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Four Fast Room Renovations with the Best Home Decor in West Palm Beach
Responsive imageIf you’re looking at your house and thinking that you potentially need a renovation, you might be able to hold off on that idea for a little bit. Instead of breaking out the sledgehammers and paint buckets, it could be that your home simply needs a change of scenery, and that’s something you can achieve through new furniture. As the premier furniture store in West Palm Beach, we have plenty of choices for you to look at and consider, no matter which part of your house you’re thinking of switching up.

Bring your Dining Room Home Decor in West Palm Beach to a Whole New Level

At some point you have to come to the realization that the big box furniture you’ve been buying just isn’t cutting it. Sure, it’s inexpensive, and yes, it’s definitely cheaper, but you know what they say: you get what you pay for, and in this case, they’re not wrong at all. Most of the big box furniture is comprised of what is known as particle board, and much of the aesthetics have the same consistency of low-quality laminate. That being the case, it is not terribly uncommon to see them peeling every once in a while. Don’t worry, there are better alternatives, even if they don’t come with the same price tag. Much of the home décor we offer in West Palm Beach is comprised of Mango wood, which is indigenous to Hawaii but is also exported from some African regions. This durable substance is perfect for your purposes and is an outstanding way to make your home look better without a full-on remodel.

Add a New Table to your Dining Room

The table is the centerpiece of your entire dining room and it definitely draws attention. Why not change it up a little bit? If you want to really add some character to the rep, you can try adding a table with Donovan or trestle legs, but if you’re feeling really adventurous, why not consider a storage table instead?

Barstools – Moving Away from the Norm

While tables and chairs are great for any dining room, sometimes you have to change it up a little bit, and may we recommend some of our top-notch bar stools? If you’re looking for more of a casual atmosphere, a good change of pace could be to add some stools to your kitchen island to create more of a party atmosphere, and it’s definitely less expensive.

Add a Server

Don’t fear, the buffet hasn’t gone out of style just yet. If you look at our dining section you will see several server options, including some hutches that incorporate a buffet for additional storage. With our selection of furniture, you’re bound to have a great time whether you’re eating with your family or throwing a fancy dinner party.

Don’t Forget the Living Room

The living room is where you spend the vast majority of your time, so why not take steps to make it look good? Sofas, loveseats, chairs, and recliners are all great examples of typical living room furniture, but if you want to take it a step further, then why not consider changing out your entertainment center? We have plenty of TV consoles, and media centers to meet your needs, but you might also want to think about occasional tables. Made from some of the best-imported woods, our products can really make your living room shine.

Improve your Family Room

One of our personal favorites is the Conway 4 piece entertainment center which looks great and really does a good job of adding functionality to the living room. For its size, it really does run on the more inexpensive side due to being comprised entirely of pine rather than a more expensive material. Being placed in a living room rather than in an area where it might be exposed to the elements, pine can last for a very long time, and it’s also a bit lighter, making it easy to move should the need arise. We also want to point out that it brings three shelves and one door, making it perfect for all of your media. The center console holds a TV up to 60”, so enjoy all of your movies in high definition.

Occasional Tables

Finally, we want to draw attention to the vast array of occasional tables that we over. More specifically we’d like to point out the Arbor coffee table which really does a great job of adding a splash of color into any room, hands down. From bedroom furniture in West Palm Beach all the way to living room staples, we have what you’re looking for, and you might just decide that a full remodel can be foregone if you just get the right furniture.
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Remodel Your Child's Room with the Best Kids Furniture in South Florida
Responsive imageDesigning a child’s bedroom can be one of the most exciting remodeling projects in the home. You can involve your child in the process, or you could simply do it all and give them a great surprise. Of course, if you’re thinking about kid’s furniture South Florida, you’re going to have to choose from a number of different items. You need to think about more than just the look of the room, by ensuring that it is as functional as it is aesthetically appealing. If you’re stuck for ideas and you need some pieces to get you creativity flowing, then you could take a look at one of the local furniture suppliers, such as Badcock Home Furniture in South Florida.

Why Choose a Local Supplier for Bedroom Furniture in South Florida?

Going local not only supports the economy in your home state, but it’s more convenient for when it comes to shipping or getting customer support. When you choose to go local, you’ll also have the confidence knowing that if something goes wrong, there will always be a friendly staff member on the other end of the phone, or you can simply go into the store to talk to a representative. Badcock Home Furniture is definitely not the only supplier in South Florida, but it is one of the most trusted, and we are also known for providing a range of exciting furniture that blends contemporary chic with classic designs. If you take a look at just a few of the ideas for a child’s bedroom, you will get a good idea of why countless Floridians choose Badcock for new homes and remodeling/design projects.

