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Three Tips for Decorating a Reading Nook

Responsive imageSitting in your home on a lazy Sunday afternoon reading a book of your choice can be very relaxing. After a busy week, unwinding with a good book, and maybe with a hot cup of tea to sip, can soothe and refresh your mind and body. Having a reading nook that you can decorate according to your aesthetic sensibilities will allow you to enjoy your reading time even more. But how do you decorate your reading nook to create this calming space? Here are three tips.

Comfortable seating and good lighting

The furniture in your reading nook should make you most comfortable and relaxed. There are many types of chairs to pick from- an overstuffed armchair, a lounge chair, a wingback chair, a wicker chair with lots of cushions, and more. But you don’t even have to stick with a chair if you don’t want to. A daybed or futon or a long sofa will also work perfectly if you choose to lie down and read. If you feel more comfortable outdoors, you can even set up your reading nook in your garden or in your backyard with a comfortable bench or other seating. Similarly, any other furniture that you pick for the nook should be appealing to you. Whether it’s a small stand to keep books on, a table to keep a coffee mug, a basket to keep books, cushions, blanket, or other stuff in, or another piece of furniture, it should be something that is practical for your purposes and something that you like. For ideas, visit Badcock Home Furniture & More in Florida- the leading furniture store Fort Lauderdale has. We have the best sofas Fort Lauderdale has to offer. Being able to read easily requires proper lighting. Having a reading nook next to a window from which you can get soft, natural light can be ideal for reading. But if you prefer light from a lamp, or want light from a fireplace, you can have a reading nook away from a window.

Adding a pop of color or other decorative elements

After putting the basic elements for your reading nook together, you may want to make the space more interesting and inviting by adding a colorful rug, an eye-catching cushion, a decorative vase or picture, your favorite scarf or blanket, or any other decorative items that have special meaning for you and set an inviting scene for you to read in. Some people like to place candles or their favorite essential oil diffuser to feel relaxed when they are reading. Choosing colors or items similar to those already used in other places in the room will also help to tie in the reading nook to the room and give a cohesive look. Go to Badcock Home Furniture & More store to find the best home decor Fort Lauderdale has.

Update the space

No matter how much time and thought you may have put into creating your reading nook, it may seem to get boring after some time. Your chair, for example, may not feel as comfortable, or the decorative items may look outdated. So it may be a good idea to update your reading nook from time to time to keep it looking and feeling fresh. As you read various books, you can have a display board in your nook to put quotes and things on it that represent characters, places, and/or things from the book that interest you, or hold special meaning for you. You can add new items and remove old ones as you continue on your reading journey. This not only keeps your reading nook updated but can also provide an opportunity to reflect on your readings and to be creative in displaying what you take away from it. Adding and removing other items from your reading nook, or even just creating a totally new space in a different part of your home can be other major changes that you can make. Remember, a reading nook is your own little sanctuary where you go to relax and enjoy. You can do whatever you want with space- there are no rules or guidelines to follow. So think about what you want, and design a nook exactly as you like.
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