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Mattress Protectors, Foundations & Bed Frames

Relaxing and getting a good night’s sleep in your comfortable bed after a long day of work is something that all of us look forward to. Some people fall fast asleep as soon as their head touches the pillow, while some like to read or watch TV before sleeping, and others may work on their laptops or even snack in bed. With daily use, regularly washing the sheets is a must to keep your bed fresh. But even with the utmost care spills and stains, dust, pests, allergens, and infestations can affect your bed, including your mattress. So what do you do? Wash your mattress?? No, there is a better way to protect your mattress- use a mattress protector. Read more

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Bedroom Furniture - The best mattress protector you can buy

Types of Mattress Protectors

Mattress protectors are of two basic types, each providing distinct benefits and protection.
  • First, you have the 5-sided mattress cover in a fitted sheet style. As the name suggests, you can place this mattress protector over your mattress just like a fitted sheet. It goes over the corners and sides of your mattress and uses elastic around the edges to ensure a flexible, snug fit. The top surface has waterproof material. This type of mattress protector helps to protect your mattress from spills and stains and incontinence. Using it also protects against wear and tear of your mattress. The top surface and the sides of your mattress are protected against dust mites and bed bugs, but since the bottom of the mattress is not covered, that area is unprotected.
  • The second type of mattress protector is a 6-sided mattress encasement. This is a zippered “case” that completely encases your mattress in a sort of bag. It helps to protect your mattress against bed bugs, allergens, dust mites, dander, and other contaminants. Some models use a micro-tooth zipper instead of a bigger zipper so that bed bugs cannot enter or escape the mattress.
Both of these types of mattress protectors can be made of different materials. There are cotton and polyester mattress protectors, those made of velour, Tencel (an eco-friendly textile), bamboo, or specialty engineered cool fabric. Different mattress protectors also come with different features. With so many options, it can get confusing to purchase the one that would be best for you.

The most important thing to consider when selecting a mattress protector is to go with one that has the most benefits for you. For example, if you have sensitivities and are concerned about chemicals and artificial fabrics, go with a bamboo or Tencel mattress protector that are all natural and have great breathability. If you have pets, a mattress encasement would work better for pet dander than a fitted sheet style mattress protector.

Badcock carries a variety of Mattress Protectors & Bed Frames

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Our Protect-A-Bed mattress protectors and mattress encasements are top quality and made from breathable, absorbent materials so as to provide a cool, comfortable, irritation-free sleep experience. They are waterproof and machine washable for your convenience. And pricing is never a worry with Badcock’s.

We offer competitive and reasonable prices on all our products. You can also go to our website and look for mattress protectors for sale online. Buying online through our website is secure and easy. If you visit one of our store locations, our knowledgeable staff will be happy to assist you in finding the best mattress protector for you. Remember, you will not find better mattress protectors & bed frames for sale in South Florida than those in the Badcock stores in Fort Lauderdale, West Palm Beach, Delray Beach, Pompano Beach, Plantation, Hollywood, Lake Worth, Lake Park, Cutler Bay, Miami Gardens, & Florida City.