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Four Tips For Refinishing Wood Furniture

Responsive imageEveryone has a piece of wood furniture in their home that's seen better days. The finish looks worn out, there are parts missing, or it's just looking old and tired. No matter what it is, you can refinish it yourself and get your furniture back into action. Here are 4 tips for refinishing your wood furniture that will make the process easy and effective.

1. Clean It Up

Before you do anything, give that piece of furniture a good cleaning. You'd be amazed at how much good a deep clean will do for your old coffee table or armoire. The first thing to do will be to mix up a simple solution of soapy water. Dish soap and warm water is perfect for this, so mix it up in the same proportions you'd use for your dishes. Then, get a sponge and gently clean off all the surfaces of this piece of furniture. Sometimes, a good cleaning is all it needs, especially if it's been sat in storage or in a dusty attic. To get into any nooks and crannies, a good paintbrush is just the thing.

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2. Remove White Rings

When you get white rings on your furniture, it feels as though the finish is ruined for good. In fact, many people go to furniture stores South Florida and buy all new furniture if they feel the finish has taken enough of a battering. However, it is possible to remove those white rings, and it's an easy job too. Simply take some petroleum jelly, apply it liberally to the mark, and let it sit overnight. It should penetrate the finish and visibly remove the mark. If you find this doesn't work, the next best step is to buy a dedicated white ring removal product. Read reviews before you buy, to ensure you're getting a good quality product.

3. Scrape Off Spattered Paint

Old paint marks are common on older pieces of furniture or anything that was in the way when you were painting the room! It's easier than you'd think to get it off though, without having to totally strip the finish. All you need is a straight razor and some masking tape. Apply the masking tape to the ends of the razor, and then bend it slightly so it curves. The masking tape will keep the razor from touching the wood itself, only scraping off the paint. Curving the blade will give you more control over it too. It's a very simple fix, but it works well.

4. Fill In Any Missing Wood

Anyone who's into home decor South Florida will know how irritating it is if your table gets chipped, or a chunk gets taken out of it. It looks bad, but it's wood and it can be fixed. The secret is in buying wood filler epoxy. This inexpensive epoxy looks and acts like putty, which you can mold and shape to fit the section that's missing in your furniture. when it dries and hardens, it'll look and act just like wood. To make it fit in well, the best thing to do is to apply the putty, and then re-stain or finish the furniture to make it blend in with the real wood. It takes a little work, but it will look perfect once it's done. If you're going to attempt any refinishing on your furniture, it's best to test any products or techniques on an inconspicuous area first.

If the product doesn't work well or creates more problems, you won't be giving yourself more work! As well as this, it's always worth talking to an expert if you're not sure. It's also worth considering buying higher quality furniture the next time you go furniture shopping. If you buy good quality wood, it's less likely to crack or peel under everyday use. This means you'll spend less time refinishing it and more time enjoying it as intended.

These four tips should help you fix the most common issues with older wooden furniture pieces. Take good care of your furniture, and it should last you for years to come. If you're looking for new wooden furniture, check out the high-quality pieces we have available in store, today.
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