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How to Make Furniture Color Work for You
Responsive imageHave you ever bought furniture to furnish your living room, bedroom or kitchen to realize it was the wrong color? What a nightmare! Did you buy that ordinary furniture at a department store, thrift store or bought it from a family friend? But you discovered it was not suitable for the room? Well, shop for extraordinary furniture at the Badcock furniture store in Fort Lauderdale. Badcock Furniture has the furniture to match your home needs for the best color coordination.

A Reflection of You

When buying new furniture to match the color scheme of your home, the selection process should be a reflection of you. Your style, design, color, and quality. When remodeling your home with new furniture try to get the room whether it is a master bedroom, guest room or living room as empty as possible so your imagination can use that empty space to fill the room with new furniture color to match the room. From here you can imagine any type of furniture, fabric, color, and style. To help with the creative process in this step, you can make an assortment for each room that needs to be filled.

Color Coordination at Its Best!

home decor Fort LauderdaleTo some homeowners or interior decorator, mixing colors is inventive. To other homeowners, it is nothing but splashes of paint to add color to a room. The same goes for furniture. How the colors look palatable depends on the room and what colors you choose. You want to either match your furniture color with your wall color. Or you could even provide contrasting colors. It’s good to experiment which colors that work well together. Unless your walls in your living room or bedroom need a good paint job, it’s usually easier to choose your furniture color than for the paint color. Otherwise, it would be ridiculous to keep painting your walls over several times just to decide on the right furniture. You’re probably thinking who does that. Yes, there are people who do that!

Focus on Color Scheme of the Furniture

Focus on the color that dominates the room whether it is a living room, your child’s bedroom, or guest room as the color scheme, and uses that color for matching or contrast. Once you identify your color scheme, you can go shopping for your furniture or move furniture from other rooms to test it all out. Colors don’t have to be exact, as that could be difficult to find duplicate colors to both walls and furniture. How you perceive the colors is your choice. What you do is figure out the colors deemed to catch anyone’s eye and be picked up in a nearby location in the room. It could be the bookshelf or sectional couch with the wall, or the fireplace hearth with the set of dining chairs close by. This is also helpful for colors in a combination room.

Explore color scheme to not just one room

Your color match is not limited to the walls and furniture. For a little more imagination to add to your home, you may even use the floor colors to coordinate with the walls and furniture. In fact, floor finishing can add to the color scheme, be it wood, tiles, or carpet. See how they contribute to the color scheme with adjacent walls and the furniture which sit upon them. All it takes is careful planning and rearranging of furniture with the colors belonging to the fixed environment and you’ll soon have an attractive and colorful sight!

Pick a Palette and Repeat it for any room

Every homeowner wants to know how much color is too much—and how to avoid the pitfall of creating an environment where the colors don’t quite line up. Working within a streamlined color palette not only helps the rooms themselves feel cohesive, but it also helps with the transitions between rooms. Every room in your home should speak volumes about the home’s personality as well as go with choosing the right neutral colors of furniture for the room.

Your Abundant Options with Badcock Furniture

For home décor in Fort Lauderdale, Badcock Furniture is your number one choice. Their longstanding history of quality furniture and customer satisfaction leaves them a customer favorite among their competitors. Stop in and visit a showroom today. You are sure to be pleased with your options and their great prices. Check out their website for their great reviews and see how investing in this quality furniture will create an ambiance in your home that you will love for a lifetime.
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Three Accessories your Home Needs
Responsive imageBadcock & More of South Florida is your premier furniture store in Fort Lauderdale. From exquisite dining sets to lavish and elegant sofas, we feature the latest in modern-contemporary furniture and accessories. This including kid’s furniture in Fort Lauderdale, along with home décor, lighting accents, and fixtures.

We are also your source for the best in traditional or modern bedroom furniture – from mattresses and box springs to hope chests and side tables – we have it all. Our extensive showroom gallery is a great way to envision how these units can spruce up your home or business. Similarly, our online store features detailed product reviews, along with competitive prices and all the top brand names you need for the home.

