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Showstopper Dining Rooms for a West Palm Beach Residence
Responsive imageShowstopper dining rooms for a West Palm Beach residence are an investment that will last years from the date of purchase. These are perfect for new families just beginning their lives to seasoned couples looking to add je ne sais quoi to their residence. These recommended West Palm Beach dining rooms include the following:

* Westchester 7 PC Arm Chair Dining Room
* Chateau 5 PC Dining Room
* Daria Espresso 5 PC Counter Height Dinette
* Dundee Place Server and Hutch

These immaculate dining room sets have strong ratings from previous customers who have styled their residence with these sets.

The Best West Palm Beach Dining Rooms

The Westchester 7 PC Arm Chair Dining Room provides a beautiful reflection of the owner of the West Palm Beach dining room set, one of excellent taste and simplicity in the home. The collection piece offers a formal setting that has grand traditional styling, along with veneer patterned surfaces and beautiful carvings. This West Palm Beach dining room set is designed to the last detail, having sophisticated decorative ornaments, which include reeding vase turned legs, shell and scroll carvings, beaded moldings, oval overlay frames, plus deep ogee curves. The juxtaposition of each of these impressive details is rare, making this one of the best dining room sets in the industry.

The dining room table is purely unique having double 18-inch leaves, displaying reverse diamond patterned veneer tops and serpentine shaped top corners. The seats that accompany the table have handsome arm and side chairs that are designed for the best dining experience. The shoulders are smoothly rounded with carved tops, decorative vase turned legs and an oval center back that is opened. The cushions on the seats are upholstered in dark brown with welt trim. All in all, the seven-piece dining room set includes a dining room table, four side chairs and two armchairs. The Westchester 7 PC Arm Chair Dining Room is on a 15 percent discount from the original price — listed for $988.

The Chateau 5 PC Dining Room is a second recommended West Palm Beach dining room set that is a pure showstopper on visiting guest and family. This piece is a perfect combination of traditional appeal and superb craftsmanship, impressing for years from the date of purchase. This is a lengthy table that extends to 96-inches, along with two 15-inch leaves. One of the reasons previous customers have raved about this showstopper dining room for a West Palm Beach residence is that it is crafted from aspen veneers and sturdy MDF, along with having a cherry finish that is all eye-candy and warmth.

The chairs are two-toned, finished with wood stain with tan fabric upholstery backs and seats. The pieces are crafted from solid wood, which gives the dining room set an impressive appearance. In addition, the pieces have wood veneers, plus sophisticated diamond patterned fabric upholstery. This juxtaposition highlights the fine carvings that pay excellent attention to detail and the rich antique look and feel. The five-piece dining room set includes a dining table and four side chairs. As of the publication of this article, the Chateau 5 PC Dining Room is listed for $898 — a discount of nearly 25 percent from the original price.

A third excellent addition to the residence is the Daria Espresso 5 PC Counter Height Dinette. The Daria Espresso 5 PC Counter Height Dinette is a simple addition, having transitional styling and clean lines. This is a perfect West Palm Beach dining room set for a variety of residences, capable of fitting in with a couple of different and unique styles. The table has a gorgeous espresso finish, having a starburst veneer along the tabletop, adding tremendous appeal. The Daria Espresso 5 PC Counter Height Dinette has an elegantly curved table base, featuring deep drove detailing that showcases impressive attention to detail.

The chairs have grooved shaped backs that are an excellent combination of fashionable craftsmanship and comfort for the sitting persons. These chairs are upholstered in a simple to clean faux leather. Being so easy to clean makes this West Palm Beach dining room a  tremendous investment for years from the date of acquisition. The five-piece dinette includes a pub table and four pub chairs. The Daria Espresso 5 PC Counter Height Dinette is listed for $698, which is a discount of over $100 from the original price.

