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Dovetail Joints vs. Finger Joints in Hardwood Furniture
Responsive imageHardwood furniture is as elegant as it is durable and sturdy. From dressers and hope chests to bar stools and chairs, Badcock features a full line of hardwood sets at our many furniture stores across South Florida. This includes living room furniture and accessories – handcrafted from fine wooden grains and elements. Whether in the market for pine desks, oak flooring, or even Redwood trim wall paneling, we feature an extensive range of finely crafted, exquisite hardwood selections for your convenience. In fact, one stop to one of our stores is all you need to access the latest in modern, contemporary and traditional styles.

Dovetail Joints versus Finger Joints

In our last discussion, we highlighted the many benefits of both Dovetail joints and Finger joints in furniture manufacturing. Whether for luxurious dining tables or kid’s bedroom furniture, hardwood joints are much more than fastening and holding accessories. In fact, the right-style joints can truly add a decorative element to any type of hardwood furniture. Here are some comparisons and benefits between these joints for hardwood furniture selections of DIY projects:
  • Dovetail joints are considered the ideal choice for hardwood furniture making; frames, hope chests, tables, wall paneling, wall units, entertainment centers, etc.
  • Dovetail joints have convenient mechanical lock features. This helps secure a streamlined, centralized appearance without having to worry about industrial glue scrapes and residue.
  • Dovetail joints are more decorative than traditional finger or box joints for hardwood furniture.
  • Finger or box joints enable better surface areas for gluing joints. Similarly, they have greater racking strength, durability, and versatility than dovetail joints.
  • Finger – box joints and/or industrial glues and adhesives are a better choice than some dovetail joints that are slimmer in design. However, the latter is a better decorative option for slim-lined hardwood furniture or accessories.
  • Finger joints are easier for wood assembly projects and have the same strength as butt joints. They only lack the decorative elements that can enhance any hardwood style or décor project.

The Beauty and Versatility of Wood

Wood can truly add a touch of class to any home décor in South Florida. From Elm and Oak to Pine and Redwood, wood grains are utilized in all types of furniture and accessory manufacturing. At Badcock, we are proud to showcase a myriad of wood-based furniture sets and accessories at cost-affordable rates. This includes desks and bar stools, along with chairs and especially flooring and wood paneling. Similarly, we also feature exquisite dining room sets, along with elegant furnishings and wall mounts. Here are a few more reasons to shop for your hardwood products and items at Badcock:
  • A huge selection of bedroom, dining, living, and bathroom furniture and accessories for homes and businesses.
  • Promotional discounts, daily specials, weekly specials, and more for new and returning customers.
  • Large gallery showcase of all the latest in hardwood flooring, furniture, accessories, wall mounts, mirrors, entertainment centers, and much more.
  • Huge line of Persian Rugs, Oriental Rugs, and all hardwood – parquet – vinyl – acetate flooring types and selections.
  • Dedicated customer service reps, interior designers, and furniture specialists with years of extensive industry experience.

The Badcock Guarantee

At Badcock Furniture, we are genuinely committed to meeting all your hardwood and furnishings needs. While other furniture companies only care about landing sales, we are dedicated to achieving all your desired results. Whether looking for wooden sets with pure or mixed grains – or the latest in stylish and trendy sets – we have it all at Badcock and More of South Florida. From Miami to Orlando and all points in between, we feature the finest blend of wood-based items and accessories at cost-affordable rates. You simply need to visit our website or one of our many locations across South Florida. This will connect you with the right furniture pieces and sets you need to enhance your home or business. For more information, simply contact Badcock today or visit our website.
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How to Choose a Dresser for a Child's Room
Responsive imageWhether you're shifting into a new home or simply trying to remodel your living space, you require the suitable furniture. Furniture is actually more important than most of us realize. It's no wonder most people just grab the first set of chairs and couches they come across. However, if you're a discerning homeowner, you'll pick furniture that's not only appropriate but also matches your theme. Fortunately, our furniture stores South Florida offers a wide range of items, including baby dressers. A dresser is an important piece of bedroom furniture because of the organization it offers. Furthermore, it serves as a vital focal point of your room. If you're going to purchase one for your child you should consider these factors.


This is one of the major factors to consider when selecting the appropriate baby dresser because you'll have to budget for other baby-related costs. Different dressers come in a wide array of costs depending on whether they're used or new, the size, brand, and the materials used in the unit's construction. Generally, we recommend you research the various options thoroughly and select the highest quality that falls within your budget. This might imply opting for a high-quality dresser or selecting durability or brand. You'll discover our kids furniture South Florida offers a wide range of quality items at different price ranges.


This is crucial in selecting a dresser for your kid's nursery. It's advisable you choose a dresser that could also function as a changing table. You'll discover it's not only practical but also a great space saver. It's also important to have a detachable changing tray. You'll want a dresser with sufficient storage space to meet the room's needs. If a huge closet exists, perhaps a huge dresser isn't essential. However, if the room has restricted space, plenty of drawer space will be necessary.