Need a Bed That is Flexible? Go for a Daybed with a Trundle or a Bunkbed Set

Children need to be able to get a good night’s sleep, but they also need the flexibility of extra sleeping space if they will be having a friend or family member stay over with them. A trundle design bed can offer an extra twin sized trundle mattress that is built right into a rolling frame. It can easily be pushed underneath the main bed when not in use, so it is perfect for smaller bedrooms. If two of your children will be sharing a room, then you can remodel with bunk style bedroom furniture South Florida. Bunk beds provide a classic look, and kids love them. There are plenty of styles to choose from, ranging from twin size bunk beds in tubular steel frame, or you could even step up to wood grain bunkbeds for a sophisticated look. There are even bunks that combine a full size bed on the bottom with a standard twin size on top, or you could get a bed that includes drawers and a mini staircase. Staircase bunk beds look great and kids love them because they provide extra storage space, and nobody could argue against the ‘wow’ factor of having a bed with its own mini staircase. For complete flexibility, some bunkbeds can be combined with a matching trundle unit for another mattress, and there are even loft style bunk beds that will look amazing in any room.

Choose Matching Storage Units for Boys or Girls

Your daughter would love a gorgeous white bedroom set with a looking glass mirror built right into a dresser, whereas your boy might like the dark contemporary look of a stained black set of bedroom furniture South Florida. Whatever style your child loves, you’ll be able to find something for sale at a local dealer. Not every kid wants something that looks light and airy. If your child is already approaching their teen years, then they might want a bedroom set that is closer to the style of bedroom furniture that is designed for adults. You can get modern looking sets, whether you want a full sized bed or a twin size for a child, and it’s possible to get larger five piece sets for under $500 when you choose the right products. You’ll always have choice when it comes to pieces and your budget, so there’s no need to go into your remodeling project with the perception that you’re going to overspend.

Best Tips for Remodeling a Kid’s Bedroom

Whatever you choose, there are a few things that you will need to keep in mind to buy the best kid’s furniture South Florida.
  • Even if you’re going to surprise your child, make sure you have a good idea of the styles and colors that they like. Your child will feel more comfortable in their room if it reflects their personality.
  • Think about functionality for now and in the future. You’ll need long lasting storage units like side tables and dressers, and if you need extra storage you could choose a bed that incorporates drawers or shelves.
  • Think long term, while staying in budget. Going for the cheapest option is not always the best idea. You’ll need something that can last for years, so consider furniture as an investment rather than as an outright expense.
  • If in doubt, bring your child along to shop with you. Whether you’re heading into a local store, or shopping online, feedback from your child can help you to choose something that they will really love, and it can be a great bonding experience.
With local kid’s furniture South Florida suppliers like Badcock, it won’t be hard to find an affordable bedroom set that your child will love. Keep your options and these tips in mind, and you’ll be able to remodel any bedroom into a space that you and your child will be proud of.
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From Consoles To Entertainment Centers - Living Room Furniture In Fort Lauderdale You Can't Live Without
Responsive imageFurniture shopping is important, but it doesn't have to be a headache. Here at Badcock furniture store Fort Lauderdale, we know just how important it is. That's why we make it as easy as possible to find exactly what you need. Are you looking to buy furniture for your living room? Then you're in the right place. Here's a complete guide to putting a functional yet stylish room together, without going mad or going over budget.

Your Living Room Is The Hub Of Your Home

The living room is possibly the most important room in your home. It's where everybody gathers at the end of the day. You relax there. You celebrate there. You simply spend time together there. That's why your furniture is so important in your living room. It's the place where you relax, so you need furniture that's comfortable and soothing to come home to at the end of a long day. As well as this, you need it to be pleasing to the eye, as you see so much of it. Finally, but most importantly, it needs to be functional. Furniture that can do all three is vital in your home. Here at Badcocks FL, we know this so we strive for all our furniture to hit all three marks. Our living room furniture Fort Lauderdale is designed with this in mind, so when you come in you'll find just what you were looking for.

Remodel Or Addition?

