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Find the Perfect Furniture For Your Kids' Bedroom In Fort Lauderdale
Responsive image is your source for the best in kids furniture in Fort Lauderdale. From the latest brands and styles to top brand names, we have the right products to enhance or spruce up any child’s bedroom. Kid’s bedrooms are places where they spend most of their social time. This includes chatting with friends online while playing video games and doing homework. With this in mind, your kids need furniture that is functional – yet trendy, sporty and reflective of the current trends and designs.

Why Badcock Furniture?

Badcock & More of South Florida is your premier outlet for top-brand furniture and accessories. This includes lavish and elegant sectional sofas, along with cozy Lazy-Boy chairs, bar stools, rugs, flooring, carpeting and much more. We also feature unique, traditional and contemporary-modern furniture sets for living rooms, bedrooms, dens, and even converted basements, garages, and kitchens. With years of extensive industry experience, our furniture specialists have the tools and expertise to help you find the right furniture for all your rooms. We also offer the best in commercial furniture pieces and accessories for new and existing offices.

Kid’s Bedroom Furniture Selections

At Badcock FL, our dedicated furniture rep and interior designers are always here to help you. With multiple locations across Florida, it’s as easy as visiting your closest store to find the best furniture for your kids. This includes but is not limited to:
  • Mattresses, box springs, pillows, throw pillows, bedspreads, comforters, and fine linens and drapery-curtains.
  • Wallpapers, LED TV mounts, lighting accents, wall art, and paintings that are inspirational, educational and designed specifically for children’s rooms.
  • Center tables, side tables, entertainment centers, rugs, carpeting, flooring, and sporty designs for painting or wallpapering your children’s room.
  • Top-brand names, excellent manufactured furniture and a huge selection of bunk-beds, computer tables, workstations and most anything your kids need.

Other Furniture Ideas for Children’s Bedrooms

When it comes to designing your child’s bedroom, getting input is absolutely essential. In fact, speak to your kid or kids about what they like? While some children love sports, TV and movies, other kids like science, nature, and art. With this in mind, you can choose the best furniture sets and accessories that reflect your children’s tastes, likes, and personalities. One of the top themes in today’s kid’s bedroom furniture is digital and social media. In fact, you can find furniture that is geometrically shaped, along with ergonomic designs that are good for children’s posture and health. You can even find wallpaper, lighting, and wall art that capture the essence of today’s social and mobile technologies. Other design options include a mix of contemporary and traditional styles. If your child loves the great outdoors, how about wooden-bases furniture tables, hope chests, and armoires? Similarly, your child may love Art Deco or Art Noveau inspired furniture sets and accessories. While it all depends on his or her age, children are very perceptive and truly know what they like and want.

Badcock Furniture Store Locations

At Badcock & More of South Florida, we are genuinely committed to excellence in all furniture and accessories services. In fact, our goal is to help you get the furniture you and your loved ones need. Whether for homes, apartments or new business offices, we have 11 convenient locations for all your furniture needs. This includes Fort Lauderdale, West Palm Beach, Delray Beach, Pompano Beach, Plantation, Hollywood, Lake Worth, Lake Park, Cutler Bay, Miami Gardens and Florida City. With the best financing options and convenient repayment plans - why go anywhere else for your kid’s furniture in Fort Lauderdale?

The Badcock Difference

Badcock & More of South Florida is always here to help you with all your furniture needs. From financing and credit to furnishing your new home, our highly-dedicated team is committed to meeting your needs across the board. For more information on kid’s bedroom furniture in Fort Lauderdale, simply contact or visit us today.
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How to Choose the Right Furniture for your Home's Theme
Responsive imageOwning a home is a dream for many families across the nation. However, choosing the right furniture is essential in matching your home’s theme and décor. From sofas and loveseats to dining room tables, Badcock is truly your premier furniture store in Cutler Bay. With a huge extensive gallery, they showcase all the latest furniture brands and accessories. This includes rocking chairs, along with center tables, hope chests, flooring designs and much more. As always, their helpful staff can assist you in finding the right furniture that accentuates your home as a whole. Badcock also has multiple locations across Florida, which is very convenient for any new or existing homeowner