Finally, consider the Dundee Place Server and Hutch — a perfect piece in the dining room. This selection showcases good taste when visitors come to the residence. The dining room set has a clean appearance that is both sleek and elegant — a combination that is difficult to match. The Dundee Place Server and Hutch have an attractive china base, which consists of five drawers that have felt lining in the top drawers, plus two sturdy glass doors with interior glass shelving. At a first impression, visitors will be impressed with how clean and functional the base is. It reliably stores plates and other miscellaneous items. Each of the drawers has is side-mounted, having efficient ball bearing drawer guides.

The glass-faced is impressive, having interior glass shelves, along with LED lighting that adds an attractive and easy-to-see glow to the dining room. The glow illuminates the items, showcasing them in the best lights, plus clear sight to see the items held within. This helps prevent the owners from making mistakes that can include breaking the important items due to poor lighting. The Dundee Place Server and Hutch are currently listed for an over 10 percent discount from the original, listed for $888.

Purchase the Best West Palm Beach Dining Room Sets for an Impressive Appearance in the Residence

In conclusion, this article highlighted four excellent additions to the dining room. These are inexpensively priced, while still portraying pure elegance. For more information, we recommend reaching out to one of our skilled customer service representatives. To speak with a member of our team at our West Palm Beach location on Cherry Road, please call (561) 684-1604.
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Prepare For A New Addition To Your Family With Kids Furniture In West Palm Beach
Responsive imageCongratulations on the new addition to your family! You must be delighted that there's more love to share around in your family now. With a new family member comes a new bedroom to outfit, and all new furniture to buy. Not sure where to start? Don't worry. Here's everything you need to know.

Buy Furniture That Will Last

Possibly the most important thing you should consider when buying children's bedroom furniture is the durability of it. There's a lot of furniture out there that's designed for kids, but it's not going to hold up over the years. Drawers will break apart, hinges will rust, and the materials used just aren't up to the job. You should also remember that kids are hard on furniture. If you don't know that now, you'll find out soon enough when they're whacking their sippy cup on the dining room table! That's why you need furniture that's solid, made well, and built to last. Here are a few things to look for when you're shopping:
  • Solid wood: Lots of cheap furniture is made from composite woods, or cheaper woods filled with other materials to bulk it out. These look good, but they can't stand up to heavy use. Solid wood is often best as it can last for decades.
  • Joints: Good quality furniture will have joints that are properly glued together. Some retailers staple or glue them together, making them a lot weaker.
  • Upholstery: Check out the tags on sofas and armchairs. They should have a foam density rating of 1.8 pounds or higher. This means that the foam will last longer, and be much more comfortable to use.

Pick A Theme That Will Grow With Your Child

There's lots of delightful children's furniture out there, and it's tempting to buy it all. Your child will love it, won't they? It's true that they may love it for a few years, but soon enough they'll grow out of the furniture you buy them. After all, they're not going to be into Disney Princesses or the Ninja Turtles forever. Eventually, you'll have to spend more money replacing all this furniture, so your children can have the grown-up room they now want. As lovely as a themed room will look, remember that this furniture needs to last your children for years to come. Instead of going with themed children's furniture, pick out pieces that can grow with them. You can still theme the bedroom with items such as throw rugs and bed sheets, but they're much cheaper to replace once your child grows out of them.

