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How to Use Lighting to your Advantage when Displaying your Living Room Furniture
Responsive imageHomeowners spend a lot of time choosing the right sofa, or paint of color for the living room walls of their home. We often sometimes forget about the importance of proper lighting. Many homeowners have their own space where they watch TV, play games, read books and even entertain guests, lighting serves an important purpose in both the function and appearance of the room. Lighting is important because of the intimacy it creates in a room. We know the living rooms is one of the first rooms you walk into, it sets the tone for the rest of the house. When it comes to displaying your living room furniture Fort Lauderdale in your home, the lighting you choose is just as important as the paint colors or the furniture. Lighting can have a huge impact on a room and how it looks throughout the day. Here’s are four popular lighting strategies and how you can use it to work in a living room to your advantage.


When you want to highlight certain features in your living room, like a favorite painting, textured walls or a fireplace, accent lighting is the way to go. Accent lighting adds a pleasing variation of brightness, like cabinet lighting in a display case that highlights selected objects. In order for accent lighting to work to your advantage in your living room, it needs to supply about five times as much light on the focal point as the surrounding general light.


When you want to create interest and add sparkle to your living room, table lamps, hanging pendants and chandeliers can provide the decorative light that adds coziness and intimacy. Decorative lighting personalizes a space in someone’s home.

Creating Space

In any room, whether it is dining rooms, Fort Lauderdale, you’ll need to find ways to make the room feel comfortable and roomy. This is especially true for the smaller rooms in your home, especially the living rooms if your home is very small like an apartment or condo. Here at Badcock Furniture, we can help you give the illusion of creating the space you need. For example, try and have large windows or even skylights installed to give more light to a room. We offer a great resource tool to help you pick the right lights for you.

Paint Colors and Lighting of your home

The toughest challenge lighting will have in your home is how it makes your paint colors show up. As you’ll remember from science class, your eyes perceive colors differently, depending on how much light is shining on the surface you’re looking at. Because of this, you’ll need to be careful to match up your paint and lighting choices correctly. When it comes to home decor Fort Lauderdale, you’ll have to keep two things in mind when it comes to light and color. One, where your rooms are situated in the house, and two, the light bulbs you use. Here’s what you need to know about natural light and room placement in your home:
  • North facing rooms: The light in these rooms is cool and blueish. This means that stronger colors will show up better in the light.
  • South facing rooms: The light in these rooms brings out the best in both cool and warm colors. Take advantage of this, and you’ll see that you’ll get the best out of your point choice.


When you want to read a book or need to write at a desk, good task lighting helps you get things done. This brighter light can be a floor lamp with a swinging arm next to a comfortable chair or a directed light source over a desk.

Shop Badcock Furniture Today

Whether you’re trying to arrange for a complete remodel of your home, you need the right furniture store Fort Lauderdale to help you make it all come together. Furniture is incredibly important; lighting is perhaps more important than you actually realize. Many homeowners make the mistake thinking lighting doesn’t help with the appearance of furniture in their home. We are one that you can count on to bring you the right style, and of course, meet the needs of whatever you are looking for.
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How to Properly Outfit your Den with New Furniture
Responsive imageWhen it comes to deciding how to decorate your home or office or what new furniture you want to get, it can be complicated. If you are an organized person who loves decorating or designing, then it likely will not be a difficult task. However, if you have little to no experience in interior design and decorating, and you have no idea what you even want, that can be a problem. First, ask yourself these questions: “What do I want this room to look like when I am finished with it?” “What things do I need to make it look like that?” And finally, “How do I arrange it to create the look I want?” Sometimes, it even helps to draw a picture of how you want things in the room to be mapped out. A den, a study, a home office, or whatever you call that small room in your home where you go to read, work, or study, should be a place where you enjoy being. What good is a room into which you do not like going? If you hate going in there, it will make it quite difficult to focus on your work or studies.

Make your den a place you cannot wait to get to. It is your space, your little private haven – make it cozy, fun, and beautiful. Make it a room where you feel welcome in your own home. Perhaps your den is cluttered: countless books are on your desk, overflowing into heaps on the floor. Maybe you do not even have a desk, but sit in a chair – but it is a chair you despise. Perhaps the only light in the room casts a flickering, eerie yellow glow around the room that makes you drowsy. Are the walls a gruesome color or wallpaper pattern that distracts you from your work? Does the simplicity of the room aggravate you? Thankfully, each of these problems has a simple remedy. Give your den a complete makeover! It sounds like you might need a desk, a chair or two, perhaps a bookshelf, a new light, a beautiful rug for the center of the room, and some decorations to spice things up. Make this place somewhere you can just go to relax. The good news is that all of these things are easy to find. Go visit the Badcock Home Furniture Store and More in South Florida for any of your furniture or décor needs.

