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Three Signs It's Time for New Furniture
Responsive imageIf your furniture pieces are outdated and are showing signs of deterioration, perhaps it's time to let them go. Remember, your home is an important place where you spend time with family besides entertaining visitors and friends. Therefore, it requires high-quality furniture from our furniture store West Palm Beach. However, replacing furniture sometimes isn't easy because we've grown accustomed and might be skeptical of change. Bear in mind that furniture isn't something you purchase randomly. Rather, it must be a well-thought-out decision to avoid any regrets. Fortunately, our store also gives you the opportunity to select the appropriate home décor West Palm Beach. If you're still unsure whether it's time to invest in new furniture, this list will give you a clue.

They are Beginning to Break Down

The most obvious indication that you need to replace your existing furniture is if they're beginning to crumble, peel off, and rot. If your wood, teak, or wicker chair is beginning to break down, you must act immediately by acquiring new ones. When sitting down on a couch, you shouldn't hear it crack or creak and you certainly shouldn't have concerns about it breaking. However, if the sofa is on its last leg, these things may occur when sitting down. Perhaps it's possible to fix a certain piece of furniture, but if it's beyond repair, the only solution is a new couch. Obviously, you want to avoid furniture pieces that seem like they were abused over time. Besides being an eyesore, they can be hazardous to use too. Beware that you may end up sustaining injuries from old and wobbly furniture pieces like tables and chairs. For this reason, you should consider our sofas West Palm Beach where you'll find highly functional pieces that will meet your home's immediate needs. Moreover, our broad selection comprises rustic and contemporary pieces, giving you the freedom of choice when it comes to furniture.

Change in Tastes

As individuals, we change and so does our style. If you find that your furniture no longer reflects your style or taste, perhaps it's time you invested in new pieces that represent your personality. A time comes when we realize that the furniture items we bought as young professionals are no longer functional and attractive when we became established and mature professionals. In other cases, you might have some extra cash and wish to upgrade your living room. If you find yourself sizing up other couches when visiting friends and family, perhaps it's time you indulged yourself and picked the beautiful sofa you've dreamt of having. In the event that you decide to work in your living room, our store won't disappoint you, and most importantly, you won't need to travel to various stores to meet your needs. We have everything you need under one roof, so begin shopping and you'll have your space outfitted perfectly in a short time.

Torn Upholstery and You Sinking into the Furniture

You can't repair most rips in upholstery without it being noticeable. Furthermore, the more you sit and lay on the couch, the more the fabric stretches. This implies that a tiny rip could grow into a large one fast even if you use a cover to conceal it. Remember, the filing of a ripped couch can come out or be exposed to elements that can hasten the breakdown. Aside from normal wear, damage to the fabric can occur because of spills and other accidents. Although you may patch some tiny rips and tears occasionally, if you're constantly repairing your sofa, it's time you replaced it with a new one. Another apparent sign that it's time for furniture replacement is when you find yourself sinking into the couch when sitting down. Good furniture will feel comfortable when you sit on it. However, the furniture's structure can begin falling apart after years of use. Consequently, you'll find yourself sinking into it whenever you sit. You may even feel the springs situated beneath the cushions. Remember, the couch should have sufficient padding to support your weight when you sit. Therefore, if the cushions become flat and can no longer support your weight, it's time to consider a new set. Aside from the additional effort required to get off the couch, such furniture isn't good for the posture. Therefore, if you wish to avoid injury, it's sensible to purchase new furniture when it no longer offers firm support.
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A Quick Guide to Furnishing Your Sunroom
Responsive imageSunrooms are large rooms designed to let sunlight in and to offer a stunning view of the surrounding landscape outside. These rooms are a popular choice for receiving company since they offer all the comforts of enjoying good weather and nature while offering protection from adverse conditions that may be going on outside. The furniture store in Fort Lauderdale offers a variety of options to start outfitting your sunroom so it’s truly a place where you can go to relax during the day.

Furniture to Match the Seasons Year Round

The furniture store in Fort Lauderdale has countless options to get the kind of style you’re aiming for when it comes to your new sunroom. The type of furniture we recommend are pieces that will match the seasons year round. Whether it’s winter time or the middle of the summer, you’ll want to be comfortable inside while enjoying the outdoors from the comfort of your home. The loveseat is one of the first pieces of furniture we highly recommend investing in for your sunroom. The size of sunrooms vary from household to household, but usually, they’re presented as a place in the home of being one of relaxation. It’s an intimate space where people can feel closer together and gather to talk or reflect on the day’s events when the weather outside is pleasant.

loveseat offers the close, intimate space of carrying on a private discussion in a quiet room even if other people are present. Typically small, they’re ideal for helping to utilize space already available and helping a room to feel cozy without taking up too much space. Another piece of furniture that is an excellent match is a coffee table that is perfect for offering extra surface space. Most people forget the coffee table is more than just a fancy piece of furniture to have in the home. The extra surface space is ideal for people who prefer to have their coffee out in their sunroom in the morning when the birds are chirping and the sun is just rising. The table is a great way to increase surface space in the sunroom so guests have a place to set down their breakfast, a book, a cup of coffee, or tea during their visit.