Items That Should Be On Your Wish List

Ok, so you know now that you're going to need furniture that will last, and grow with your child. What pieces of furniture should you actually buy? Here's a sample list to get you started. Everyone's needs are different, so take this list as a suggestion when you start furniture shopping. If you decide to buy any of the items off this list, they are all available in our furniture store West Palm Beach.
  • Crib: Of course, this is the first thing you will need. Later, this is a piece that you'll have to replace with a bed, but for now, a good, solid crib is what you'll need. If you're fitting out your first child's bedroom, remember that you can use a crib more than once. Buy a good quality one. That way, you can store it and use it again if you have any more children in the future.
  • Wardrobe and/or dresser: It's amazing how tiny babies are, yet they somehow accumulate an enormous amount of clothes. They're only tiny now, but you'll want a full-size wardrobe or dresser to store their clothes in. You'll fill it up before you know it, and you'll still be able to use it as the clothes get bigger.
  • Toybox: Toys get everywhere. No one's quite sure how it happens, but one minute you have a pristine home, and the next there's Barbies and Lego as far as the eye can see. A good toybox is something you need. Pick a large one, made of solid wood so it will hold together longer. Make sure it's simple of little hands to open too, so they can access their favorite toys.
  • Changing table: You won't need this for very long in the grand scheme of things, but it's a great thing to keep in the child's bedroom. It makes the job of changing them much easier, something you'll be glad of when you're changing a diaper at 3 am.
If you're looking for kids furniture West Palm Beach, here at Badcocks we have you covered. Come in and we'll help you find anything you need.
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Project Sophistication with Fort Lauderdale’s Best Bedroom Furniture
Responsive imageOur customers can project sophistication with Fort Lauderdale’s best bedroom furniture. The secret about these bedroom sets is that they are designed to the last detail. The project class by looking immaculate in the bedroom and this article will recommend four excellent options that include the following:

* Maylay 8 PC King Bedroom
* Jackson 7 PC King Bedroom
* Sugar Palm 5 PC King Bedroom
* Sophia 5 PC King Bedroom

These Fort Lauderdale bedroom furniture sets are the best part about returning home from work or a busy day taking care of errands.

Sophisticated Fort Lauderdale Bedroom Furniture That Everyone is Talking About

A first recommended bedroom furniture set for a Fort Lauderdale residence is the Maylay 8 PC King Bedroom. The Maylay has a relaxed, casual appearance that projects sophistication on first and subsequent appearances. The Fort Lauderdale bedroom furniture is constructed from solid wood and Okume veneers. The Maylay, with unique tropical wood that has a five-step finishing process, is pure class, with its illustrious smooth chocolate finish. The Maylay is an eye-pleasing option having patterned moldings, along with simple understated hardware, which furthers the impression of how unique this option is for the bedroom.

The bedroom furniture set has English dovetail drawer fronts and backs, which opens and closes smoothly and efficiently. This is possible with Kenlin metal drawer guides and for safety, positive drawer stops. This affords the luxury of being a secure place to hold ample amounts of clothes, without having to worry about the contents damaging the furniture. We encourage our customers to take advantage of this excellent Fort Lauderdale bedroom furniture set, as the Maylay has been in high demand, having the best reviews from previous customers. The eight-piece bedroom set includes a three-piece king bed, a dresser, a mirror, a chest, and two nightstands. The Maylay is on a 15 percent discount from the original price, as it is listed for $1,098.

A second bedroom furniture set for a Fort Lauderdale residence is the Jackson 7 PC King Bedroom. The Jackson has a clean, sleek appearance that displays an elegance that constantly impresses. The bedroom furniture set has a satin espresso finish that is furnished with rich, brushed nickel hardware. This is a perfect complement to a variety of decors in the residence. A recent customer who purchased the Jackson commented on how beautiful it is to wake up to a room, immaculately furnished. As the sun slowly wakes her up in the morning, the rays subtly shine along the various pieces of furniture illuminating them in the early morning hours with a presence that is hard to surpass.

The Jackson has a stylish button-tufted upholstered headboard, perfect for laying ones back against in the evening, while snuggled under the covers reading a favorite book. There are oversized case pieces, a sizable panoramic dresser mirror, with wood on wood drawer guides. These drawer guides efficiently open and close, performing perfectly years from the date of purchase. The Jackson is a sophisticated collection item that projects excellence. The seven-piece bedroom set includes a three-piece king bed, a dresser, a mirror, and two nightstands. While originally listed for $1,619.80, the affordable bedroom furniture set is on a discount of nearly $500. Customers can acquire the Fort Lauderdale bedroom furniture for $1,158.