Essential Accessories for the Home

When it comes to home décor in Fort Lauderdale, having the right accessories is simply essential. In fact, anything from a side table to an alcove floral arrangement can truly spruce up and enhance your home. At Badcock, we are proud to feature an extensive selection of accessories to beautify any home or office. Here are some accessories that are sure to bring a smile to anyone’s face:

Elegant Art and Wall Mounts

Living room furniture in Fort Lauderdale can easily correlate with aesthetically-pleasing visuals. This includes wall art, which can range from Art Deco to Art Noveau selections. Similarly, you can find geometric art and wall mountings for the formal dining room area as well. When coupled with elegant floral arrangements, you can create a beautiful masterpiece that captures the allure and essence of each room. You will also find a large variety of lighting accents and fixtures – each uniquely designed to illuminate the desired area. At Badcock, we are proud to showcase a full range of art pieces and paintings from several well-known global artists and painters.

Fine China Cabinets

Fine China has been a popular choice in many homes for centuries. With this in mind, we feature the best in wooden China cabinets for the home or business. From Oak and Elm to Pine and Redwood, our cabinets have high-end finishes – with your choice or glass or open cabinets. Place your family China sets, along with vintage cookery and family heirlooms as well. You can also pick up some new China sets from our online or physical store as needed. As always, we offer the top choice selections at the best prices in Fort Lauderdale.

Photo Frames

Enhance your living rooms and dens with sleek, stylish and trendy photo frames. Nothing is more important than family – and having old photos on display is a great way to cherish those beloved memories. We offer a myriad of photo frames of all styles, designs, shapes, and colors. While most people think of photo frames as traditional in nature – there are the newest styles which are metallic and streamlined in design.

This is the perfect way to spruce up your living room, family room, playroom, or bedroom. In fact, the photo frames are easy to hang up – and incredibly lightweight and mobile for placement in any room across your homes.

Throw Pillows

No matter the sofa style or design, throw pillows are among the most popular accessories for homes. In fact, these items are designed in a variety of styles, colors, and fabrics. This includes flirty pillows, which are usually red or burgundy in color. These items look great with any leather or upholstered sofa, sectional or Lazy-Boy Chair. Similarly, they are comfortable enough for lounging on the carpet, as well as watching TV, reading, or listing to your favorite tunes.

When it comes to living room furniture in Fort Lauderdale, you do not want to miss out on our selection of throw pillows, divans, daybeds and much more. For more information on home or office accessories, simply access our website or visit the store today. From lampshades and flooring to vinyl sofas and mirrors, we have the furniture sets – accessories –and pieces that are sure to dazzle your loved ones and guests.
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Quick Ideas for Extra Seating in your Home
Responsive imageBadcock & More of South Florida is your premier furniture store in Fort Lauderdale. From sofas and kid’s furniture to bedroom and dining sets, we have it all at Badcock. In fact, we offer a great selection of seats and chairs for any new or existing home. This includes Lazyboy recliners, rockers, and full or sectional sofas. From leather and upholstery to wood, our sets are designed for optimal comfort and longevity. We also showcase the latest in bar stools, geometric chairs, and ergonomically-designed seats for homes that need extra seating. When it comes to home décor in Fort Lauderdale, we will truly meet all your needs within time and budget.

Extra Seating Ideas for the House

Extra seating for the house is always a great idea. After all, you will have guests and loved ones over – so why not accommodate them in a comfortable manner? Here are some wonderful ideas to consider when it comes to securing extra seating in your home.

Cushion Count

One of the best ways to ensure extra seating is avoiding cushion cracks. In fact, you can choose a sofa with a bench cushion, which is essentially one big cushion that comfortably seats more people. This includes Sofia, Bradley and Dakota brands, along with Georgetown sofas. With a giant cushion, you get more seating and more worries about cushion cracks or pop-ups on the side.

Ottomans for Extra Seating

Ottomans are usually designed to put your feet up and relax. From leather to upholstery, these essentials truly add a touch of class to any sofa set. However, they can also be used as coffee tables (with trays of course), as well as extra seats! Simply place the Ottomans on the sides of your couch and you have extra seats for all your guests and family members.

Fireplace Seats

When it comes to sofas in Fort Lauderdale, never do you hear about fireplace seats. After all, who wants to sit next to a fireplace unless it is brutally cold or frigid outside? However, seat height chairs are great for extra seating when company comes over. At Badcock, we offer a full range of chairs and seats – from top brands and styles – for your convenience.