So if you're looking for furniture for your living room, you need to think about what you're hoping to achieve. Are you remodeling a room, or are you adding or replacing furniture?
  • Remodel: You could be remodeling for several reasons. Maybe you're moving into your first home, and need to buy everything that your new living room will need. Maybe you're redecorating, and you want to get furniture that will match your new vision.
  • Either way, think about what you need from your furniture. Is style important to you? Do you need it to be super comfortable? Does everything need to match exactly, or do you like some mismatch to your furnishings? Also, you'll need to think about what styles you like. Do you tend to go for a more modern or traditional style when it comes to your furnishings?
  • Adding or replacing: If you're changing out one or two pieces, think about why you're doing it. Has the piece become broken or difficult to use? Was it just old and needed to go? Maybe it had just simply gone out of style. If so, this should inform your new choice for your living room.

What Materials Match Your Decor?

You'll already have existing decor to work with, so you need to think about how your new pieces of furniture will fit in with what you already have. If you look on, you'll see that we stock all kinds of materials, including:

* Metal
* Wood
* Acrylic
* Fabric
* Glass
* Leatherette
* Marble
* Stone
* Vinyl

As you can see, there's a huge choice. Depending on what you're buying, you can pick materials to blend in with what you already own, or to stand out in contrast with them. For example, if you need a new end table you could buy a wood one, to match all the other wooden furniture in your living room. You could also buy a marble topped table to stand out and create a focal point for the room. The choice is yours.

What Does Your Furniture Need To Do?

The next thing to ask yourself is 'what do I need this furniture to do?' With a lot of pieces, it's obvious. The bookcase is to hold all your favorite books. The entertainment center is to house your TV and entertainment equipment. However, some items need to be more specific. Take your sofa, for example. Do people stay over often? Then you may need a sofa that converts into a guest bed. Your consoles and cabinets may need to have doors on them, to stop small children reaching items they shouldn't be touching. Everyone's needs are different, so what your living room furniture needs will be unique to you.

The Living Room Essentials

Ok, now that you've done some planning and thought about your personal living room needs, it's time to shop. Here are some of the most popular items we sell here, and what you need to consider when picking yours.
  • Sofas: The heart of every living room is the sofa. There's a huge amount of choice when it comes to them, so you can let your imagination run riot. Get something in a bold print to make a statement, or get a leatherette one for a classic touch.
  • Entertainment centers: For those who take entertainment seriously, this is essential. You need room for your TV, gaming consoles, stereo, and all of your DVDs and games. The right entertainment center is roomy enough without taking over the whole room.
  • Occasional and end tables: These are often forgotten, but they're essential in any living room. After all, you need somewhere to put your drink or the station for the remote controls! You can use them as a decorative feature too if you pair them with a pretty plant or ornament.
Learn more about furnishings by visiting our site and checking out what we have. There's plenty on offer that you will love.
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Improve Health and Wellness with Quality Bedroom Furniture at a West Palm Beach Residences
Responsive imageCustomers can improve health and wellness with quality bedroom furniture at a West Palm Beach residence. These selective pieces will look sophisticated in the bedroom, regardless if it is positioned in the master bedroom or a guest bedroom. The recommended pieces from this article will be inexpensively priced, perfect for frugal customers who seek immense value. We recommend the four following bedroom furniture sets for a West Palm Beach residence:

* Sugar Palm 7 PC King Bedroom
* Coventry 7 PC King Bedroom
* Verona 5 PC King Bedroom
* Jackson 7 PC King Bedroom

These are comfortable options that are an asset to our customers’ health. A side effect of a poor bedroom furniture is insufficient sleep. According to the Center for Disease Control and Prevention, “Insufficient sleep is associated with a number of chronic diseases and conditions—such as diabetes, cardiovascular disease, obesity, and depression—which threaten our nation’s health.” Twenty-five percent of the U.S. population report that they do not get enough sleep, with about 10 percent experiencing chronic insomnia.

The Best Bedroom Furniture for a West Palm Beach Residence

The first recommended bedroom set is our Sugar Palm 7 PC King Bedroom. With doors flung wide open, the Sugar Palm 7 PC King Bedroom blends well with the outdoors, having a golden honey finish. The bedroom set is country styled, constructed from pine veneers and solids, featuring a curved drawer front, sophisticated cannonball accents on the king sized bed, along with ample storage space in the chest, nightstand, and the dresser. The Sugar Palm 7 PC King Bedroom promotes old-world elegance married with durable construction. It looks immaculate in the master bedroom, as it is designed to the last detail and has a pleasant, eye-catching appearance. The seven-piece bedroom set includes a three-piece king bed, two nightstands, a dresser, and a mirror. On a nearly 30 percent discount from the original price, the Sugar Palm 7 PC King Bedroom is listed for $1,098.

