the house!

Bedroom Décor

Imagine a cohesive color theme and decorative motif. Think about how your décor will contribute to or carry over the same attitude as your bedroom’s furniture. While that can be effective in design, your wall décor can be the focal point, instead. The right wall clocks, mirrors or wall art can transform a room from an afterthought to a sensation.

Afterall there's nothing more important than paying attention to details and expressing your creativity. Here at Badcock, you’ll find great styles and quality bedroom sets at an affordable price. 

Choose from our bedroom sets, from twin, fulls, queen, kings, etc. Whether an adult or a kid’s bedroom, we have it all! in addition to, a wide array of dressers, chests, and nightstands to complete your aesthetic. 

Give Your Space The Finishing Touch

Selecting the right accent pieces, such as an area rug, lamp, chair, or bench is a great way to complete the look in any space! These smaller accent pieces also allow you to add a pop of color.

While the process of decorating your home is thrilling, it also comes with its fair share of challenges. While these common dilemmas might turn you off from decorating all together, instead of viewing them as roadblocks, use them as inspiration to design the home of your dreams.

Financing Your Home Décor

At Badcock Furniture in South Florida, we pride ourselves on providing exceptional customer service and high-quality furniture. All of our furniture was created with the customer in mind, fitting everyone’s tastes and needs. Most importantly, our furniture can be bought at an affordable price. 

Our in-house financing options allow you to set up a payment plan, so there are no worries about being able to furnish the home of your dreams. Everyone is approved, no credit is needed. To learn more about our interest-free financing option, click here

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