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How to Make Furniture Color Work for You
Responsive imageHave you ever bought furniture to furnish your living room, bedroom or kitchen to realize it was the wrong color? What a nightmare! Did you buy that ordinary furniture at a department store, thrift store or bought it from a family friend? But you discovered it was not suitable for the room? Well, sh...
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Oak vs. Pine – Which Makes Better Living Room Furniture
Responsive imageWhen people want living room furniture in Fort Lauderdale, it can be a tough decision whether to go with Oak or Pinewood. These two types of woods are well known for their longevity, durability, and functionality compared to other materials used to make furniture. When comparing the two though, peop...
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Three Accessories your Home Needs
Responsive imageBadcock & More of South Florida is your premier furniture store in Fort Lauderdale. From exquisite dining sets to lavish and elegant sofas, we feature the latest in modern-contemporary furniture and accessories. This including kid’s furniture in Fort Lauderdale, along with home décor, lighting accen...
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Quick Ideas for Extra Seating in your Home
Responsive imageBadcock & More of South Florida is your premier furniture store in Fort Lauderdale. From sofas and kid’s furniture to bedroom and dining sets, we have it all at Badcock. In fact, we offer a great selection of seats and chairs for any new or existing home. This includes Lazyboy recliners, rockers, an...
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A Quick Guide to Furnishing Your Sunroom
Responsive imageSunrooms are large rooms designed to let sunlight in and to offer a stunning view of the surrounding landscape outside. These rooms are a popular choice for receiving company since they offer all the comforts of enjoying good weather and nature while offering protection from adverse conditions that ...
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Three Tips for Decorating a Reading Nook
Responsive imageSitting in your home on a lazy Sunday afternoon reading a book of your choice can be very relaxing. After a busy week, unwinding with a good book, and maybe with a hot cup of tea to sip, can soothe and refresh your mind and body. Having a reading nook that you can decorate according to your aestheti...
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How to Use Lighting to your Advantage when Displaying your Living Room Furniture
Responsive imageHomeowners spend a lot of time choosing the right sofa, or paint of color for the living room walls of their home. We often sometimes forget about the importance of proper lighting. Many homeowners have their own space where they watch TV, play games, read books and even entertain guests, lighting s...
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What is the Janka Scale and Why Does it Matter?
Responsive imageWhen you purchase a new wood floor, we tend to have a few things running around through our head. Does it look good? Is it durable? Does warranty cover scratches? These are all important things to think about. Durability is a major concern for many customers. Before we choose hardwood based on color...
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Hardwood Furniture vs. Mass Produced Furniture – How to Make your Choice
Responsive imageFurniture is an important part of your home and shopping for it can start to feel like a serious chore. As you start, you will want to make sure you’re doing your research and making some decisions on your home before you even set foot in a store. For example, what kind of style do you prefer? Is th...
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Three Tips for Picking a New Dining Table
Responsive imageBadcock & More of South Florida is your premier furniture store in Fort Lauderdale. From sectional and full sofas to bedroom and kid’s furniture, we feature all the top contemporary and traditional brands for your convenience. We also showcase an extensive gallery with the latest in furniture design...
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