A second excellent recommended bedroom furniture set for a West Palm Beach residence is our Coventry 7 PC King Bedroom. The Coventry 7 PC King Bedroom is a traditional European piece, with all the elegance one would expect from an impeccably designed bedroom set. The Coventry is made from select hardwood solids and birch veneers that have a sophisticated cherry finish, along with distinctive bronze tipping along the edges. The bonded leather bed is over-scaled and button tufted. It is spacious and perfect for couples that appreciate the finer things in life.

The pieces have bowed drawer fronts, along with laminated, embossed marble tops on the nightstand, dresser and the chest. One of the features that demonstrate the attention to detail is a full extension, ball bearing drawer guides. Because of this feature, the drawers promise to last decades from the date of purchase. Another excellent feature: all case pieces’ feature felt lined top drawers and are dust proof. The seven-piece bedroom set includes a three-piece king bed, a dresser, a mirror and two nightstands. As of the publication of this article, the Coventry 7 PC King Bedroom, listed for $2,688, is on a nearly 20 percent discount from the original price.

A third recommended bedroom furniture set for a West Palm Beach residence is our Verona 5 PC King Bedroom. This is an old world inspired set that blends well in a wide variety of home décor options. The Verona 5 PC King Bedroom features burl veneer, olive ash, and mullioned top panels. When a guest visits the residence, the Verona 5 PC King Bedroom is the pinnacle piece from the house to show to the guest — it is truly immaculate. The drawers included in the bedroom set, provide full extension side guides that will open easily decades from the date of purchase.

“The cases boast fluted pilasters with acanthus leaf carvings at the base above the fluted bundt foot,” according to the product page. It continues, “the felt-lined top drawers and finished drawer interiors add to the elegance of this collection.” These all work together and are breathtaking as a whole. The five-piece bedroom set includes a king headboard, a dresser, a mirror, a footboard, and rails. While listed for $1,298, the bedroom furniture for a West Palm Beach residence is on an over 30 percent discount from the original price.

Finally, consider our fourth recommended bedroom furniture set in a West Palm Beach residence, the Jackson 7 PC King Bedroom. For previous customers, this bedroom set works. It has sleek, clean lines that promote elegance. It has a rich, espresso finish furnished with nickel hardware that was simple brushed. It will impress on first and subsequent appearances. The bedroom set features a sophisticated button-tufted upholstered headboard, case pieces that are oversized, drawer guides that are wood on wood, and an immense panoramic dresser mirror.

For years from the purchase, the Jackson 7 PC King Bedroom will continue to impress. The seven-piece bedroom set includes a three-piece king bed, a dresser, a mirror, and two nightstands. The Jackson 7 PC King Bedroom is on a nearly 30 percent discount, listed for $1,158.

Purchase Bedroom Furniture for a West Palm Beach Residence that Improves Sleep

As the CDC provides, getting sufficient sleep is not a luxury—it is a necessity—and should be thought of as a 'vital sign' of good health. The bedroom sets recommended in this article — Sugar Palm 7 PC King Bedroom; Coventry 7 PC King Bedroom; Verona 5 PC King Bedroom; and, Jackson 7 PC King Bedroom — are each available for purchase today and will improve the sleeping experience. This is a nationwide issue as the following chart shows:

We are passionate about providing solutions to this issue. To learn more about our excellent bedroom furniture, visit or contact our stores. Our address is 4423 Cherry Road West Palm Beach, FL, 33409. To speak with a representative by phone, call (561) 684-1604.
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Dark Wood Bedroom Furniture Stuns in South Florida Residences
Responsive imageOur dark wood bedroom furniture stuns in South Florida residences. These sophisticated pieces are enchanting on first and subsequence impressions — having joie de vivre that is not seen anywhere else. This article will highlight four bedroom sets for a south Florida residence, which are the following:

* Torrin 5 PC King Bedroom
* Marisol 7 PC King Bedroom
* Jackson 7 PC King Bedroom
* Emily 8 PC King Bedroom

These bedroom sets are priced on a discount, a value buy for customers interested in high-quality bedroom sets.