Remove Throw Pillows

Throw pillows are comfortable but can take up essential space. Why not put these items away to free up space on sofas, couches, and even Lazyboy recliners or love seats? At Badcock, we offer a myriad of contemporary and traditional throw pillows for all types of sectional and full sofa sets.

Floor Cushions

Floor cushions are comfortable and perfect for lounging around. However, these are not ideal for the company – especially large crowds in your home for the holidays. Still, you can use these items for the kids in your house, while the adults can sit on the sofas, fold-up chairs, or other seating that you have for them.

Use Occasional or Dining Room Chairs

If you need extra seating, how about your lavish and elegant dining room chairs? We offer several styles that will match your existing dining and living room décor. You can easily place these items across your living room, as well as next to the walls to secure ample leg room. Another great idea is to use your occasional chairs – that may be found in your formal living rooms. These two work great to comfortably facilitate large crowds for birthdays, anniversaries, holidays or other social gatherings in your abode.

Garden Seats

Garden seats are not just for outside patios and decks. These exquisite chairs feature wood and metallic components, along with comfortable cushioning and upholstery. Why not bring these in to get the additional seating you require for the family get-togethers and socials?

Slipper Chairs

Slipper chairs are perfect for tight spaces in your living room. This is because they can be tucked in practically anywhere! We feature these – and more – seating styles at our extensive online store. You can also visit our showroom gallery to see how chairs can be used to maximize space and get you the room and freedom you need.
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A Quick Guide to Furnishing Your Sunroom
Responsive imageSunrooms are large rooms designed to let sunlight in and to offer a stunning view of the surrounding landscape outside. These rooms are a popular choice for receiving company since they offer all the comforts of enjoying good weather and nature while offering protection from adverse conditions that may be going on outside. The furniture store in Fort Lauderdale offers a variety of options to start outfitting your sunroom so it’s truly a place where you can go to relax during the day.

Furniture to Match the Seasons Year Round

The furniture store in Fort Lauderdale has countless options to get the kind of style you’re aiming for when it comes to your new sunroom. The type of furniture we recommend are pieces that will match the seasons year round. Whether it’s winter time or the middle of the summer, you’ll want to be comfortable inside while enjoying the outdoors from the comfort of your home. The loveseat is one of the first pieces of furniture we highly recommend investing in for your sunroom. The size of sunrooms vary from household to household, but usually, they’re presented as a place in the home of being one of relaxation. It’s an intimate space where people can feel closer together and gather to talk or reflect on the day’s events when the weather outside is pleasant.

loveseat offers the close, intimate space of carrying on a private discussion in a quiet room even if other people are present. Typically small, they’re ideal for helping to utilize space already available and helping a room to feel cozy without taking up too much space. Another piece of furniture that is an excellent match is a coffee table that is perfect for offering extra surface space. Most people forget the coffee table is more than just a fancy piece of furniture to have in the home. The extra surface space is ideal for people who prefer to have their coffee out in their sunroom in the morning when the birds are chirping and the sun is just rising. The table is a great way to increase surface space in the sunroom so guests have a place to set down their breakfast, a book, a cup of coffee, or tea during their visit.

Keeping it Comfortable

The other thought to keep in mind when shopping around for home decor in Fort Lauderdale is to keep it comfortable in the sunroom. People often make the mistake of trying to fill in space as much as possible instead of utilizing the strengths the room already has to its advantages. Sunrooms are built with the sole purpose of letting sunlight in, so going with a style that keeps up the light and airy atmosphere of the room is the recommended option. This means going with decor and furniture that doesn’t clutter the room and leaves a clear view of the windows. The decor of the sunroom should match the purpose of the room too with just a few light adjustments to highlight its strengths. Going with decor that replicates nature like fake plants, pictures of various seasons, and other nature-themed decorations help to create a space where people feel at ease the moment they walk in through the door.