Choosing the appropriate size for your kid's room is extremely important. Remember, if it's too big, the room will feel overcrowded and if it is too small, it will appear empty. Ensure you take note of the room's measurements, so you identify the amount of space you need to work with. You should also consider any existing furniture in the room. When you start shopping for this bedroom furniture, you'll be in a position to compare the dresser's measurements to the room you intend to place it.

Your Child's Age

The best way of saving money when purchasing bedroom furniture South Florida is by selecting furniture that will grow with your kid. For instance, if it's a girl, you might want to consider a broad dresser with a joined mirror. You don't have to worry about the hardware appearing too mature for the child since you could always replace the drawer handles with kid-friendly ones.


You have to select bright and light colors for your child's furniture. You'll discover that children typically don't care whether the style is traditional, minimalist, or modern. Rather, they're concerned about the colors. You can choose a dresser with tacon sheet or HPL décor sheet. You'll find these kinds of dressers are cheaper, have numerous colors, and you can change the color anytime. Remember, buying the most expensive furniture isn't a guarantee that your child will always like it.


You can't overlook the design element and the selection of the dresser is a vital part of the general feel and look of the room. It's important you choose something that complements the crib's look but bear in mind that the dresser will outlast the crib (particularly if you've selected a non-convertible crib). Ensure you select a dresser that won't tire you and will work for your child. It's also important you select something that's more timeless but less trendy.

Storage Needs

If your kid has started school, consider purchasing a chest with five or more drawers. These models make an excellent investment since they offer sufficient storage room and you can use them for several years to come. Younger kids typically have fewer items to store, so a chest with three drawers will suffice. Shopping for kids' bedroom furniture can be a fun experience for you and the child. If he or she is old enough, you might want to consider his or her opinion so he or she can help select the room's furniture. This way, the child will feel like he or she is a part of the process.
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Three Ways to Keep your Furniture from Scratching the Floor
Responsive imageHardwood floors are an excellent investment since they’re easy to clean, maintain, and don’t have a buildup of dust and debris most of the time. Clean up has never been easier and hardwood floors are normally longer lasting than any other one. When shopping for living room furniture in South Florida organizing the new furnishings can be a hassle. There is always the worry the new furniture will scratch the floor, but thankfully there are ways to avoid it.

No Pushing

living room furniture in South FloridaA bad habit of organizing living room furniture in South Florida is people tend to push it around when putting in place instead of lifting it. Pushing furniture across a hardwood floor can cause deep scratches to appear which can be difficult to get rid of. Furniture should be picked up and lifted off the floor and not shoved around, asking a friend for help is recommended when doing this. It will help to protect your wood floor from deep scratches and damage. The other fact to keep in mind is shoving furniture can be tempting when it has to be moved around a lot. Redecorating can be a hassle with having to lift furniture up and move it, but it’s one of the best ways to ensure the hardwood floor is kept intact.

Using the Rugs

Area rugs, in particular, are excellent for people who enjoy carpet, but only want it in one area of their home. Hardwood floors are slippery and it’s easy for furniture to slide back when people sit on them or are shifting around. Area rugs provide a surface for the furniture to shift about while offering a layer of protection for the hardwood floor. These types of rugs also add a sense of color to a room and can help to define a space for people who have open floor plans. Rugs are ideal during the cold season since they provide a layer of protection between feet and a freezing hardwood floor. The splash of color can help to liven up a room and to add personality to a new space.

Using the Right Pads

People are usually unaware how useful these items when purchasing them from furniture stores in South Florida, but furniture pads are excellent for protecting a hardwood floor from gouges. Furniture pads basically cushion the feet or the corners of the furniture to cushion them against the hardwood floor. Hardwood floors can be impossible to fix if boards are scratched unless they’re replaced completely. Furniture pads vary in quality with a few being stick felt pads that can be placed directly underneath the feet of the furniture. Felt pads make it possible for the furniture to even be pushed around on the hardwood floor since they slide so easily. They’re an ideal compromise for people who plan on redecorating frequently and need a way to move their furniture around effectively. The furniture stores in South Florida have a wide selection of furniture for people to choose from.

One of the aspects of shopping around for furniture is finding what matches with the current décor and deciding which will be long-lasting. One of the advantages of a hardwood floor is it matches up well with almost any style of furniture since it has an old world charm to it. Wood, in particular, has always been a popular building choice for people since it’s long lasting, durable, and easy to use. When shopping around for furniture to match your home, you shouldn’t have to struggle with the decisions. Shopping at the right furniture store means being able to have access to high-quality furniture that will last a long time. Using these tips will help to protect your hardwood floor from being damaged when redecorating and organizing your new furnishings to create the dream room you’ve always wanted in your home.
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