A third excellent bedroom furniture set for a Fort Lauderdale residence is the Sugar Palm 5 PC King Bedroom. The Sugar Palm is as sweet to the eye as the name so eloquently implies. It has a golden honey finish that looks beautiful throughout the day, whether it be during the early morning as the sun slowly saunters across the room to in the evening when darkness is eloping the room. The Sugar Palm has a country styled appearance, which has been constructed from pine solids and veneers that feature drawer fronts that are curved, plus cannonball accents on the bed. This looks impressive and is designed to the last detail.

The expertise of the craftsmanship will impress family and friends when they view the Sugar Palm. One of the best features of the Sugar Palm is the ample storage space that can be found in the chest, nightstand, and dresser. This is important because important personal items can be placed securely and cleanly in the room. For instance, the nightstand can hold personal items like a bible and a favorite book, while still having space for additional items. The dresser can hold most wardrobe items, in one easy to access location. The Sugar Palm is an excellent Fort Lauderdale bedroom furniture set that is currently on a nearly 30 percent discount from the original price — listed for $798. The five-piece bedroom set includes a king headboard, footboard, and rails, along with a dresser and mirror.

Finally, consider the Sophia 5 PC King Bedroom. The following comes from the product description:
The sleigh bed of this decadent collection features traditional European styling with full return, bolt-on rails, cherry and birch veneer inlays, acanthus leaf carvings with a light copper tipping, and a padded button-tufted headboard with antique brass nail heads. All of the pieces in this bedroom have Bombay carved pilasters, felt lined top drawers, and attached legs for solid construction. The drawer construction is corner blocked with French and English dovetailing and wood-on-wood guides for smooth operation for years to come.
The five-piece bedroom set — on a 20 percent discount from the original price, listed for $1,598 — includes a kind headboard, footboard, and rails, plus a dresser and a mirror.

Purchase the Best Bedroom Furniture for a Fort Lauderdale Residence

These bedroom furniture sets for a Fort Lauderdale residence can be purchased today! For more information on these bedroom furniture sets and/or for additional recommendations, please contact one of our skilled customer service representatives.

The members from our Fort Lauderdale store can be reached by calling (954) 462-6577. We are open from 10 a.m. to 8 p.m. during the weekdays; 10 a.m. to 7 p.m. on Saturday; and, 12 p.m. to 6 p.m. on Sunday.
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Top Four Uses for End Tables as Living Room Furniture in Fort Lauderdale
Responsive image

The Best Furnishing Options from our Fort Lauderdale Store

Whether moving into a new home or remodeling your existing abode, the right furniture can truly spruce up any décor. At Badcock & More of South Florida, we feature an extensive range of modern and traditional furniture sets. From lavish couches and sectionals to elegant dining sets, our extensive showroom gallery offers a myriad of top-brand names and accessories. With years of extensive industry experience, we truly offer the best furnishing options for all South Florida homes and businesses. Our highly-dedicated teams also consist of leading interior designers, furniture specialists, and sales experts that are committed to excellence in everything they do. As your premier home décor venue in Fort Lauderdale, we are proud to offer the following sets and services for your convenience:
  • Living Room Sets – sofas, sectionals, loveseats, recliners, accent chairs, ottomans, sleepers and much more.
  • Bedroom Sets – beds, dressers, mirrors, hope chests, nightstands, kid’s bedroom furniture, accessories, and mattresses.
  • Dining Room Sets – casual/formal dining, tables/side tables, bar stools, and servers.
  • Home Accents – accent furniture, fixtures, lighting, floral, rugs, and wall art.
  • TVs and Electronics – LCD, LED, computers, monitors, and much more.
We also feature a wide array of kitchen accessories, appliances, outdoor furniture, and even specially marked clearance items. One visit to our convenient location is all you need to find the best furniture sets for all residential and commercial establishments.

