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Buying Furniture That Will Last
Responsive imageBadcock Home Furniture & More of South Florida is your premier furniture store in Fort Lauderdale. In fact, we feature a huge selection of loveseats, sofas, and chairs for all homes and businesses. Our large gallery showroom also features the latest in dining room sets, along with bedroom and living room furniture. With the top-rated brands from leading manufacturers and daily specials, we can truly help you save time and money. Whether moving into a new home or remodeling, we truly offer something for everyone. We also stand by all our products and truly offer furniture that is designed to last.

Buying Sofas in Fort Lauderdale

Sofas are a must for any home or business. From sectional and pull-outs to separate sets, there are so many brands on the market today. This includes classy leather couches, along with traditional fabrics and upholstered seats. There are also many loveseats that can spruce up your living rooms, formal living rooms, dens, and basements. With this in mind, how can you select a sofa set that will last for years to come? At Badcock, we are proud to showcase a full line of sofas to meet all your needs. In fact, our experienced team can help you choose the best sofas that also meet your financial concerns. Here are some essential tips on purchasing units for longevity and optimal use:
  • It is important to understand the most common upholstery associated with sofas; leather, fabric, microfiber, and polyurethane.
  • Sofas come in a variety of colors, styles, and designs as well. This includes modern, contemporary and even a mix of both.
  • You also have a choice of throw pillows, as well as cover and other accessories.
  • It will be up to you to determine which sofas work well in your rooms. For example: formal sets work best in formal living rooms, while casual sofas are great for family rooms, dens and even converted basements.
  • Always ask us any questions regarding price, reviews, value, and longevity. We can connect you to the top-rated sofas that are self-sustainable and require little to no maintenance.

Buying Living Room Furniture in Fort Lauderdale

There is more to living room furniture than just adding sofas. In fact, your living rooms should be uniform and consistent in design. After all, you want to ensure your rooms look their best while reflecting on all the current, modern design and style trends. With this in mind, we can help you furnish your living room with sofas as a starting point. How about adding a center rug or coffee table? Perhaps you would like some lavish and elegant floral arrangements or plants? How about a cutting-edge entertainment system for your LED TVs and wireless music receivers or components? At Badcock, we can help you create the perfect living room that effectively reflects your moods and tastes. From entertainment centers and end tables to wall units, we feature a wide array of accessories designed to enhance and accentuate any room. As always, all our brands are designed to last – and be enjoyed –for years to come.

Buying Bedroom Furniture in Fort Lauderdale

Shopping for bedroom furniture does not have to be hard. In fact, we offer a full range of beds, mattresses, comforters, sheets, pillows, throw pillows and much more. We also showcase the best in modern and contemporary bedroom sets, along with units for kid’s bedrooms. Whether looking for side tables, entertainment centers, or even hope chests, we have it all at Badcock. Whether for the home or business, we are proud to feature a large assortment of captivating and compelling furniture sets. Our dedicated specialists also go above and beyond to ensure you get the right furniture – at the right prices,  check our credit plans. We also offer furniture for condos, penthouses, apartments and all commercial and office establishments. With new inventory each month, our furniture sets are continuously being updated to reflect the current styles and trends. For more information on furniture in Fort Lauderdale, simply contact us or visit our website.
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Choosing the Best Furniture for Your Bachelor Pad
Responsive imageLiving the bachelor life is a pretty sweet gig and for plenty of people, it's become an ideal living situation. Being able to do what they want, decorate their home as they desire, and calling the shots in their own home. When visiting furniture stores in South Florida getting started on a new bachelor pad (or perfecting an old one) takes time and effort. Picking out the perfect furniture that will match up well with your day-to-day lifestyle and still be comfortable to kick back and relax at the end of the day.

Choose Furniture to Match Your Lifestyle

furniture stores in South FloridaWhen picking out living room furniture in South Florida the starting point should always be your lifestyle because it will lead you to pick furnishings that will work out better for you in the long run. There are too many cases where people make the mistake of choosing a piece of furniture because “everyone else” has it or they think they need it to appear “normal”.

If your taste in furniture is unconventional you should roll with it and appreciate it because it's part of your personal tastes, no one else's! To be fair, everyone's personal tastes are different and it's hard to find a general outline to follow when picking the furniture for a bachelor pad.

Ideally, you should go with furniture that suits you like for example if you receive guests frequently at your home going with only a love seat as the only place to sit isn't the ideal piece of furniture to choose. Instead, you'd want to go with a three seater couch or even a corner one with maybe a loveseat or an armchair thrown in for comfort.