Living Room Furniture

Living room furniture in Cutler Bay comes in different styles and genres. From traditional to modern – contemporary, Badcock features an exquisite range of sets for any home style. This includes large sectional sofas, along with side tables, centerpieces, LED TV stands, and entertainment centers. They also have elegant floral arrangements for the living room area, as well as lighting accents, fixtures and wall mounted paintings. If your current furniture is outdated and no longer considered trendy – it might be time to update your pieces. At Badcock, you can find top brand furniture and accessories at cost-affordable rates. This includes but is not limited to:
  • Lazy Boy chairs, lounge seats, bar stools, and sectional sofas and rugs.
  • Lavish carpeting, flooring tiles, Persian – Oriental rugs, mats, and much more.
  • Side tables, center tables, center pieces, entertainment centers, TV stands, wall mounts and more.
  • Large plants, small plants, paintings, designs, throw pillows, divans, daybeds, and more.
  • Glass wall mounts, candles, sculptures, artwork, and most anything you need to enhance your living room.

Bedroom Furniture

Bedroom furniture in Cutler Bay also comes in a variety of designs and styles. This includes traditional wood-based and bulky furniture, along with more streamlined and centralized designs. Whether for adult or kid’s bedrooms, you can find everything you need at Badcock. In fact, one visit to their website or any of the stores is a great way to browse their inventory. You can also envision how these furniture sets will look in your bedroom. Here are some essentials to consider when purchasing new furniture for your bedrooms:
  • Uniformity and consistency in design is the key to creating a stunning bedroom.
  • Badcock features mattresses, box springs, headboards, comforters, hampers, and tables of all sizes for your bedrooms.
  • Choose a nice wallpaper that captures the allure and essence of your bedroom.
  • You can add dazzling paintings, drawings, or even wireless electronics units for more contemporary bedrooms.
  • Badcock also showcases a range of throw pillows, side tables, lamps, LED TV stands, wall mounts and entertainment centers for adult and kid’s bedrooms.

Dining Rooms

Dining rooms in Cutler Bay should correlate with your home’s theme. For example: traditional homes with wooden panels tend to fare better with wooden dining tables. This keeps a consistent theme going, which is important in securing aesthetically pleasing and functional designs. At Badcock, they are proud to offer a wide selection of dining room tables, chairs, and accessories. In fact, their online and physical gallery showrooms are great for reviewing these tables up close. You can also mix and match certain styles if desired, as well as chairs and even rugs and upholstery. Here are some essentials to consider when updating your dining room sets:
  • Badcock has great dining tables for formal dining rooms and kitchens.
  • Varieties include wooden-based designs; Elm, Oak, Pine, Cherry Redwood and more.
  • Choose futuristic looking tables for modern – contemporary homes. The same also goes with chairs, which should look streamlined, centralized and highly trendy.
  • Badcock also features glass centerpieces for tables, along with glass tables on their own and plenty of artwork and wall-mounted designs.
  • Enhance your dining room and set the mood with romantic lighting accents and effects.
Whether for kid’s furniture or sofas, you must choose items that easily blend in with your home’s décor. This is crucial in preventing design overlapping and making your home appear unorganized and clunky.
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Where To Shop For Your Next Sofa Near West Palm Beach
Responsive imageYour sofa is the most important piece of furniture in your home. It's where you gather together as a family, whether it's to watch movies, play games, or simply spend time in each others' company. Your sofa needs to be stylish, the right size for your home, and most of all, comfortable. Where should you shop for your next sofas West Palm Beach? Here's how you can find the right one.

Work Out Your Budget

Before you do anything else, you're going to need to find out how much you can spend on your sofa. What do you have to spend on this new piece of furniture? As a sofa is so important, you'll need to budget as much as you can on your new sofa. This budget will inform where you'll buy your sofa from. If you have a healthy budget, you can buy a sofa from anywhere you'd like. If you're on a smaller budget, you'll need to look for stores that are selling in your price range. Badcocks FL has sofas in all kinds of price ranges, so you can pick out the sofa that's perfect for you there, no matter what your budget is.

