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How Stain and Wood Type Affect your Furniture Color
Responsive imageMost home furniture stores in West Palm Beach offer a wide selection of stain and wood types. If you’re not familiar with the different types of stains and wood, you probably only know the difference by lightness and darkness. But stains and wood type can have a real impact on the durability and aesthetic of your home décor in West Palm Beach. While in some rooms pine furniture might work, for another room you might want to go with a solid oak. For kids furniture in West Palm Beach you might want light colored furniture but for your bedroom, you might want darker colored furniture. So just how does wood and stain type affect your furniture color?

Hardwood vs Softwood

The major difference between hardwoods and softwoods is botanical. Hardwoods are made from flowering trees and softwoods are made from conifers. Hardwoods are typically found in higher priced wooden furniture, decking, flooring, and construction materials. However, most timber comes from softwoods. You’ll find that most window frames and other building components are made from softwoods.

Veneer, Combination, or Solid

Did you know that not all hardwood furniture is solid? Some furniture stores, in order to make the furniture less expensive, will use a hardwood veneer over a composite board. Veneer furniture does look beautiful but it’s not built to last. Any scratches in the veneer cannot be buffed out. Some furniture is made from a combination of different woods, so that your hardwood furniture may not be all one type of wood. Finally, another technique used is using hardwood on the surface while using softwood on interior surfaces. It’s important to look at all aspects of the wooden furniture.

Different Colored Stains

* Cherry Stains

Cherry wood darkens and warms slightly with age. So, keep this in mind when choosing a stain color to match the furniture in your room. Cherry stains come in a variety of colors from lighter harvest color to a much darker briar. Darker wood stains will look even darker with age on cherry wood.

Black Walnut Stains

Black walnut stains, like other darker stains, helps to bring out the beautiful natural grain. You can add this reddish, vintage look to furniture with a darker stain. Natural walnut furniture will have this reddish, vintage look.

White Oak Stains

White oak stain is a lovely lightly colored wood. This stain looks best in rooms that you want to keep the mood light and airy. It also looks great in children’s bedrooms. White oak has large pores in the early-wood and will soak up a lot of the stain much faster. You can also choose a white oak stain in a darker color like golden brown or burnt umber.

How to Mix Different Wood Stains in the Same Room

Contrast Furniture and Flooring

Break up the monotony of color by pairing light furniture with flooring that has a darker stain or vice versa. Matching is cool but sometimes, especially when using just one color, it can make a room seem different. For example, lots of dark wood and dark floors in a room may make a room seem too small.

Create Balance

If you’re set on using dark stained furniture, pick the furniture fabric in a lighter color. This will help balance out the dark staining. It will allow the lighter fabric color to have a greater contrast effect and create an airy, relaxed feel.

Pick a Dominate Wood Stain

Not big into mixing and matching? Pick one stain that you love and run with it! Of course, use fabrics, accessories, lighting, and mirrors to balance out the darkness. Especially for rooms like the living room or sitting room where you want people to feel relaxed and not oppressed. Badcock’s Furniture store in West Palm Beach can help you pick the perfect living room furniture in West Palm Beach. With a wide selection of styles, colors, fabrics, and a team full of helpful individuals, shopping for your home has never been easier. Find your favorite styles and some trend-forward pieces all in one place. Whether you’re shopping for a new home or redecorating your current home, we have it all. Shop online or in store.
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Hardwood or Softwood: Which is Best for Your Living Room?
Responsive imageAlthough the descriptions "softwood" and "hardwood" imply malleability or strength, the phrases refer to trees. Hardwoods are trees that lose their leaves during winter while softwoods are evergreen trees or conifers that maintain their leaves throughout the year. When referring to softwood or hardwood, the descriptive phrase describes the durability, density, and flexibility of the wood. While it's easier to work with softwood during the initial stages of sanding and cutting, it's easier to work with hardwood during the project's finishing stages.