Keeping it Comfortable

The other thought to keep in mind when shopping around for home decor in Fort Lauderdale is to keep it comfortable in the sunroom. People often make the mistake of trying to fill in space as much as possible instead of utilizing the strengths the room already has to its advantages. Sunrooms are built with the sole purpose of letting sunlight in, so going with a style that keeps up the light and airy atmosphere of the room is the recommended option. This means going with decor and furniture that doesn’t clutter the room and leaves a clear view of the windows. The decor of the sunroom should match the purpose of the room too with just a few light adjustments to highlight its strengths. Going with decor that replicates nature like fake plants, pictures of various seasons, and other nature-themed decorations help to create a space where people feel at ease the moment they walk in through the door.

It’s a relaxing atmosphere people can enjoy without feeling stressed out and still enjoy nature on the other side of the window even when it’s raining or snowing outside. Sunrooms are absolutely gorgeous and are often one of the most favorite places in a household for people to go and relax. Constructing a sunroom to match the needs of the household can be challenging, but by going with the strengths the room already has it opens up an opportunity to go with a truly unique design. This way people are able to enjoy their sunroom while also appreciating the natural beauty of the outdoors.
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Plan a New Living Room Furniture Spread for the New Year
Responsive imageNew year, new you. The start of a new year is a great excuse to finally get that new living room furniture in South Florida that you’ve been dreaming of. Planning a new living room spread is fun and easy when you know where to shop. With a huge selection of classic and style forward furniture pieces, we can guarantee you that we have the furniture that matches your dream living room. Here’s how to plan out the perfect new living room you’ve always wanted with furniture from us!

Pick a Theme

Picking out new furniture is fun until you realize that nothing you picked out really goes together. Unless your style is on the eclectic side, then you’re probably going to want to pick a theme for your new living room. A theme can start with a color, a fabric style choice, or even a single piece of furniture. Whatever the theme is that you pick, make sure that it’s something that expresses your personal style and matches your lifestyle. It doesn’t make a lot of sense to pick out white furniture or an all-white theme when you have pets or small children. Comb through design magazines, walk through furniture stores in South Florida, or surf the Internet to help you narrow down what type of theme you want.

Pick a Statement Piece

Everyone has that “one piece” of furniture in their house. You know what we’re talking about. It could be a sofa, a chest of drawers, a bookcase, or a server. This piece immediately draws anyone’s attention when they first enter the room. For a living room, we suggest picking an inviting seating arrangement. We love sofa sectionals because they allow friends and family to relax comfortably in the same seating area. We also love accent chairs which allow you to express your personal style and flare a little bit more. Statement pieces are usually placed in areas of the living room like a corner to open the room up or in the center of the room to give a more intimate feeling. Wherever you put this statement piece just make sure that it’s never in the way of the flow of traffic in the room. Each room has its own traffic flow and that flow is unique to each individual home.


After you pick out the main pieces, it’s time to get fun and creative with accent décor. We love accent rugs because they can add a pop of color or pattern to an otherwise plain room. However, rugs don’t take away from the statement furniture pieces either. Unique lighting fixtures like modern or classic lamps are where style and functionality merge perfectly. Light up the room and show off your unique sense of style with one of our many classics, modern, or trend forward lamps. We also love Wall art and wall canvas art. Whether you’re into modern art, abstract art, or reproductions of classic paintings, we have the pieces your living room just can't exist without. If you’re working with a smaller living room, mirrors help to give the illusion of a larger room. Hang mirrors on the walls instead of using floor mirrors to maximize floor space and to avoid disrupting the flow of traffic in the room. You know they say a broken mirror adds seven years of bad luck. Mirrors look best over mantles or on the walls that are behind sofas.

It’s a Great Time to Buy

A new year is a perfect time to shed what is old and start anew. Our furniture stores in South Florida can help you and your family do just that. If you’ve been feeling like you need a change of scenery come on in and explore our wide selection of furniture and home décor. We offer tons of different styles, patterns, textiles, and colors to match anyone’s style and lifestyle. Don’t go into the new year wishing for something different in your life; make the changes you need starting in your own home. You deserve to live in a home that’s just as unique and interesting as you are.
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