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How To Style A Small Dining Area With Server Tables

A small dining space feels difficult to style, as you just don't have space in order to get the look you want. If you're smart and follow these tips though, you'll see that you can get whatever look you want, no matter how small space. It's all about being clever with space you do have. Read on to find out how server tables, china cabinet and bakers rack can help you get the perfect dining area. Read more

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How To Style A Small Dining Area With Server Tables

A small dining room space feels difficult to style, as you just don't have space in order to get the look you want. If you're smart and follow these tips though, you'll see that you can get whatever look you want, no matter how small space. It's all about being clever with what areas you have to work with. Read on to find out how server tables, china cabinet and bakers rack can help you get the perfect dining area. 

What Is A Server Table? 

True to its name, a server table is a piece of furniture meant to serve food upon. Many people still use it for this purpose today, although it can be used as a vessel to showcase decorations. Regardless of how you choose to use it, server tables are a staple in every dining room—even if it's tiny. 

Actually, traditional server tables are best for tiny spaces as they are narrow and usually seated upon high legs. What this translates into is more room for other furniture and more space to vacuum underneath it. Let's face it, no one wants to move a piece of furniture to clean. Server tables are typically placed along the wall of a dining room to conveniently stage food, but it's small enough to be placed in other areas. It's a great option for studio apartments. 

Alternatively, a china cabinet or baker's rack may be more appropriate for those who value display over an area to serve food. A china cabinet can display decorations while it offers an additional storage option, partially hidden from all guests' eyes. A baker's rack adds a utilitarian feel that works perfectly for small, modern apartments. The baker's rack might have hidden storage options but doesn't in many cases. Choose to display your wine collection or add whimsy with plants.  

What Type Of Server Table Is Best For You? 

The best type of server table is different for everyone. Though, we have a few tips to offer to help you determine what would fit well in a space-challenged dining room. Traditional server tables are better for studio apartments and tiny houses. Usually, they are smaller than the average china cabinet or baker's rack.

A china cabinet is best for homes that want to channel classic elegance and style. Baker's racks can add a bit of modern edge to a small dining room, although some models can fit in nicely with classic furniture. The same can be said about china cabinets. Server tables have tons of variety and help renters and homeowners make the most out of their living space. It maximizes the area because it can help you get rid of clutter. 

Keep It Simple With Storage Options 

Anyone who has ever lived in a small space knows the importance of storage. Masters of small space decorating recognize that more storage doesn't have to come at the expense of aesthetics. Server tables can function as more than a piece of furniture that tactfully ties a room together.

Whatever type of server table you choose, make sure to get one with as much storage space as possible. It helps with organization, which small spaces desperately need. Otherwise, it can look like your entire home is being swallowed by stuff. 

Style A Small Dining Room With the Help of Server Tables 

In order to balance out a room, it's best to refrain from putting too much on display on server tables. Except if it's food (the more the merrier in that case).  Feel free to stuff as much as you desire in the hidden compartments—we won't tell. Placing tasteful art on the opposite wall facing the serving table adds balance. Coordinating art between the two can bring a tiny dining room together. Badcock carries all the furniture you need to turn your dining room into an interior design masterpiece.

Pick Furniture That Can Do Double Duty

Anyone lives in a small home knows that their furniture needs to be able to do double or even triple duty, depending on where it is in the house. The same goes for your server table. It needs to be able to do at least a couple of different things if you're going to keep one in your dining area. 

For example, you can pick up a table that will have enough space inside to let you store your good china and other seasonal tableware, as well as space on top to serve as a buffet table if you're entertaining. It's not too hard to find tables that can serve multiple functions. 

Use Lighting To Your Advantage

The right lighting in a small space can make all the difference, so you can make it feel grand even when it's tiny. The best way of doing this is to hang a pendant light right above the table. This helps you feel as though the dining area is a special space, one where you can come together at meal times. If you rent, or it's not possible to hang a pendant light where you want it to, that's where your server table comes in. Put a pair of lamps on the table behind the dining table, to give you the same effect.

Add See Through Storage

In small spaces, adding more furniture can make a room feel even more closed in. If you need that storage space though, then you're going to have to do it. How can you add the storage you need without feeling cramped? Rather than using a regular serving table, try a bakers rack instead. These open shelving units can be bought in smaller sizes, so you can fit it in your dining room. As the shelves are open, you can see right through them and you won't feel so enclosed and hemmed in by your furniture. 

Think Vertical

If the dining room has little floor space, then you're going to need to think vertically to add in some visual space. Hanging something large and interesting on the wall will make the room feel larger. For example, try hanging an ornate mirror, or a large piece of art, on the wall over the dining table. The same works with your server table. You can pick thinner, taller tables in order to add some height to the room. A china cabinet also works, as these are often tall and can come in a variety of styles.

Pick Table Shapes Well

The shape of your table will make a difference in the size and usability of your dining room. You want a table that allows for space around the edges, so you can get around it easily. A square or rectangular table is best, as they'll slot into the site neatly and give you the space you need. These shapes make it easy for you to slide the table up against a wall if you need to, giving you some extra room when you need it. The same goes for your server table. A slim rectangular table can be slid up to the wall out of the way, but still easy enough for you to access it when you need to.

Server Tables Help Maximize Your Space

No matter how small your dining space, a server table is the best way to get the most out of it. You can find a table that will work with your space and aesthetic with ease. Look for server tables for sale at one of our 11 convenient locations in Fort Lauderdale, West Palm Beach, Delray Beach, Pompano Beach Beach, Plantation, Hollywood, Lake Worth, Lake Park, Cutler Bay, Miami Gardens, and Florida City, to see what server tables are available in stock for you. 

Use that server table to save space in your dining room, store that fine china, and add more table space when you need it. You'll wonder how you ever did without one. Contact us today! 


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