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Three Pieces of Furniture you're Forgetting to Buy
Responsive image Whether you are building a new home and need to furnish it or are refurnishing an existing home, shopping for home décor is an exciting opportunity to let your personal style shine. Or maybe it’s just time to update that room with furniture you’ve had since before you could remember. You know the furniture we’re talking about. Grandma’s sofa or that reclining chair that has long since seen better days. Home décor in West Palm Beach combines the perfect mixture of timeless classic and the hottest and latest trends. Sure, shopping for an entire home or refurnishing a few rooms can be overwhelming. So our advice is to make a list and check it twice. But wait! There might be a few pieces of furniture you’re forgetting. Let us help you make your list right the first time with these three pieces of furniture you’re forgetting to buy.

Mirrored Dresser

We know that when shopping for bedroom furniture in any West Palm Beach store, it’s not always feasible to have a large dresser. Of course, you have to have somewhere to put your clothes. Additionally, if you are pressed for space, using mirrors is a great way to really open up a room. Mirrors are great because they make a room appear bigger than it really is. Except, when you are pressed for space, having a large mirror and a large dresser doesn’t always make sense. Even if there is room, sometimes people will prefer ample floor space to crowded floor space. That’s why we love the mirrored dresser. It combines mirrors and space to organize clothing. Big or small, classic or trendy, there’s a mirrored dresser for every bedroom and every style. We also have mirrored dressers for children’s rooms as well. These are ideal since having mirrors on the floor could potentially be a hazard to playing children.

The Ottoman

Perhaps it’s more of an accessory than necessarily a piece of furniture, however, the ottoman is an extremely important piece. Why might you ask? Well, we’re happy to tell you. First, ottomans make great alternatives to large chairs or sectionals when space is limited. People can sit on them, rest their drinks or plates on them, and the best part is anyone can put their feet up on one. Also, ottomans can also act as additional hidden storage space for homes that are tight on space. Ottomans come in all shapes, colors, sizes, and materials. Our favorites are the leather storage ottomans. We suggest keeping blankets, extra pillows, movies, and reading materials inside. A living room isn’t really complete with a place to put your feet up now, is it?

Server and Hutch

This is a piece of furniture most people don’t think about needing. However, a server and hutch is a great way to not only add a special touch to your dining room but to also have extra storage. A large server and hutch can hold wine bottles, wine glasses, crystal, and other fine glassware and delicate items that are not normally used every day or are mostly for display. Additionally, servers can hold fine spirits and make for a great makeshift bar on a holiday or special occasion party. This piece of furniture can be used as a focal point in the dining room and can make for a great conversation piece. Wine, spirits, and liquor are not the only thing we suggest storing there.

Those who love tea, porcelain, or have any other family heirlooms they love and want to display, the server and hutch are the perfect piece of furniture for just that. No matter what room you are shopping for we have it all. From dining room to living room to bedroom and more, we have the price points and stock selection that can’t be beaten. So if you are looking to refurnish a new home or refurnish an existing home, we have just what you and your family are looking for. Don’t forget that we also have a wide selection of mattresses, washers and dryers, home accents, and so much more. Shop with the best furniture store in West Palm Beach online and in store today!
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How to Choose the Perfect Sofa for your Living Room
Responsive imageWith the unique building plans in modern construction, choosing the perfect sofa for your living room can take some careful consideration and planning to ensure that the sofa fits the space in the room well and there will still be adequate space in between for the family to comfortably move around the living room. From the lighting in the room to consider the sofa and measurements and the placement in relation to where the family television is positioned and the space available on the wall the sofa is placed against if a wall is being used, there are details that have to be considered. Of all of the furniture stores in South Florida, Badcock Furniture makes sure that they can always offer you a variety of options to ensure a pleasurable experiencing when customizing your living space.


When considering the perfect sofa for your living room in South Florida, it is important to know ahead of time what wall your television will be placed on in relation to where the light comes in the room. If the light comes in a window behind you and faces the television, you will not want your main sofa to have their back to the window. This will cause the light to bounce off of the television and fade out the picture on the television screen making it hard to see when watching television in the daylight hours. Badcock Furnishing also covers a wide selection of home décor in South Florida such as end tables and accessory lamps to complete your look and add extra light in areas where needed.

Type of sofa and Measurements

Sofas come in many different shapes, styles, and sizes with different patterns and fabrics. Taking measurements of your living room beforehand can help you to determine the size and shape that will best suit your living area. For example, wrap around sofas are great and can be a favorite when paired with a matching ottoman, but if the room is small, you may want to consider buying two or three separate pieces. This will allow you to move them closer together and create more space if needed for parties or occasions. Depending on the room colors, it would also be nice to coordinate that patterns you chose in your sofa so that room comes together well. Different fabrics are good for different environments as well. Leather couches are usually better for hotter climates and repelling pet hair. Upholstered couches can also be nice as they tend to be plusher, but can be warmer in the summer months.