The Best Dark Wood Bedroom Sets for a South Florida Residence

The Torrin 5 PC King Bedroom is a stylish selection that exhibits luxe Italian design. Both the drawer fronts and the bed feature faux crocodile skin that is both sleek and comfortable. With balcony doors flung wide open, the Torrin 5 PC King Bedroom shimmers in the sunlight, looking impressive in the master bedroom. The bed is upholstered in polyurethane, stylish in its appearance, along with having built-in headrests that provide immense comfort. Early mornings and late evenings, when watching the news, the headrest provides the perfect comfort in a seat back position, improving the leisure experience.

The case pieces have efficient, full extension drawer guides, which provide deep drawer storage. This is ideal for clothes, having the capacity to hold many articles without worrying about overflowing into multiple drawers; instead, taking less space due to the depth of the drawers. In addition, the top drawers are felt-lined. The five-piece bedroom set includes a king headboard, rails, and footboards, along with a mirror and a dresser. As of the publication of this article, the Torrin 5 PC King Bedroom is on an over 20 percent discount from the original price, as the Torrin 5 PC King Bedroom is listed for an affordable $798.

A second recommended bedroom set for a South Florida residence is the Marisol 7 PC King Bedroom. The Marisol 7 PC King Bedroom is among the traditional bedroom collection, featuring a rich cherry finish that is pleasing to the eye. It constructed from Asian hardwoods and crimson veneers. Featuring the Marisol 7 PC King Bedroom near select artwork can provide a glorious appearance. Normally a delicate act, the juxtaposition will highlight the taste that is unique to the owner of the items. A useful feature is a Louis Philippe hidden top drawer in the nightstand, the chest and the dresser — a perfect location to place the treasured items. The mirror features a carved crown that has shaped beveled edges, notable for the texture and attention to detail.

The dark wood finish on the traditionally styled bedroom set will look impressive for the years from the date of purchase. The manufacturer of this stylish bedroom furniture piece for a South Florida residence has been a stable organization in this area for years and will continue to be. This piece is projected to last for decades from the date of purchase. The seven-piece bedroom set includes a three-piece king bed, a dresser, a mirror, and two nightstands. The bedroom furniture set for a South Florida residence is on a discount of 25 percent from the original price, listed for $1,198.

The Jackson 7 PC King Bedroom is a third recommended bedroom furniture set for a South Florida residence. With sleek, clean lines, this contemporary collection piece will become one of the favorite purchases of the household. Positioned in the master bedroom, the Jackson 7 PC King Bedroom looks immaculate, but more importantly, blends well into a variety of layouts. The Jackson 7 PC King Bedroom is a sturdy choice for customers, capable of securely holding amble weight. The headboard has a stylish button-tufted upholstered headboard, along with case pieces that are oversized, big panoramic dresser mirrors and smooth wood on wood drawer guides. The Jackson 7 PC King Bedroom, a seven-piece bedroom set, includes a three-piece king bed, a dresser, a mirror, and two nightstands. The Jackson 7 PC King Bedroom is on a significant, nearly 30 percent discount, as it is listed for $1,158.

Finally, consider the Emily 8 PC King Bedroom. The Emily 8 PC King Bedroom comes in a gorgeous midnight glossy finish that is a compliment to the modern décor of today. The case pieces, inclusive with the bedroom set for a South Florida residence, are constructed Okume veneers and solid tropical wood. These will maintain its impressive appearance for decades from the date of purchase. The drawers have English dovetail construction, with drawer stops and ball bearing glides that open and close efficiently. These are finished with a simple brushed chrome pull hardware.

The chest has ample space for personal articles, such as clothes, that does not become compromised with a heavy load. The eight-piece bedroom set includes a three-piece king bed, a dresser, a mirror, a chest, and two nightstands. Our customers will save nearly $400 from the original price, as the Emily 8 PC King Bedroom is listed for $858.

We recommend placing the Emily 8 PC King Bedroom, along with other purchases, under our inclusive three-year furniture protection plan. Accidents happen, and we want to make sure that our customers are covered.

Purchase an Immaculate Dark Wood Bedroom Furniture Set for a South Florida Residence

We are proud to offer a variety of bedroom furniture pieces for South Florida residences. These are sturdy and can have excellent warranties; from trustworthy manufactures — not a fly-by-night organization; they are purchases that will last 15 to 20 years from the date of purchase; and, are styles that will not go out of date quickly.

Badcock FL is open Monday to Friday, from 10 a.m. to 8 p.m. On Saturdays from 10 a.m. to 7 p.m. and on Sundays from 12 p.m. to 6 p.m. To contact a customer service representative to help make your selection, access our store location page, which shows our various store locations in South Florida, along with the contact numbers to speak with someone from our team.
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