Meeting All Your Furniture Needs within Budget

While other furniture stores and outlets are only concerned about landing that sale – we are genuinely committed to meeting all your needs within time and budget. As your reputable and seasoned furniture store in Fort Lauderdale, we continue to receive stellar industry ratings and client reviews. Our team also goes above and beyond to ensure you have the right furniture that fits your theme. This includes exquisite bedroom and living room sets, along with world-class dining tables and even kid’s furniture. Why settle for outrageous prices when the deals and specials you want are just around the corner? At B&M, all customers are guaranteed the following:
  • Professional customer services that meet all your furniture needs within time and budget.
  • Extensive showroom galleries that help you envision how furniture or dining sets will look in your home.
  • Daily discounts, promotional specials, and bulk savings on high-volume purchases for homes or businesses.
  • A wide array of domestic and international furniture pieces and top-brand names. Accessories galore and even free samples for accents, color tones, upholstery, and fabrics for one and all.
  • Seasoned designers, interior experts, and furniture professionals that stay abreast of all the latest industry trends and styles. This ensures real-time results for clients that need contemporary, modern, or classic furniture sets to enhance their décor.
  • User-friendly website with online galleries, product listings, price comparisons, search features, and so much more!

How About End Tables as Living Room Furniture?

As your exquisite living room furniture store in Fort Lauderdale, we specialize in outfitting your home with the very best in sets and accessories. In fact, all you need to do is browse our extensive online inventory, which is always updated with the latest offerings and selection. From living and entertaining to formal rooms and décor, we have it all at Badcock and More. We also believe in incorporating unique and original solutions for your home. In fact, end tables can be used as living room furniture in your Fort Lauderdale home. From accent tables to coffee tables, here are some of the best ways to seamlessly blend these units with your overall living room décor:

Side Tables

End tables are traditionally known to offer balance with furniture or love seats. From oak and pine to elm and mahogany, there are several deep-grain wood styles available for customers. These classy yet contemporary pieces also come in a variety of shapes, sizes, and designs. Whether to place beverages on – or to use – as attractive accents that capture the overall allure and essence of your sofa – end tables truly bring out the uniqueness and luster of your furniture designs.

Alcoves and Corners

End tables work incredibly well with alcoves and corners. In fact, they offer the “less is more” approach due to their streamlined and centralized appearance. From portable bookshelves to exquisite ceramics or lavish floral arrangement holders – these amazing pieces can truly electrify any modern or contemporary look. For more information, simply access our website today for the best furniture sets and accessories in the Greater Fort Lauderdale area. At Badcock and More, we can truly turn all your furniture dreams into realities!
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The Best Living Room Furniture for Emerging Young Professionals in South Florida
Responsive imageAn impressive, well-designed residence, speaks volumes about the owner and their priorities in life. Badcock FL is proud to continue to this process — we have the best living room furniture for emerging young professionals in South Florida. These South Florida living room sets look spectacular in a residence, whether it be a house, a condominium or an apartment. The four pieces that will be recommended in this article are among the best in our inventory and are priced at a discount that is preferable for young professionals who are on a tight budget. These pieces, which project sophistication, include the following:

Carmen Wood Trim Sofa & Loveseat

* Jada Brown Chenille Sofa & Love Seat
* Ashanti Sage Wood Trim Sofa & Love Seat
* Inmon Blue Sofa & Loveseat

When choosing one of the recommended South Florida living room furniture sets, it is important to do so with the understanding that you are making an investment that can last decades from the date of purchase.

The Best South Florida Living Room Furniture Sets

For young professionals who are seeking the best South Florida living room, furniture sets should begin their list with excellent, starting with the Carmen Wood Trim Sofa & Loveseat. The Carmen is pure elegance while having an old-world style that is visual eye-candy, having an impressive, majestic appearance. The Carmen — constructed from quality solid wood — is upholstered in a fancy golden chenille fabric that has intricately designed brocade patterns, which is apparent in both the seat cushions and accent pillows. The back cushions are button tufted. One of the best features is that Carmen is extremely comfortable. It is the perfect refuge after a challenging day of work, whether the owner wants to center a gathering of close friends or simply to take a power nap. The Carmen is listed for $1,698 — a discount of nearly 25 percent from the original price.