Badcock offers the most beautiful home decor in South Florida

Badcock is your one-stop shopping place where you can redo your entire den – and your entire home for that matter! We know it is annoying going from store to store in search of the things you want and need, but not anymore. We have anything you could want and need – and more! Outfit your den with furniture and appliances from Badcock. We offer everything, ranging from dining room sets and bedroom suites, to kids’ stuff and living room furniture, in South Florida has it all. We even have televisions and electronics, as well as refrigerators, air conditioners, vacuum cleaners, microwaves, dishwashers, and more. If you have a patio or back porch, we offer furniture for that, too. For any of your decorating, furniture, or appliance needs, the Badcock home furniture store in South Florida has you covered.

Appliances, furniture, and home decor in South Florida are on clearance sales

Check out the clearance sales for all the items in your den. If you are even going so far as to update a few things in your home, besides your den, while you are at it, save money by taking advantage of Badcock’s clearance sales. There are countless items on clearance. Anything from chairs and beds and mock fireplaces, to recliners and dining room sets, there are sales that run up to $300 off! With constant sales, come to visit us today to get a sweet deal. Chose from countless colors and styles for something that is right for your den and home. If you want to go crazy, get some living room or bedroom furniture in South Florida for a cheap price.
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Are you Making the Most of your Space? Check out these Furniture Arrangement Tips
Responsive imageWhether you live in a house that is large or small, making the most of the space in your living area can make all of the difference in the comfortability of living in your home. Of all of the furniture stores in South Florida, Badcock Furniture prides themselves in offering their beloved customers a wide variety of home furnishing options so that their living space is fully customizable to their preferences. Some key furniture arrangement tips can help our customers arrange their living rooms in South Florida in a way to promote comfort and maximum space usage in the home. To begin, you must clear all furniture from the room if possible and decide on a focal point for your room. Next, bringing in the largest piece of furniture that is a must-have will help to begin the arrangement process. Using the remaining furniture to accessorize and define the living space is the final key step to furniture arrangement success.

Clear Space to Start with a Blank Slate and Decide on a Focal Point

When beginning the furniture rearranging process a blank, clean slate is always the best option for a fresh start to get a perfect idea of how you want your final product to appear. Sometimes this can be difficult, especially if you are dealing with extremely small spaces, but the overall benefits can help greatly with this hard decision. Sometimes it can be impossible for you to get a visualization of what you wish your fresh look to be when you are not starting with a clean slate. When deciding on a focal point it is important to understand that it is mandatory for every room and is a defining element. Depending on your personal preference, this can be something as simple as one of your favorite pieces of unique furniture, or maybe a fireplace or loved a piece of artwork. Once the furniture is placed in the room, it should be so that you can enjoy your focal point, for example, if you are rearranging your bedroom furniture in South Florida, you will want your bed or maybe a sofa in the room to be facing the main focal point.

Bring in the Largest Piece of Mandatory Furniture

Once your focal point is determined depending on the room you are furnishing, you will select the most mandatory piece of large furniture. For bedrooms, this would be the bed, for living rooms it would be the sofa, and for dining rooms, it would be the dining room table. Place this large, mandatory piece of furniture exactly in the correct place before you move on to placing your additional pieces. To place your main item make sure you identify the traffic pattern of the room and ensure that it is clear of obstruction. Determine your main purpose of the room to help define the use of the space, and be careful to avoid blocking doorways, views to other rooms in the home, and windows, if possible. Once all of these things are considered, you will have a better idea of where your furniture needs to be placed in comparison to where you want it placed.

Accessorize with Remaining Furniture to Define the Living Space

Whether you are dealing with a large room or a small room, accessorizing with the remaining furniture to define the living space is an important aspect of the final arranging process. Your remaining décor and accent pieces should enhance your main piece and focal point. If you find that a piece does not fit in the room, the best option is to omit it and maybe move it to another area of the home.

Your Abundant Options with Badcock Furniture

For home décor in South Florida, Badcock Furniture is your number one choice. Their longstanding history of quality furniture and customer satisfaction leaves them a customer favorite among their competitors. Stop in and visit a showroom today. You are sure to be pleased with your options and their great prices. Check out their website for their great reviews and see how investing in this quality furniture will create an ambience in your home that you will love for a lifetime.
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