It’s a relaxing atmosphere people can enjoy without feeling stressed out and still enjoy nature on the other side of the window even when it’s raining or snowing outside. Sunrooms are absolutely gorgeous and are often one of the most favorite places in a household for people to go and relax. Constructing a sunroom to match the needs of the household can be challenging, but by going with the strengths the room already has it opens up an opportunity to go with a truly unique design. This way people are able to enjoy their sunroom while also appreciating the natural beauty of the outdoors.
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Three Tips for Decorating a Reading Nook
Responsive imageSitting in your home on a lazy Sunday afternoon reading a book of your choice can be very relaxing. After a busy week, unwinding with a good book, and maybe with a hot cup of tea to sip, can soothe and refresh your mind and body. Having a reading nook that you can decorate according to your aesthetic sensibilities will allow you to enjoy your reading time even more. But how do you decorate your reading nook to create this calming space? Here are three tips.

Comfortable seating and good lighting

The furniture in your reading nook should make you most comfortable and relaxed. There are many types of chairs to pick from- an overstuffed armchair, a lounge chair, a wingback chair, a wicker chair with lots of cushions, and more. But you don’t even have to stick with a chair if you don’t want to. A daybed or futon or a long sofa will also work perfectly if you choose to lie down and read. If you feel more comfortable outdoors, you can even set up your reading nook in your garden or in your backyard with a comfortable bench or other seating. Similarly, any other furniture that you pick for the nook should be appealing to you. Whether it’s a small stand to keep books on, a table to keep a coffee mug, a basket to keep books, cushions, blanket, or other stuff in, or another piece of furniture, it should be something that is practical for your purposes and something that you like. For ideas, visit Badcock Home Furniture & More in Florida- the leading furniture store Fort Lauderdale has. We have the best sofas Fort Lauderdale has to offer. Being able to read easily requires proper lighting. Having a reading nook next to a window from which you can get soft, natural light can be ideal for reading. But if you prefer light from a lamp, or want light from a fireplace, you can have a reading nook away from a window.

Adding a pop of color or other decorative elements

After putting the basic elements for your reading nook together, you may want to make the space more interesting and inviting by adding a colorful rug, an eye-catching cushion, a decorative vase or picture, your favorite scarf or blanket, or any other decorative items that have special meaning for you and set an inviting scene for you to read in. Some people like to place candles or their favorite essential oil diffuser to feel relaxed when they are reading. Choosing colors or items similar to those already used in other places in the room will also help to tie in the reading nook to the room and give a cohesive look. Go to Badcock Home Furniture & More store to find the best home decor Fort Lauderdale has.

Update the space

No matter how much time and thought you may have put into creating your reading nook, it may seem to get boring after some time. Your chair, for example, may not feel as comfortable, or the decorative items may look outdated. So it may be a good idea to update your reading nook from time to time to keep it looking and feeling fresh. As you read various books, you can have a display board in your nook to put quotes and things on it that represent characters, places, and/or things from the book that interest you, or hold special meaning for you. You can add new items and remove old ones as you continue on your reading journey. This not only keeps your reading nook updated but can also provide an opportunity to reflect on your readings and to be creative in displaying what you take away from it. Adding and removing other items from your reading nook, or even just creating a totally new space in a different part of your home can be other major changes that you can make. Remember, a reading nook is your own little sanctuary where you go to relax and enjoy. You can do whatever you want with space- there are no rules or guidelines to follow. So think about what you want, and design a nook exactly as you like.
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How to Use Lighting to your Advantage when Displaying your Living Room Furniture
Responsive imageHomeowners spend a lot of time choosing the right sofa, or paint of color for the living room walls of their home. We often sometimes forget about the importance of proper lighting. Many homeowners have their own space where they watch TV, play games, read books and even entertain guests, lighting serves an important purpose in both the function and appearance of the room. Lighting is important because of the intimacy it creates in a room. We know the living rooms is one of the first rooms you walk into, it sets the tone for the rest of the house. When it comes to displaying your living room furniture Fort Lauderdale in your home, the lighting you choose is just as important as the paint colors or the furniture. Lighting can have a huge impact on a room and how it looks throughout the day. Here’s are four popular lighting strategies and how you can use it to work in a living room to your advantage.


When you want to highlight certain features in your living room, like a favorite painting, textured walls or a fireplace, accent lighting is the way to go. Accent lighting adds a pleasing variation of brightness, like cabinet lighting in a display case that highlights selected objects. In order for accent lighting to work to your advantage in your living room, it needs to supply about five times as much light on the focal point as the surrounding general light.


