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How to Make your Guest Room More Welcoming

Responsive imageWhether you have guests for Christmas, to spend a few days over summer break, or any other time of the year, having a comfortable room ready for welcoming them is important. Obviously, you want to make sure that your guests feel comfortable and well-taken-care-of when they are in your home. Any type of space outfitted with the most basic of things can work as a guest room, as long as you show your love and are happy to open up your home for them. But providing a well-thought-out space where your guests have all that they need, will make them feel even more special and make your bond stronger. You need not to feel overwhelmed at the thought of setting up a welcoming guest room. Even if you have no decorating experience and a very limited budget, you can still successfully create a wonderful guest room. Here are some useful tips.

Make it clean and comfy

While you do not need to break the bank and get the most expensive furniture and décor, keeping the guest room spotless and comfortable is sure to make your guests happy. Make sure the room is vacuumed, dusted, and aired so that it feels and smells inviting. Nobody wants to be in a musty-smelling untidy room. As for the furniture, you can have a comfortable bed with fresh bed linens, an ottoman at the foot of the bed to store additional pillows and blankets, comfortable chairs to sit, a desk if there are space and a nightstand. Depending on the size of the room, you can choose to provide a bed and a chair or two at the very least. For buying all these items, you can visit Badcock Home Furniture & More where you will find the best quality and affordably priced furniture and home decor West Palm Beach has to offer.

Good lighting

Along with a comfortable place to rest, you also want to make sure your guest room is properly lighted. If the room is so located that it gets plenty of sunlight during the day, then it would be great for your guests to enjoy the natural light during the daytime. For the nighttime, or if your guests prefer indoor lighting, make sure to have a lamp and/or functioning ceiling lights, a lighted alarm clock, lighted make-up mirror, a desk lamp, and a light control near the bed so your guests do not have to stumble around in the dark. While you do not absolutely need all these lighting options, go with what makes sense with the room, your guests’ needs, and works with your budget.

Plenty of storage

Have you thought about where your guests would place their luggage and keep their personal belongings while they stay with you? Have some closet space for hanging clothes, an extra chest of drawers if possible, and maybe a luggage rack. Again, think about what items work best for you and your guests. And remember to visit us at Badcock Home Furniture & More, the leading furniture store West Palm Beach has.

Provide privacy

Provide window coverings or blinds that offer privacy and also add to the character of the room. Provide a set of keys to your home if needed and also instructions for the security system if you have one.

Add special, welcoming touches

Small touches here and there may not take a lot of effort, time, or money, but can make a huge difference in how welcome your guests feel. You could place a small pillow on the bed with a sweet welcoming message, print and frame your Wi-Fi information so your guests can have super easy access without asking, have a gallery wall of family pictures, add a tray of fresh flowers and a scented candle to instantly freshen up the room, and place a tray of small wrapped snacks/candies/chocolates for nibbling anytime your guest want. These and other such small thoughtful gestures would be much appreciated by your guests. At Badcock Home Furniture & More, not only do we carry the latest bedroom furniture West Palm Beach has, but also home accents, appliances, electronics, and more. So visit us today in West Palm Beach to easily set up a guest room today!
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