A second excellent South Florida living room furniture set for young professionals is the Jada Brown Chenille Sofa & Love Seat. The Jada Brown Chenille is often commented on for having a sleek, yet welcoming appearance that vibes well with transitional décor. This South Florida living room furniture set look brilliantly in the residence, empowering the owner with an elegant and tasteful space. The Jada Brown Chenille features plush seat cushions and flared arms that are in a gorgeous soft woven chenille fabric.

The living room furniture for a South Florida residence features a large sofa frame, which provides comfortable seating for a group of visiting friends to one's parents plus siblings. Regardless, the Jada Brown Chenille contributes to an impeccable atmosphere, with a beautiful juxtaposition of the best living room furniture pieces. The accent pillows on the Jada Brown Chenille showcase a bubble-shaped pattern. The South Florida living room furniture set comes in both chestnut brown and a midnight blue. Both are 100 percent polyester. As of the publication of this article, the Jada Brown Chenille is listed for a nearly 25 percent discount from the original price.

The Ashanti Sage Wood Trim Sofa & Love Seat has been elegantly designed with exquisite detailing that will impress family, friends and more! It is constructed with carved wood trim, which frames the handsome warm sage upholstery in the best lighting. This, in turn, adds depth to the piece. On the early morning, with the sun slowly sauntering into the room, the Ashanti becomes quite the sight. The Ashanti is an excellent addition to the living room. The accent pillows feature hints of aqua, ivory, and chocolate that creates a favorable impression while being upholstered in 100 percent polyester and inclusive with an accent pillow. When having cocktails with friends after work, the Ashanti will encourage sophisticated conversation as it is a majestic space. The Ashanti is currently on a discount of 20 percent from the original price, as it is listed for $1,179.90.

Finally, consider the Inmon Blue Sofa & Loveseat — an impressive living room furniture set for a South Florida residence. The Inmon is a simple set that is detailed to the last stitch. The Inmon, a modern addition to the residence, is upholstered with fresh faux leather polyester that has a rich tonal variation while illustrating a naturally distressed effect. The Inmon has been carefully made, having prominent double and single stitching. Elements of the South Florida living room furniture set that are commented on as being the most impressive are the subtle tufting and track arms that have wedge profiling. The Inmon is available in a midnight blue, along with a charcoal color. The Inmon is listed for $898 — a discount of over 20 percent from the original price.

Young Professionals: Purchase the Best South Florida Living Room Furniture Sets

Our company exhibits a favorable reputation based upon our commitment to excellence and our ability to transform a residence living room furniture the projects opulence. Despite the intricate attention to detail, our South Florida living room furniture sets are listed on steep discounts from the original price, which is conducive to the budgets of young professionals just beginning their careers. For these young professionals, it is important to have a residence that they can affectionately call their home.

After working a long day, the best form of relaxation and satisfaction can be found once arriving inside the residence and laying their eyes among the majestic nature of the rooms. These rooms can have beautiful furniture that speaks volumes about the owner. Having impressive living room furniture in a South Florida residence can be attainable for young professionals.