If you're someone who only has one or two people over from time to time, the only living room furniture you might want is the armchair and loveseat.

Take Storage Into Consideration

Whether your bedroom furniture in South Florida is packed into an intimate space or you have a sprawling house to fill, you should take storage into consideration. Space comes at a premium in most homes and it's a challenge to find where to put the next knick-knack or mug you acquire. Pretty soon it seems like everything is flowing out of boxes, collectibles are crowding the shelves, and suddenly your bed is overtaken by a collection of cushions. When you're visiting furniture stores in South Florida take a look at the options available to expand your storage and save on floor space.

Most people don't take advantage of the vertical space they have available in their home in the form of shelves. This can either be shelves that are installed along the wall or investing in ones that stand up to store items. They're an excellent way to create more space and use it effectively so you're not struggling to find where to put the next random gift you receive for Christmas. Dining rooms in South Florida too can be a negotiable area when trying to use space effectively and make the decision whether a full-fledged table is worth it or not.

If your bachelor pad is more of a personal space and you don't receive a lot of visitors, going with a small table tucked away into the corner may be the ideal option. There are also tables available that expand to accommodate more people so they're perfect if you only get substantial company during the holidays. There are options available to outfit your bachelor pad the way you want without having to compromise for comfort or space.

Working with what you have will make it easier to narrow down your option and design your bachelor pad to fit your lifestyle. Utilizing floor space, storage space, and going with your current lifestyle will be a great way to figure out what works best for you. The options are boundless when you know the type of furniture that suits you best.
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How The Right Furniture Can Make A Teen's Room A Cool Hang Out Space
Responsive imageDecorating your teen's bedroom is a minefield. You want a sensible space they can relax, study and hang out with friends in. They want something totally out of this world that wouldn't even work! You need to come together and decide on what you're going to do. You don't need to compromise though. With a little planning, you can both get what you want. Here's what you need to keep in mind when you hit the furniture store West Palm Beach.

Remember A Teen Bedroom Isn't Just A Bedroom

As an adult, you have only need your bedroom for sleeping. That's why you want it to be calm and relaxing, usually dominated by the biggest bed you can fit in it. That's perfect or you, but your teen needs a lot more from their bedroom. Remember, your teen isn't using their bedroom just for sleep. They're relaxing, studying, playing games, reading, and of course, hanging out with their friends. That room is their space and their space alone. They're going to need a room that's multifunctional, no matter how much space you've got to play with.

Keep Their Personality In Mind

furniture store West Palm BeachAs this is your teen's space, they need to be able to express themselves creatively through it. Work with them to design a style for the room. Does your teen love colorful prints and bright furniture, or are they more muted in the tones they choose? Do they like artfully arranged clutter, or are they more minimalist in their approach? Give them the chance to really create a room that's just for them.

Create The Perfect Study Space

Every teen needs a space where they can do their homework and get things done. Adding in a study space to the room is essential. You'll want a desk that fits the space you have. Even if the room is small, you can buy desks that are designed to fit smaller spaces. You can maximize your storage here, too. Try using vertical space to install storage around the desk. Shelves above the desk, and drawers below, really maximize the amount of space your teen has to stash all those notebooks and laptop chargers.

Add A Lounge Area

If your teen has friends over, you want them to have their own space, rather than taking over your living space. That's why a lounge area in your teen's bedroom is so important. If you have space, consider buying some sofas West Palm Beach. Even one small sofa can make all the difference, and make your teen feel sophisticated and grown up. If there isn't the space for that, even some throw cushions and rug in a corner can make a comfy lounge space.

Wall Decorations That Won't Wreck Your Walls

Every teen has had this fight with their parents at some point. They want to put up posters and other decorations, but their parents won't let them. What of the walls? You don't want them full of tack holes! There is a solution, however. You can give them options for hanging decorations, without covering every square inch of space with posters. One good option is a large corkboard. These can be used to display almost anything your teen wants to display, without creating marks on the walls.

Keeping these decorations in one area will cut down on wall clutter, too. It's also a good idea to put in a good full-length mirror, so your teen can check out their look before they head out for the day. Put it in a spot where there's good lighting, so they can get ready in the morning with ease. Another good option for decorating a room are removable wall decals. As the name implies, these won't damage the walls and can be taken down whenever you need them to. They're all kinds of patterns and shapes out there, so you can pick a style that suits your teen perfectly.

Make The Perfect Room For Your Teen

With these tips, you can create a room that's perfect for your teen. They'll love the freedom their room gives them, and you'll love how good that room can look, even when it's covered in clothes and other debris 99% of the time!
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