When you want to create interest and add sparkle to your living room, table lamps, hanging pendants and chandeliers can provide the decorative light that adds coziness and intimacy. Decorative lighting personalizes a space in someone’s home.

Creating Space

In any room, whether it is dining rooms, Fort Lauderdale, you’ll need to find ways to make the room feel comfortable and roomy. This is especially true for the smaller rooms in your home, especially the living rooms if your home is very small like an apartment or condo. Here at Badcock Furniture, we can help you give the illusion of creating the space you need. For example, try and have large windows or even skylights installed to give more light to a room. We offer a great resource tool to help you pick the right lights for you.

Paint Colors and Lighting of your home

The toughest challenge lighting will have in your home is how it makes your paint colors show up. As you’ll remember from science class, your eyes perceive colors differently, depending on how much light is shining on the surface you’re looking at. Because of this, you’ll need to be careful to match up your paint and lighting choices correctly. When it comes to home decor Fort Lauderdale, you’ll have to keep two things in mind when it comes to light and color. One, where your rooms are situated in the house, and two, the light bulbs you use. Here’s what you need to know about natural light and room placement in your home:
  • North facing rooms: The light in these rooms is cool and blueish. This means that stronger colors will show up better in the light.
  • South facing rooms: The light in these rooms brings out the best in both cool and warm colors. Take advantage of this, and you’ll see that you’ll get the best out of your point choice.


When you want to read a book or need to write at a desk, good task lighting helps you get things done. This brighter light can be a floor lamp with a swinging arm next to a comfortable chair or a directed light source over a desk.

Shop Badcock Furniture Today

Whether you’re trying to arrange for a complete remodel of your home, you need the right furniture store Fort Lauderdale to help you make it all come together. Furniture is incredibly important; lighting is perhaps more important than you actually realize. Many homeowners make the mistake thinking lighting doesn’t help with the appearance of furniture in their home. We are one that you can count on to bring you the right style, and of course, meet the needs of whatever you are looking for.
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What is the Janka Scale and Why Does it Matter?
Responsive imageWhen you purchase a new wood floor, we tend to have a few things running around through our head. Does it look good? Is it durable? Does warranty cover scratches? These are all important things to think about. Durability is a major concern for many customers. Before we choose hardwood based on color, take a look at the hardness and stability of the wood you are interested in.

What Is the Janka Scale?

The Janka scale is a test that rates the relative hardness of wood. The test determines the higher the number the harder the wood. The Janka Hardness Test which measures the force required to embed a .444 inch steel ball to half its diameter into the wood. Janka testing helps customers to understand the resistance of wood to wear and denting as it is used to approximate product and customer expectations.

Why is it important?

Janka hardness ratings are useful for contractors, homeowners, and designers who have to figure out the durability of various species. Hardness ratings provide a standard to which durability of several species can be compared to one another, which comes in handy. Let’s say that we’re working with a homeowner who is undecided between White maple and Brazilian cherry. They have two young kids and five dogs. We can use the Janka hardness chart to pit the Brazilian cherry against white maple and suggest the homeowner go with the choice of Brazilian cherry. The Brazilian cherry is a harder wood than the white maple and will stand up better from damage from the homeowner’s children and pets.

Adding accent furniture to complete a home

Are you moving into a brand new home? Perhaps you are trying to arrange for a complete remodel of your existing home, you’ll need the right store to help you make it all come together. The beauty of furniture is incredibly important. Many homeowners make the mistake of simply grabbing the first set of sofas, chairs and bedroom sets they come across too. As a homeowner, you must know the grave importance of making sure you have the right selection of furniture and making sure it fits your theme of the home.

We have our furniture store Fort Lauderdale is your one-stop need, you can count on to bring you the right style, and of course meet the needs of your budget. We have everything you need to present a line of furniture that is well suited to budget, home’s theme and personality. Adding new furniture is an amazing way to brighten up and welcome family and friends into your home. When selecting furniture a homeowner should make sure the furniture’s material is right. Where would they start? What type of material would be best for their home? Take the pressure and stress off by letting home decor Fort Lauderdale bring you the best selection of furniture for your home.

