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Quick Ideas for Extra Seating in your Home

Responsive imageBadcock & More of South Florida is your premier furniture store in Fort Lauderdale. From sofas and kid’s furniture to bedroom and dining sets, we have it all at Badcock. In fact, we offer a great selection of seats and chairs for any new or existing home. This includes Lazyboy recliners, rockers, and full or sectional sofas. From leather and upholstery to wood, our sets are designed for optimal comfort and longevity. We also showcase the latest in bar stools, geometric chairs, and ergonomically-designed seats for homes that need extra seating. When it comes to home décor in Fort Lauderdale, we will truly meet all your needs within time and budget.

Extra Seating Ideas for the House

Extra seating for the house is always a great idea. After all, you will have guests and loved ones over – so why not accommodate them in a comfortable manner? Here are some wonderful ideas to consider when it comes to securing extra seating in your home.

Cushion Count

One of the best ways to ensure extra seating is avoiding cushion cracks. In fact, you can choose a sofa with a bench cushion, which is essentially one big cushion that comfortably seats more people. This includes Sofia, Bradley and Dakota brands, along with Georgetown sofas. With a giant cushion, you get more seating and more worries about cushion cracks or pop-ups on the side.

Ottomans for Extra Seating

Ottomans are usually designed to put your feet up and relax. From leather to upholstery, these essentials truly add a touch of class to any sofa set. However, they can also be used as coffee tables (with trays of course), as well as extra seats! Simply place the Ottomans on the sides of your couch and you have extra seats for all your guests and family members.

Fireplace Seats

When it comes to sofas in Fort Lauderdale, never do you hear about fireplace seats. After all, who wants to sit next to a fireplace unless it is brutally cold or frigid outside? However, seat height chairs are great for extra seating when company comes over. At Badcock, we offer a full range of chairs and seats – from top brands and styles – for your convenience.

Remove Throw Pillows

Throw pillows are comfortable but can take up essential space. Why not put these items away to free up space on sofas, couches, and even Lazyboy recliners or love seats? At Badcock, we offer a myriad of contemporary and traditional throw pillows for all types of sectional and full sofa sets.

Floor Cushions

Floor cushions are comfortable and perfect for lounging around. However, these are not ideal for the company – especially large crowds in your home for the holidays. Still, you can use these items for the kids in your house, while the adults can sit on the sofas, fold-up chairs, or other seating that you have for them.

Use Occasional or Dining Room Chairs

If you need extra seating, how about your lavish and elegant dining room chairs? We offer several styles that will match your existing dining and living room décor. You can easily place these items across your living room, as well as next to the walls to secure ample leg room. Another great idea is to use your occasional chairs – that may be found in your formal living rooms. These two work great to comfortably facilitate large crowds for birthdays, anniversaries, holidays or other social gatherings in your abode.

Garden Seats

Garden seats are not just for outside patios and decks. These exquisite chairs feature wood and metallic components, along with comfortable cushioning and upholstery. Why not bring these in to get the additional seating you require for the family get-togethers and socials?

Slipper Chairs

Slipper chairs are perfect for tight spaces in your living room. This is because they can be tucked in practically anywhere! We feature these – and more – seating styles at our extensive online store. You can also visit our showroom gallery to see how chairs can be used to maximize space and get you the room and freedom you need.
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