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Affordable Sofas For Sale

Badcock Home Furniture & More of South Florida has a multitude of styles of affordable sofas in stock in each of our 11 locations in the South Florida area. Check out our sleeper sofas, microfiber sofas, leather sofas, reclining sofas, or sectional sofas in Fort Lauderdale, West Palm Beach, Delray Beach, Pompano Beach, Plantation, Hollywood, Lake Worth, Lake Park, Cutler Bay, Miami Gardens, & Florida City locations. Read more
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Sectional Sofas

Sectional sofas are very popular for casual living rooms or dens; however, they can also fit well into more formal rooms depending mainly on the fabric. A leather sectional can be an elegant piece while one in a casual fabric can be more rustic looking. Sectionals are more versatile because they are comprised of multiple separate pieces that can be arraigned is a number of configurations, especially ones that feature four to seven pieces and usually include one or more armless pieces with only a seat and back and sections with a single armrest on either the left or right.

These types of sectionals can be used all together or broken up to form two or more seating groups. Other sectional sofas feature only two pieces that are arranged to form a 90-degree angle. Because the sofa essentially comes apart, it is generally easier to move than a traditional one-piece sofa which is harder to fit through doorways and into stairwells. The biggest drawback with a sectional is the finished size and for some rooms, due to the size or configuration of the room, they are simply too large to be practical.

Reclining Sofas

A reclining sofa or armchair is one that lies or tilts back with a footrest that comes up when the occupant pulls a lever, pushes against the back and armrests together, pushes a button, etc. and some simply lean back at a slight angle while others allow you to lie down completely. To save space, some are “wall huggers” and operate by sliding the bottom of the chair forward versus the back of the chair back so that they can be positioned a few inches from the wall in small spaces.

Recliners can be manual or electric and some come with remote controls and lots of fancy features; the choice is up to you. Reclining sofas usually feature a recliner one or both ends and some of the available features include heat, massage, vibration, cup holders, and sectional reclining sofas can even include a sofa bed option. If a sofa is a bit too big for your area, you can opt for a reclining loveseat with dual recliners.

Sleeper Sofa/Sofa Bed

You have probably heard these called sleep sofas, sleeper sofas, sofa sleeper, or sofa bed. Most people use these terms interchangeably and usually are referring to a sofa with a hidden mattress that pulls out once the seat cushions are removed; however, a sofa bed is factually a piece of furniture such as a futon which is designed to convert to a flat sleeping position and folds and unfolds. Both are good options for guests in addition to a guest bedroom or bedrooms or instead of.

The futon or sofa bed, unlike a day bed, does not use a traditional mattress and is typically not quite as comfortable as a sleeper sofa which does; however, in the case of a less expensive sleeper sofa, the mattress can be quite thin and when you combine that with the standard support leg that cuts across the middle of the bed in the vicinity of the sleeper’s back, they can be much less than comfy. So for the sake of your guests, choose wisely and get the best mattress you can afford.

A “Plain” Sofa

Nevertheless, let’s not forget the traditional sofa which is simple in design but still the most popular choice in most American homes whether in a set with a loveseat or alone. The humble sofa is a popular piece of furniture that you will find in many varied places from your living room to non-residential settings such as hotels, lobbies, waiting rooms, and even the local pub. In its most base form the sofa usually features seating for three people, is structured like a bench with armrests on either end, has internal springs for comfort, is clothed in upholstery fabric, and has a back and seat formed by cushions.

It may not be as exciting as another type of seating choice but it is certainly functional and found in homes all over the world. At Badcock Home Furniture & More of South Florida, conveniently located in Fort Lauderdale, West Palm Beach, Delray Beach, Pompano Beach, Plantation, Hollywood, Lake Worth, Lake Park, Cutler Bay, Miami Gardens, & Florida City, we have hundreds of choices available both in our 11 South Florida stores and online and we are confident your next sofa is here.

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