The material for making furniture is vital in making sure it fits in your home décor and is long lasting. Different kinds of wood for furniture exist, each with their benefits, drawbacks, price, and aesthetic. Fortunately, our furniture stores in Fort Lauderdale have a wide range of furniture that meets your needs. If you're wondering which wood suits your living room, consider our high-quality living room furniture in Fort Lauderdale. Here's how to decide between hardwood and softwood.

White Ash

This is one of the most popular wood types for furniture due to its bending capacity. The wood is very flexible, making it very long lasting and durable where there's heavy use like wood arm or dining room chairs. It's a good kind of furniture that has to sustain its hardness, elasticity, and strength with heavy use. For this reason, it's frequently used for cabinetry and flooring as well. Its light color makes it popular if you're seeking an airy, light, and open aesthetic. Moreover, it's excellent for furniture for living rooms, cottages, bedrooms and any space you wish to appear bigger.


The wood is comparatively malleable; therefore, it's easy to bend, work with, and shape. It resembles ash in that it's frequently used for curved furniture due to its strength and flexibility. You'll also discover it's shock-absorbing, making it excellent for furniture that features heavy daily use or has to handle considerable pressure over time. It's also ideal for furniture that has to stand the test of time. The wood is also non-porous, so it has a strong surface and can facilitate heavy use indoors and as outdoor furniture. The benefits of Beech include:


Unlike artificial materials, beech wood will frequently age gracefully. With the appropriate maintenance, this wood can look lovely for numerous years, offering a natural and organic style for outdoor and indoor space. This is particularly true if the materials and style of your furniture help offer a dated look.


Some experts refer to this wood as "hard-wearing." This implies that Beech-made items can take considerable pressure over time. Furthermore, its hard surfaces will resist chipping and gouging better than other woods.


The wood is known for its stability, strength, and durability. It's great for dining chairs and tables because it's very strong. It ranges in color from chocolate brown with purplish or dark streaks to yellow depending on its origin. Walnut is durable and long lasting though it can be slightly more expensive.


The option is popular for pieces throughout homes, including the dining room, living room, and bedroom. The hardwood is prominent in the United States. Actually, it's the most abundant grown hardwood in the United States. The wood is extremely versatile when it comes to producing furniture and it's frequently linked to conventional furniture styles although it fits into a contemporary aesthetic as well. Oak works for virtually any furniture style, from modern to traditional. It comes in various natural colors, from light to dark.

The Benefits of Oak Include:


Oak is extremely hard, making it long-lasting and resilient. Therefore, oak-made pieces have a less likelihood of showing signs of damage or wear. This is a huge advantage for active families, especially for pieces that are constantly used, for instance, dining room sets.


Oak works for virtually any furniture application. Although the hardness makes it somewhat more difficult to work with compared to softer woods, it can withstand use in tables, seating, and even beds. You can select oak pieces from home décor Fort Lauderdale to produce a coordinated look for each room.

Timeless design

Using oak isn't a new concept and the trend won't change. That implies that selecting a piece of oak furniture will give you a timeless look. You're probably ready for new living room furniture but can't seem to decide between hard and softwood. This dilemma is common among furniture shoppers. Fortunately, our store offers a wide range of furniture for dining rooms in Fort Lauderdale.
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The Top Three Types of Wood Used in Quality Furniture
Responsive imageBuying new furniture is an exciting moment in your life. It’s a chance to let your styling sense and creative juices flow together to create an opportunity for you to create a welcoming home of your dreams. Whether you’re buying living room furniture in South Florida or just need to add some extra home décor in South Florida, you can find it all here at Badcock’s Furniture. Before you immediately jump in and start buying the latest furniture for your home, be sure to ask yourself this question!

What are the three types of wood used in quality furniture? You’ll be glad you did! You have a lot of options when it comes to shopping especially when it comes to wood for furniture. Furniture is made using many different types of wood, each of which exhibits a set of unique characteristics that make it better suited to a certain use than another. Wood furniture adds a degree of warmth and beauty that brings to our everyday décor. Identifying quality wood furniture can be difficult these days. Many pieces look great in the store or online catalog, only to prove flimsy once you get them home and start to use them. Here’s what to look for, and top-quality wood types, when shopping for your next piece of wood furniture.