Look For Payment Options

Most good furniture stores will offer you payment options when it comes to your sofa. Even if you have a good budget, being able to pay for your furniture in installments will make it much easier to afford that sofa when you need it. Take a good look at the payment plan before you sign with a furniture company. You want to make sure you're getting a good interest rate. Many stores will offer interest-free plans, at least for the first few months of payment. See what your store can offer you, as you may be surprised.

Shop In Store

The best furniture stores have both online and in-store options. Online shopping is very tempting, as you don't have to head outside and you can take your time over your shopping, without any pressure. However, you can't get a real feel for a sofa if you're only looking at it on a computer screen. Head in store to try a sofa out for yourself. Everyone has their own preferences when it comes to seating, so you need to be trying out the sofas. That's why a brick and mortar store will always be preferable to an online-only place.

Buy From A Store With A Lot Of Choices

Any good furniture store should offer you options on which sofa to buy. When you're looking around, take stock of what they have. Is there anything here that's really what you want? If not, don't be tempted to settle for second best. Your sofa is vital to your enjoyment of your living room, so you need it to be as close to what you wanted as possible. If you're not finding what you want in the store, don't be afraid to leave and shop around. There's so much out there, don't miss out because you didn't want to keep looking.

Check The Quality Of The Sofa

A good sofa will need to be able to last for years to come. It's an integral piece of furniture in your home, so you need one that's well built and ready for you, without breaking down. This is why shopping in the store is important. As well as testing out the sofas, you'll be looking for how well they're made. Are they good quality? Will they be able to take a lot of use over the years? Some stores will offer guarantees on their sofas, so don't be afraid to ask. These will indicate their confidence in your sofa standing the test of time. If something does go wrong, you'll have help in making it right again, so it's worth checking for guarantees on sofas. Finding the right store to buy your sofa is easier than you'd think. Find a furniture store West Palm Beach that can allow you to come in and try the sofas for yourself, and that gives you a lot of choices. That, with a good payment plan, will help you get the right sofa for your home.
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Shopping for Your Dream Bedroom Set in Miami Gardens
Responsive imageThe average person will spend about a 1/3rd of their life in bed, that’s a long time to be in dreamland! Whether it’s your first time looking for bedroom furniture in Miami Gardens or you’re looking to update your current assemble, we have a wide selection to satisfy even the most discerning of tastes. We take pride in our products and offer them at competitive prices so you’re able to enjoy the bedroom set of your dreams.

What Bedroom Furniture in Miami Gardens are Available?

We understand when shopping around the furniture store in Miami Gardens the selection can be daunting to people who see it for the first time. The type of bedroom set you choose should fit your needs and match your everyday routine. You want to be comfortable and ease each time you step into your bedroom, right? After all, you’ll be using it for a long time and you want to be comfortable when falling asleep at night. The first question we encourage our customers is to ask is if they’re shopping for themselves or someone else, what are their tastes like? Is the furniture for a child who their hoping will grow into their bedroom set? Do you or they prefer a basic furniture set that utilizes the space available or is you looking for a set to suit a discerning taste? Below are a few examples of the selection we have to offer.

Our Diplomat Chestnut 5 Piece Queen Bedroom is a prime example of simple elegance that catches the eye. We know not everyone is looking for a set that will shine the moment you walk into a room. The earthy tones provide a warm backdrop to any space and are perfect for people who want to feel cozy when they walk into their bedroom. Considered one of the more bold and distinguished sets we have to offer, it’s perfect for that person in your life who wants the best of both worlds.

The Farrow Driftwood 8 Piece King Set is another set that brings the nostalgia of the sea with it to the convenience of your bedroom. Blending in a modern design with old world excellence, the appearance, and color of driftwood is a nostalgic favorite for plenty of people. If you’ve ever had a chance to walk along the beach and come across weathered driftwood, it’s a natural beauty to behold.

How Do You Shop for the Ideal Bedroom Furniture in Miami Gardens?