Placement and Television and Wall Space

Strategically placing your television in relation to where you will have your sofas placed is smart to consider before setting up the television in your room. You will want to have a clear, unobstructed view of the television from all of your sitting areas if possible. You could also consider making the television flexible in case you need to turn it to face a particular sofa. You want to make sure the sun will not shine directly behind your sofa and towards the television blocking out your television picture. You will also want to leave adequate room between sofas if you will need to be walking between and around them. Considering these things in your sofa placement will ensure a comfortable living space. Lastly, you will want to know the length of the walls that you will be placing the sofa on to ensure that your sofa is not longer than the length of the wall.

Badcock Quality

Badcock Furniture only sells high-quality furniture made from strong, durable wood and materials, not the cheap pressboard used by other retailers. Our furniture is made to last up to your family’s active life. No matter the room you would like to suit, come to visit our showroom today. We are happy to help you to pick the perfect sofa for your living area. We are sure that you will leave satisfied and look forward to making you a part of our esteemed Badcock family. We are excited to help you create your dream home.
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Three Tips for Picking a New Dining Table
Responsive imageBadcock & More of South Florida is your premier furniture store in Fort Lauderdale. From sectional and full sofas to bedroom and kid’s furniture, we feature all the top contemporary and traditional brands for your convenience. We also showcase an extensive gallery with the latest in furniture designs and styles that match any home or office décor. With years of extensive industry experience, our dedicated designers and customer service reps are always available to help you. In fact, our website features virtual showroom galleries that help customers envision how furniture sets will look in their homes or offices.

Finding the Right Dining Table

As your dining rooms center in Fort Lauderdale, we feature a wide selection of the latest dining tables and chairs. This includes hardwood dining tables; elm, oak, pine and much more. We also have sectional dining tables, as well as units fitted with elegant and lavish glass or vinyl accents. From centerpieces to serving trays and side tables, we even have the best accessories for any formal or traditional dining room set. Here are some tips on choosing the best dining table to meet all your serving and culinary needs:
  • Dining tables must be able to correlate with your existing home décor.
  • Dining tables should be large or small enough to fit in your dining room areas.
  • Dining tables are much more than just tables to serve and eat food – they should be units that are comfortable, cozy and social in design and functionality.
At Badcock and More, we feature the best in hardwood dining tables. However, we also feature classy glass tables on aluminum, steel or wooden holders. These are perfect for homes with futuristic or contemporary – modern designs and décor. As always, we have the right chairs that correlate and complement any dining table size or style you desire. Most of all, we are there to help you ensure the right tables to achieve all desired results. Here are a few more tips we recommend when searching for the right dining table:
  • Dining tables are elegant and lavish – but they must function in your dining rooms areas.
  • Always opt for tables that are convenient, mobile, and meet all your spacing and functionality needs.
  • Spruce up your tables with eye-catching centerpieces, wall hangings, fixtures, lighting accents and paintings – we feature it all.
  • Always look for our promotional specials, daily savings, and discounts on shipping and assembly for al dining room sets.

Dining Table Options

Dining tables do not have to be bulky or rigid in nature. In fact, we feature so many streamlined tables that are mobile and lightweight in design. However, it is important to know how many chairs you need for the table. This depends on your immediate family numbers –but also taking into account any frequent guests or relatives. You can also purchase tables that are smaller for informal dining rooms and kitchens. Many families – especially these days – are saving money with smaller and more compact dining tables. This saves them time and money – especially when it comes to cleaning and overall table maintenance. At Badcock’s Furniture, we also have the best in bedroom, kid’s bedroom, and living room furniture for all homes. We even have selections and units for dens, basements, and all rooms in your abode. Here are some more options for you to consider:
  • Bedrooms Sets – contemporary or traditional bedroom furniture in South Florida. Including beds, box springs, mattresses, hope chests, nightstands, kid’s furniture and more.
  • Home/Office Accents – beautifully designed accent furniture that captures the true allure and essence of any theme or décor. This line also included vibrant lighting, fixtures, wall art and dazzling floral rugs.
  • TVs and Media – Computers, monitors, workstations, work tables, LCD, LED, and more. Enhance your existing media rooms with the latest in wireless technologies, sound, audio, and geometrically-designed wall units – entertainment centers and systems.
  • Living Room Furniture – your one-stop source for all living room furniture in South Florida. Including sofas, sectionals, accent chairs, loveseats, recliners, sleepers, Ottomans and so much more.
For more information, simply visit our furniture store or website today.
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