Hardwood Furniture Types of Wood

Shopping for quality wood furniture can sometimes be a daunting task. Sometimes we don’t know exactly what to look for when we’re shopping. Hardwood used for making quality furniture can make the furniture last longer and more resistant to dings and scratches.


Walnut is a straight-grained hardwood that ranges from chocolate brown (when it’s from the center of the tree) to yellow (from the outer portion of the tree). Walnut is a customer favorite pick for headboards, ornate antique-style dining tables, and mantels. Walnut is a very strong and stable wood that can take intricate carving and the color of the wood is known for its remarkable beauty.


Cherry is a hardwood with a fine, straight grain that ranges from reddish brown to blond. It's often used for carved chairs but can be used for cabinets. Cherry is easily shaped, unstained, it has a rich beautiful color. The wood can quite expensive however sometimes the color of the wood can darken with age.


Oak is a hardwood that tends to be very grainy. There are two varieties: red oak, which ranges from light brown to pinkish red with a swirling, water like the pattern, and white oak, which has a tiger-stripe grain with yellow rays and flecks. Oak is often used in pieces made in the Arts and Crafts. Oak is very durable and often cut in a way that makes it resistant to warping.

Softwood Furniture Types of Wood

Softwood comes from faster-growing trees and the wood is less dense. Some common softwoods are pine, fir, and popular. Since these trees grow faster, furniture made using their wood tends to be less expensive than pieces made from hardwood.


If you’re looking for an inexpensive wood for your furniture shopping, pine is more affordable wood for shopping. It’s lightweight wood that can be yellowish or whitish with brown knots. Pine is often used for rustic pieces like farmhouse-style tables. Pine is great for kids’ furniture because it develops a nice, rustic patina from age and use, and it resists shrinking and swelling.

Pine is a soft, lightweight wood that is very popular for furniture making. It’s readily available, inexpensive, and easy to work with, so it has become one of the basic woods of modern furniture. Pinewood varies from creamy white to yellow-brown in color, with occasional dark brown knots and streaks. Knotty pine is often used for decorative effect. Pine has been widely used in America ever since the early 17th century.

Nowadays, pine is commonly used for provincial furniture and rustic pieces, like farmhouse-style tables. Besides, it is the primary wood used for unfinished furniture. Pinewood is soft and prone to denting and scratching. It resists shrinking and swelling, but it is much less durable than hardwoods and, therefore, not suitable for furniture that sees a lot of use.


Cedar is a knotty softwood with a beautiful grain. It is red-brown in color with lighter streaks and knots. Cedar has a distinctive scent which deters moths and insects, so it has become a very popular choice for chests and wardrobes. Simple cases, boxes, and storage closets are also constructed from this light, brittle wood. Cedar furniture should be left unfinished on the inside (so that the owner can take advantage of the insect-repelling properties) and treated with a clear finish on the outside. Cedar is naturally weather resistant and great for outdoor projects. It is moderately expensive.


Poplar is a moderately soft hardwood, used in inexpensive furniture and in combination with more expensive woods. The wood is brownish yellow, with a distinctive green tinge; the grain is subdued. Poplar is close-grained wood. It stains very well. Poplar is relatively light and is easy to work with hand tools. It is inexpensive. Every single choice you make for your home décor somehow reflects your own personality and artistic visions. After all, it is the specific type of flooring, lighting, furniture, area rugs and decorations that give your home its distinctive character and special feeling of warmth and coziness.

When it comes to the best furniture for your place, you can choose from a great variety of excellent options that will allow you to express your individuality and style. If you opt for best quality wooden furniture – the furniture of choice for the majority of people around the world – it will be the specific type of wood you select that will define the character of your home décor. The different types of wood add different degrees of warmth, emphasis, and beauty to the surroundings, depending on the specific hardness, grain, and color of the wood. All the different types of wood for furniture can be classified as either hardwoods (which come from leaf-bearing trees) or softwoods (which come from conifers).
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