Wine and dine your home with latest dining room sets

We have the best selection to suit your home and dining experience. Dining rooms Fort Lauderdale has everything from casual dining tables, chairs, servers and formal tables you’re covered whether you’re throwing an elegant party, serving a family meal, or throwing birthday dinner. We have dining room sets that come in several different materials from Glass, marble, stone, and wood. We suggest you pick the one that suits your theme and personality of the home. We have a wide selection including contemporary, rustic, and even modern pieces – you have your pick when it comes to our furniture. We have a variety of other styles that we offer that will be sure to fit into your home perfectly.

Living Room Sets built for home

There is more to setting up a living room than meets the eye. We provide stylish, hand-made and sleek frames that will blend and match the color scheme of your room and customize the piece to fit your liking. Living room furniture Fort Lauderdale is bringing comfort, affordability, and style, the Brayburn Beige Reclining Sofa & Console loveseat set will make an amazing choice and add personality to your living space! They have stunning refined sheen effect while the collection adds a splendid appearance that never goes out of style in addition to a comfy feeling. They have great inventory which includes couches, sofas Fort Lauderdale, new living room sets and even recliners.

What homeowner wouldn’t love these choices for their home? We have a stellar selection and see what we have to offer from our new arrivals of bedroom furniture Fort Lauderdale from the Emily collection to kids furniture Fort Lauderdale recliners of Elsa Frozen and kids WWE wrestlers. We want your business, just come to our store to see why we’re the best in town. When it comes to furniture for their interior, we’ve definitely got you covered.
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Hardwood Furniture vs. Mass Produced Furniture – How to Make your Choice
Responsive imageFurniture is an important part of your home and shopping for it can start to feel like a serious chore. As you start, you will want to make sure you’re doing your research and making some decisions on your home before you even set foot in a store. For example, what kind of style do you prefer? Is there a theme? Are you planning to keep your furniture for a while, or are you planning to replace it at some point in the future? All of these are very important questions to ask before you get started, and with that in mind, let’s take a quick look at the two major types you’ll find in a furniture store in Fort Lauderdale.

The Mass Produced Option from Furniture Stores in Fort Lauderdale

Going with the mass produce option is definitely a good choice for some consumers, especially if their plan is to frequently then mass-produced furniture might just be a good option for you. While it might not be the most durable, it can definitely add a modern feel to your room, which makes it very sought after. Unfortunately, the materials used for this furniture are typically much lower quality and you’re likely to see this low-quality furniture end up in a landfill in just a few short years. Did we mention it’s also not environmentally friendly?

Hardwood – Going with the Classic Choice

If what you’re looking for is a real investment then you might want to think about hardwood furniture. This type of furniture comes in the classic style, generally capable of fitting into any design scheme. The styles have been used throughout the years, and they use joinery that allows them to truly stand the test of time. Hardwood is also a good option if you are interested in the green alternative as these are made by hand rather than assembled on automated factory lines by costly machine. The benefits of hardwood from the best furniture store in Fort Lauderdale are many, but include the following:
  • Green – Assembled by expert craftsman, you will find that investing in hardwood furniture truly benefits the environment.
  • High-Quality – Hardwood furniture makes use of high-end materials that will stand the test of time.
  • Stylish – While each piece of furniture does follow a particular style, they are all unique, as they are handmade, each one by a human being. You will have the absolute pleasure of owning a unique, long-lasting piece of furniture.
  • Low Maintenance – Hardwood furniture lasts for a long time, and all you need to worry about is the occasional wipe down using a wet cloth.

Make the Choice That’s Best for You

When it comes right down to it, you need to take your needs, your styles, and most importantly your budget into account. There are benefits and negatives to each type of furniture, so once you have some kind of an idea in your head, find a furniture store, make a choice, and make a difference in your home.