For more information on our excellent living room sets, we recommend chatting with a representative from our team. To speak with a skilled representative, please call (561) 684-1604. Our store hours are the following:

* 10 a.m. to 8 p.m. on weekdays
*10 a.m. to 7 p.m. on Saturdays
*12 p.m. to 6 p.m. on Sundays

During non-business hours, we recommend visiting our stores location page.
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Project Opulence in the Home with Assistance from the Best West Palm Beach Furniture Store
Responsive imageOur customers project opulence in the home with assistance from the best West Palm Beach furniture store — Badcock FL. The customers who purchase a product from our store range from young professionals establishing their presence in the world to senior citizens who want to live comfortably, while demonstrating their good taste in furniture. We are known as the best furniture store in West Palm Beach because we have a commitment to our customers, as their satisfaction is paramount to our success. This article will highlight three showstopper home furniture sets, which include the following:

Dreena Living Room Set

* Coventry 7 PC King Bedroom
* Sophia 7 PC Dining Room

Each of these home furniture sets project sophistication. Yet, they are not priced at a level that will break the bank. Due to our commitment to customer satisfaction, these excellent home furniture pieces are on a discount from its original price, to better fit their budgets.

The Best Home Furniture Store in West Palm Beach

The Dreena Living Room Set has an allure that draws customers to it with favorable impressions. This bedroom furniture piece for a West Palm Beach residence is inspired by the French provincial styling, projecting warmth romance and spirit. It is built with select cherry veneers that have skillful carvings, which is impressive on each occasion one lays their eyes on the Dreena. Features, such as on the comfortable chairs, include an intelligent mix of button tufted brown bonded leather, along with a sunny fabric, bronze nailhead trim, rolled arms, and full wood framing.

These pieces are expertly put together, as they maintain their pristine form years from the date of purchase. The pillows, both fringe, and decorative kidney provide a finishing touch that is pure decadence. The attention to detail is an element of appreciation when viewing the Dreena. Competing for home furniture often shows signs of cutting corners, which threatens the long-term usability of the pieces. The upholstery is tailored perfectly, with the kind of comfort and style that compliments the taste. The seven-piece bedroom furniture piece for a West Palm Beach residence is listed for $2,198 — a discount of nearly 30 percent from the original price.

A second immaculate piece from our West Palm Beach furniture store is the Coventry 7 PC King Bedroom. The Coventry is a showstopper, projecting elegance and spectacular appeal, being an item from the European traditional collection. The bedroom furniture piece for a West Palm Beach residence is constructed from select hardwood solids and birch veneers, which are in a vivid cherry finish, along with having splendid bronze tipping on its edges. The king-sized bed radiates a profound sense of calm, as it consists of bonded leather, is over-scaled and button tufted. This is often one of the more impressive features of this bedroom furniture set for a West Palm Beach residence.

The collection pieces highlight bowed drawer fronts, which have been laminated, embossed marble tops featured on the chest, plus a dresser and nightstand. One of the best features of this West Palm Beach bedroom furniture set is the quality of the craftsmanship. This is apparent in the full extension, ball bearing drawer guides that have been included on all of the drawers — providing a quality and ease of use that is unsurpassed, lasting for decades from the date of purchase. These add a touch of class to the bedroom that is impressive to the last detail.

The case pieces feature top drawers that are felt lined and are dust proof. The latter being a major convenience for the owner, as the piece looks clean and impressive day after day. To complete the design of this equisetic collection piece is delicately ornate, bronze finished hardware. We strongly recommend making an investment in this West Palm Beach bedroom furniture. The seven-piece bedroom set includes a three-piece king bed, a dresser, a mirror, and two nightstands. As of the publication of this article, the Coventry is listed for $2,688 — nearly a 15 percent discount from the original price.

Finally, from our West Palm Beach furniture store, consider the Sophia 7 PC Dining Room. The Sophia is a European inspired dining suite, which features handsome tufted dining chairs that have been upholstered in a stylish polyurethane fabric. This quality fabric is constructed with careful attention to detail, leaving both an impressive of leather, while being long wearing and simple to clean.

The Sophia, a gorgeous dining room set for a West Palm Beach residence, has a 92? table to dine constructed from intersecting cherry mullions, burl veneers, and beautifully carved edges. The bases have a close resemblance to a scroll foot pedestal. This is a smart choice, which will maintain its best form while becoming a centerpiece in a West Palm Beach dining room. The seven-piece dining room includes a pedestal dining table, four side chairs, and two armchairs. The Sophia is on a nearly 20 percent discount, listed for $1,098.