We take pride in our furniture store in Miami Gardens and we understand when it comes to furniture shopping is not an activity people undertake every day. For many, it’s an investment for the furniture because they’ll be using the furniture for years. When shopping for furniture the first place people will often look is the price tag and then go with the one that suits their needs. Hunting down good deal is a great way to get an amazing bedroom set for a good price, but too often people go off purely by price and may end up with a product that doesn’t meet their needs.

The ideal bedroom set you choose should match the size of the bedroom you have to put it in. We covered mattress sizes a while back and explained that one of the most popular ones is the Queen since it’s idle for couples or people who want to have a bigger bed. Queen sized beds can fit into just about any space while the twin, on the other hand, is a favorite among single adults. Twin sized beds are compact and ideal for people who want to save on space. The king-sized bed, on the other hand, is only good for larger rooms, but on the plus side may be ideal for a couple where each person prefers to have their own space when sleeping.

Another aspect to keep in mind is the type of furniture that comes with your bedroom set and how often you’ll make use of it. Often the furniture store in Miami Gardens has separate pieces like nightstands, vanities, and dressers available to purchase separately. If you like the look of a bed frame instead of the whole set thrown in, be sure to look at the other selections to see if they meet your tastes.
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Where Are the Best Dining Rooms Designed in Florida City?
Responsive imageIf you need furniture for your new home or if you are redecorating for a cocktail party, finding stylish dining rooms Florida City sets at reasonable prices may seem to be a challenge. There is nothing more important in your home than the dining room. It’s where everything happens! All of your social engagements, your meals, and even your family game night will happen in the dining room, so make sure it’s the best it can possibly be. Browse our massive selection of furniture options and make sure that you’re getting everything you need, from tables to chairs, and even bar stools if you want to mix it up a little. Badcock Home Furniture & More in Florida City, Florida is the best store for finding dining room sets.

Badcock Is the Best furniture store in Florida City

Whether you want to check out our furniture online from the comfort of your home, or you want to visit our Florida City, FL store, either way, you’re sure to be blown away by the many beautiful furniture options for your dining room. On our website, you will find pictures of what we carry, and in order to make your browsing and shopping experience convenient and easier, we have many tools to help you narrow down your choice. You can pick the color, size or shape, material, style, price range, and special features in the furniture that you need. We have a quick and easy checkout process, finding the best dining room set couldn’t be easier! Our website also lists details, reviews, specifications about furniture, and shipping information about each product so you exactly know what you will get. If you come into our store, you can expect excellent customer service from our staff. They can help you find exactly what you are looking for. Modern dining room sets, formal dining tables, chairs & stools, servers, and tables- these and more can be found at our store. We carry the best dining room furniture Florida City has.

Dining Tables That Do It All Living room furniture Florida City

When you set up a living room or any other room in your home, not only do you need furniture, but also a right table to complete the look. You may use modern, traditional, buffet style, chairs or stools, and other items to make your room comfortable, functional, and inviting. Now before you start feeling overwhelmed at the thought of spending a lot of time and money on purchasing these items, we should tell you that at Badcock we not only carry furniture but also all these items. The modern dining room has to do a lot more than simply hold your dining table, ready for family meals. It can be a home office, a play area for your children, and an entertainment space when you're hosting extravagant parties in your home. That's why you need a dining table that does it all. Here's how you can pick a table that does everything you need it to do.

Pick the Right Shape

Most commonly, you'll find tables come in either rectangular or round shapes. The shape is more than an aesthetic concern, as it can actually have a large effect on how you use it. For example, a roundtable can actually help you fit more chairs around it, as it's cutting off corners and creating more surface area. If you're looking to host parties in your home, this could be the right choice for you. You'll want to look around your local furniture store to see what kinds of shapes they can offer you. Badcock & More have several South Florida different locations that have dining room sets you'll love, in Fort Lauderdale, West Palm Beach, Delray Beach, Pompano Beach, Plantation, Hollywood, Lake Worth, Lake Park, Cutler Bay, Miami Gardens, & Florida City.