Shop Badcock’s Today

Badcock is the place to be for furniture and even home décor in Fort Lauderdale. A visit to the store will give you the opportunity to see entire rooms of furniture, set up and ready to test out. In addition to that, Badcocks has knowledgeable staff that will help you to find exactly what you’re looking for. If you’re ready to bring an entirely new look to your home, then you’re ready to visit Badcocks – you’ll like what we have for you. Browse our website right now and take a look at the different types of furniture we have to offer and feel free to visit one of our retail locations. When it comes to bringing your home up to date with the latest and greatest furniture, you don’t want to leave anything to chance, and you don’t want to sacrifice quality for the price. Let us help!
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Top Four Uses for End Tables as Living Room Furniture in Fort Lauderdale
Responsive image

The Best Furnishing Options from our Fort Lauderdale Store

Whether moving into a new home or remodeling your existing abode, the right furniture can truly spruce up any décor. At Badcock & More of South Florida, we feature an extensive range of modern and traditional furniture sets. From lavish couches and sectionals to elegant dining sets, our extensive showroom gallery offers a myriad of top-brand names and accessories. With years of extensive industry experience, we truly offer the best furnishing options for all South Florida homes and businesses. Our highly-dedicated teams also consist of leading interior designers, furniture specialists, and sales experts that are committed to excellence in everything they do. As your premier home décor venue in Fort Lauderdale, we are proud to offer the following sets and services for your convenience:
  • Living Room Sets – sofas, sectionals, loveseats, recliners, accent chairs, ottomans, sleepers and much more.
  • Bedroom Sets – beds, dressers, mirrors, hope chests, nightstands, kid’s bedroom furniture, accessories, and mattresses.
  • Dining Room Sets – casual/formal dining, tables/side tables, bar stools, and servers.
  • Home Accents – accent furniture, fixtures, lighting, floral, rugs, and wall art.
  • TVs and Electronics – LCD, LED, computers, monitors, and much more.
We also feature a wide array of kitchen accessories, appliances, outdoor furniture, and even specially marked clearance items. One visit to our convenient location is all you need to find the best furniture sets for all residential and commercial establishments.

Meeting All Your Furniture Needs within Budget

While other furniture stores and outlets are only concerned about landing that sale – we are genuinely committed to meeting all your needs within time and budget. As your reputable and seasoned furniture store in Fort Lauderdale, we continue to receive stellar industry ratings and client reviews. Our team also goes above and beyond to ensure you have the right furniture that fits your theme. This includes exquisite bedroom and living room sets, along with world-class dining tables and even kid’s furniture. Why settle for outrageous prices when the deals and specials you want are just around the corner? At B&M, all customers are guaranteed the following:
  • Professional customer services that meet all your furniture needs within time and budget.
  • Extensive showroom galleries that help you envision how furniture or dining sets will look in your home.
  • Daily discounts, promotional specials, and bulk savings on high-volume purchases for homes or businesses.
  • A wide array of domestic and international furniture pieces and top-brand names. Accessories galore and even free samples for accents, color tones, upholstery, and fabrics for one and all.
  • Seasoned designers, interior experts, and furniture professionals that stay abreast of all the latest industry trends and styles. This ensures real-time results for clients that need contemporary, modern, or classic furniture sets to enhance their décor.
  • User-friendly website with online galleries, product listings, price comparisons, search features, and so much more!

How About End Tables as Living Room Furniture?

As your exquisite living room furniture store in Fort Lauderdale, we specialize in outfitting your home with the very best in sets and accessories. In fact, all you need to do is browse our extensive online inventory, which is always updated with the latest offerings and selection. From living and entertaining to formal rooms and décor, we have it all at Badcock and More. We also believe in incorporating unique and original solutions for your home. In fact, end tables can be used as living room furniture in your Fort Lauderdale home. From accent tables to coffee tables, here are some of the best ways to seamlessly blend these units with your overall living room décor:

Side Tables

End tables are traditionally known to offer balance with furniture or love seats. From oak and pine to elm and mahogany, there are several deep-grain wood styles available for customers. These classy yet contemporary pieces also come in a variety of shapes, sizes, and designs. Whether to place beverages on – or to use – as attractive accents that capture the overall allure and essence of your sofa – end tables truly bring out the uniqueness and luster of your furniture designs.