Purchase Today from the Best West Palm Beach Furniture Store

This article highlighted three of the best pieces — Dreena Living Room Set; Coventry 7 PC King Bedroom; Sophia 7 PC Dining Room — from our West Palm Beach furniture store. These pieces project sophistication in each of their desired locations, becoming a point of pride in the home and a conversation starter with a guest who will admire its simplicity and elegance. We pride ourselves on providing the best value for our customers and should any questions arise, we strongly recommend reaching out to one of the skilled representatives from our team.

To chat with a representative from our West Palm Beach furniture store, contact (561) 684-1604. Our store hours are from 10 a.m. to 8 p.m. on weekdays, 10 a.m. to 7 p.m. on Saturdays, plus 12 p.m. to 6 p.m. on Sundays. During non-business hours, we encourage our customers to visit our blog, which provides a wealth of useful information on our products and its best application.
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Make your Dining Room Look more Inviting with Help from Furniture Stores in South Florida
Responsive imageMaking your dining room look more inviting can be a bit of a task, and it’s something that many people don’t’ think about. Honestly, you eat there, you sit around the table occasionally, but at the end of the day, it’s a room that is widely ignored in favor of the living room. This might be a fact, but it doesn’t mean that the dining room should be less inviting than any other room in the home. So how do you do it? How do you goa bout making your dining room the most exciting room in the home? Obviously it’s not going to be more exciting than the living room or your game room, but with help from the right furniture stores in South Florida, you might just have a chance. In our opinion, it all starts with the table.

Statement Tables – A Staple of Furniture Stores in South Florida

In our opinion, making an impact with visitors to your kitchen is really going to start with the table. What does your table say about you? Growing up, many people remember having the plain, four leg, flat surface dining room table, and those were great for functionality, but what did they say about your home, really? We strongly recommend changing your game up a little and going with the statement table – it’s going to be far more effective than you would think. So what is a statement table exactly? What does it entail? Take a look at our online store, for an example. The Alexi Complete Table is one of our favorites; it offers storage at the bottom, but it also brings a very modern look with a well designed lattice that draws attention. In an open concept kitchen, this one would really shine. If you’re going for more of a rustic look however, then we really can’t help but recommend the Ashleigh brown counter storage table. It features a flat surface with a geometric design and a storage cabinet beneath. Finally, if your purpose is to go truly rustic, there are several old style tables, like the trestle table of which we have several varieties.

Add a Server

The importance of having a server in your dining room simply cannot be denied. What you might not realize, is that while setting the table is easy, getting food to it can be a matter of great difficulty depending on how many guests you happen to have. If you don’t have a dedicated wait staff, then a server is definitely something you’ll want to look into. Remember how we mentioned the Alexi table in the previous section? If you want to take that up a notch, you can pair it with our Alexi server, which has the same intricate design and will make your dining room a bit more uniform. If, on the other hand you chose to go with one of the more rustic options that we mentioned, then why not consider the Branson server, or the Dallas Grey Sideboard server which goes perfectly with the trestle tables? Servers for dining rooms in South Florida have ample storage beneath and make an outstanding statement. They also make dinner a lot easier to manage, so there’s that.

Consider Adding some Barstools

Chairs and tables are great for a more formal dining experience, but if causal is the direction that you want to go in, then we invite you to try setting up a bar and barstool. This does not have to replace your dining room table by any means; you can have both! Check out our options in our online store right here. We have several great stools, both backed, and unbacked, each with their own theme and style, to match any type of dining room that you have set up. Making your dining room more inviting doesn’t have to be difficult – you have all of the tools and furniture pieces at your disposal, and it won’t be long before guests are complimenting you on how well organized your dining room is. All you need is a little creativity and the right furniture stores in South Florida.
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