Try Not to Get Sucked in By Fads

Like any other furnishings, you'll find that there are fads when it comes to dining room tables. Different shapes, styles, colors and more come in and out of fashion. Be wary when you're shopping around, and don't be sucked into a fad before really considering your options. Is that table really going to look good ten years from now? It may look good in the short term, but it may look old and dated way before it's time. Instead, try looking around for more classic styles that will look good with any interior style you're using in your dining room. If you pick a style that's classic, it'll keep looking good for years to come. Come to take a look at our floor models, and chat with our knowledgeable staff who can help you pick the right table for you. These tips will help you find a dining room table that will give you everything you need. Whether you need a table that'll stand up to kids or just be perfect for dinner time, you'll get the right table for you.
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The Best Furniture Stores in South Florida
Responsive imageFurniture gives our homes personality while creating an ambiance that conveys a message to guests about who we are. With all the eclectic options accessible today, there's never been a better time to purchase new furniture. Whether you have a small or big budget, selecting new seating, accessories, and tables could make a huge difference in your life. If you're looking for the best furniture stores in South Florida, you've come to the right place. Here's what you need to know about furniture stores.

What to Look for in a Furniture Store


If you're seeking home décor, you must go for a store that offers quality, durable furniture. While you can often purchase inexpensive accessories cheaply and change them often, huge furniture investments-dining tables, sofas, etc should be long-term purchases. That implies prioritizing solid construction before a beautiful style. Remember, solid construction isn't always obvious at the initial glance. Obviously, it must feel solid, not fragile. Beyond that, you should establish as much information regarding the materials, frame, and the kind of warranty that comes with it. Thankfully, our well-trained personnel can enlighten you about our furniture and their construction. Bear in mind that the best stores have workers who function as teachers and guides rather than pushy sales representatives.


It's best you pay more for quality furniture instead of trying to save money on pieces that won't last in the long-term. The larger the investment, the more significant the build quality and design become. Focus on locating the best value. A cheap sofa won't be good value if it's constructed with weak and cheap materials. Similarly, the most costly love-seat will have a prudent investment if the frame isn't constructed solidly. You're better off looking for brands with a good standing and long track record.

Service and Delivery

Each store has a policy when it comes to customer service. Ensure you select a store that’s well-known for customer loyalty such as ours. It's also imperative you find out about return policies. A number of stores will permit you to swap an item within a limited timeframe if it does not meet your expectations. You should also establish whether fees apply in the event that you need to return something. Moreover, you should inquire about the delivery's policy, including the amount it costs, the distance they'll deliver, and how fast the furniture will arrive.

The Different Types of Stores

Lifestyle Stores

These kinds of stores have all the items you might require to furnish your home from accessories and tableware to furniture, lighting, and outdoor furniture. They're popular because shoppers prefer the style, and while everything doesn't automatically match, it has a similar feel. It's easy to synchronize everything in your house if you favor a specific style. It's also about brand trust. Then again, you wouldn't want to purchase everything in the same store but only for products that meet your needs.

Traditional Stores

It's difficult to beat a conventional store for variety, which is why they're popular when it comes to furniture shopping. These stores have furniture in various categories, frequently from various manufacturers and have independent ownership. This is your neighborhood store and you support local business when you shop there. Most shoppers use these stores for their furnishing needs. Since these stores feature a blend of brands, you can find different styles and shop at varied price points. It's also the best place to forge relations with the sales personnel and negotiate better costs.

Manufacturer-branded Stores

Manufacturers open their outlets as another distribution channel. If you trust and like a manufacturer, then these stores might suit you. Bear in mind that they might not have a wide range of styles and furniture because the merchandise is restricted to their furniture lines. However, a strong preference and trust for a brand drive consumers to such stores.

Department Stores

These are an alternative for shoppers. They feature different brands and styles, but you'll find that every department store has its unique feel and look.

Office Supply

These stores have a restricted amount of ready to assemble furniture, particularly for the entertainment and home office needs. Additionally, you can find office accessories and storage furniture along with office chairs, desks, and TV stands. The right furniture could make all the difference in how your home looks. For this reason, it's important you not only buy the right pieces but also visit the right store. Fortunately, you can visit our kids furniture South Florida for your furniture needs.
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