Alcoves and Corners

End tables work incredibly well with alcoves and corners. In fact, they offer the “less is more” approach due to their streamlined and centralized appearance. From portable bookshelves to exquisite ceramics or lavish floral arrangement holders – these amazing pieces can truly electrify any modern or contemporary look. For more information, simply access our website today for the best furniture sets and accessories in the Greater Fort Lauderdale area. At Badcock and More, we can truly turn all your furniture dreams into realities!
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From Consoles To Entertainment Centers - Living Room Furniture In Fort Lauderdale You Can't Live Without
Responsive imageFurniture shopping is important, but it doesn't have to be a headache. Here at Badcock furniture store Fort Lauderdale, we know just how important it is. That's why we make it as easy as possible to find exactly what you need. Are you looking to buy furniture for your living room? Then you're in the right place. Here's a complete guide to putting a functional yet stylish room together, without going mad or going over budget.

Your Living Room Is The Hub Of Your Home

The living room is possibly the most important room in your home. It's where everybody gathers at the end of the day. You relax there. You celebrate there. You simply spend time together there. That's why your furniture is so important in your living room. It's the place where you relax, so you need furniture that's comfortable and soothing to come home to at the end of a long day. As well as this, you need it to be pleasing to the eye, as you see so much of it. Finally, but most importantly, it needs to be functional. Furniture that can do all three is vital in your home. Here at Badcocks FL, we know this so we strive for all our furniture to hit all three marks. Our living room furniture Fort Lauderdale is designed with this in mind, so when you come in you'll find just what you were looking for.

Remodel Or Addition?

So if you're looking for furniture for your living room, you need to think about what you're hoping to achieve. Are you remodeling a room, or are you adding or replacing furniture?
  • Remodel: You could be remodeling for several reasons. Maybe you're moving into your first home, and need to buy everything that your new living room will need. Maybe you're redecorating, and you want to get furniture that will match your new vision.
  • Either way, think about what you need from your furniture. Is style important to you? Do you need it to be super comfortable? Does everything need to match exactly, or do you like some mismatch to your furnishings? Also, you'll need to think about what styles you like. Do you tend to go for a more modern or traditional style when it comes to your furnishings?
  • Adding or replacing: If you're changing out one or two pieces, think about why you're doing it. Has the piece become broken or difficult to use? Was it just old and needed to go? Maybe it had just simply gone out of style. If so, this should inform your new choice for your living room.

What Materials Match Your Decor?

You'll already have existing decor to work with, so you need to think about how your new pieces of furniture will fit in with what you already have. If you look on, you'll see that we stock all kinds of materials, including:

* Metal
* Wood
* Acrylic
* Fabric
* Glass
* Leatherette
* Marble
* Stone
* Vinyl

As you can see, there's a huge choice. Depending on what you're buying, you can pick materials to blend in with what you already own, or to stand out in contrast with them. For example, if you need a new end table you could buy a wood one, to match all the other wooden furniture in your living room. You could also buy a marble topped table to stand out and create a focal point for the room. The choice is yours.

What Does Your Furniture Need To Do?

The next thing to ask yourself is 'what do I need this furniture to do?' With a lot of pieces, it's obvious. The bookcase is to hold all your favorite books. The entertainment center is to house your TV and entertainment equipment. However, some items need to be more specific. Take your sofa, for example. Do people stay over often? Then you may need a sofa that converts into a guest bed. Your consoles and cabinets may need to have doors on them, to stop small children reaching items they shouldn't be touching. Everyone's needs are different, so what your living room furniture needs will be unique to you.

The Living Room Essentials

Ok, now that you've done some planning and thought about your personal living room needs, it's time to shop. Here are some of the most popular items we sell here, and what you need to consider when picking yours.
  • Sofas: The heart of every living room is the sofa. There's a huge amount of choice when it comes to them, so you can let your imagination run riot. Get something in a bold print to make a statement, or get a leatherette one for a classic touch.
  • Entertainment centers: For those who take entertainment seriously, this is essential. You need room for your TV, gaming consoles, stereo, and all of your DVDs and games. The right entertainment center is roomy enough without taking over the whole room.
  • Occasional and end tables: These are often forgotten, but they're essential in any living room. After all, you need somewhere to put your drink or the station for the remote controls! You can use them as a decorative feature too if you pair them with a pretty plant or ornament.
Learn more about furnishings by visiting our site and checking out what we have. There's plenty on offer that you will love.
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