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The Types of Sofas and What They're Best For
Responsive imageBuying a sofa is a major investment, both in terms of expense and of design. From watching Netflix for a Friday movie night to reading a book on the couch, your sofa is arguably one of the most, if not the most important centerpieces in your home. When it comes to furniture, let’s be honest: it needs to be functional, fit your budget, and be comfortable. When you’re selecting the types of sofas, it’s important to consider factors such as functionality, comfort, and elegance. When buying furniture from the furniture store in Fort Lauderdale it is important to choose the perfect sofa set for your home.

Choose the Right type of sofa at Badcocks FL?

Shopping for your perfect furniture for your home, you’ll want to consider your room space, furniture functionality, the style of furniture that suits your décor and comfort of the furniture. So, when choosing the right sofa set — for yourself or family make sure the furniture is comfortable, the style suits your décor, and space aligns well with your room size. We have a variety of styles, color options, and types to suit your different needs. You need to make sure it not only looks good, but you also want it to look outstanding. You want it to be the greatest first impression ever, and you’re definitely going to have quite a time doing that. Sofas, sleepers, and recliners are among the items offered as part of our furniture store in Fort Lauderdale, but you should also consider the different types to make your home more vibrant.

What are the Types of Sofas at

The type of sofa that is best for you depends on the available space, function and your preferred style and with our home décor options for Fort Lauderdale, you’re perfectly covered. Now would definitely be a great time to start browsing our selection and making sure that your home is up to the challenge. When we say challenge we’re talking about living, entertaining, and everything in between. Take a look for yourself and see what we have to offer. Choose from a multitude of styles of affordable sofas in stock in each of our eleven locations in South Florida. We are confident your next sofa is here.

Sectional Sofa

Sectional sofas are very popular for casual living rooms or dens; however, they can also fit well into more formal rooms depending mainly on the fabric. A leather sectional can be an elegant piece while one in a casual fabric can be more rustic looking. Sectionals are more versatile because they are comprised of multiple separate pieces that can be arraigned is a number of configurations, especially ones that feature four to seven pieces and usually include one or more armless pieces with only a seat and back and sections with a single armrest on either the left or right.


Nevertheless, let’s not forget the traditional sofa which is simple in design but still the most popular choice in most American homes whether in a set with a loveseat or alone. The humble sofa is a popular piece of furniture that you will find in many varied places from your living room to non-residential settings such as hotels, lobbies, waiting rooms, and even the local pub. In its most base form the sofa usually features seating for three people, is structured like a bench with armrests on either end, has internal springs for comfort, is clothed in upholstery fabric, and has a back and seat formed by cushions. It may not be as exciting as another type of seating choice but it is certainly functional and found in homes all over the world.

Reclining Sofas

reclining sofa or armchair is one that lies or tilts back with a footrest that comes up when the occupant pulls a lever, pushes against the back and armrests together, pushes a button, etc. and some simply lean back at a slight angle while others allow you to lie down completely. To save space, some are “wall huggers” and operate by sliding the bottom of the chair forward versus the back of the chair back so that they can be positioned a few inches from the wall in small spaces. Recliners can be manual or electric and some come with remote controls and lots of fancy features; the choice is up to you. Reclining sofas usually feature a recliner one or both ends and some of the available features include heat, massage, vibration, cup holders, and sectional reclining sofas can even include a sofa bed option. If a sofa is a bit too big for your area, you can opt for a reclining loveseat with dual recliners.

Shop for sofas Fort Lauderdale at any of Badcock stores?

We have everything you need to find the right type of sofa for you and your family. Like us, you know that having a comfortable sofa is important in terms of functionality, style, and comfort and we have you absolutely covered. We all know shopping for furniture can be a major headache… Ouch! However, trying to find the right sofa for you and the rest of your family can be a difficult task. For instance, your wife may love sectionals, while your two children may love traditional sofas and yourself may love reclining sofas. From sofas to sectionals, loveseats, and more, we’re ready to make sure that you, your family and your guests have a stylish, comfortable and affordable sofa set for your home.
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The Best Living Room Sets Under $1000 in Plantation
Responsive imageIf you need furniture for your new home or if you are redecorating your current residence, finding stylish living room sets at reasonable prices may seem to be a challenge. You can find many different types of styles, materials, colors, and prices of living room sets in many stores. But finding something to your liking that is also good quality and priced competitively may not be as easy…unless you know where to look. Badcock Home Furniture & More in Plantation, Florida is the best store for finding living room sets.

Badcock has the best living room furniture

Whether you want to check out our furniture online from the comfort of your home, or you want to visit our Plantation, FL store, either way, you’re sure to be blown away by the many beautiful furniture options for your living room. On our website, you will find pictures of what we carry, and in order to make your browsing and shopping experience easier, we have many tools to help you narrow down your choice. You can pick the color, price range, material, style, type, and special features in the furniture that you need.

This will show only results that are relevant to you. With a quick and easy checkout process, finding the best living room set cannot be easier! Our website also lists details, reviews, and shipping information about each product so you exactly what you will get. If you come into our store, you can expect excellent customer service from our staff. They can help you find exactly what you are looking for. Modern leather couches, upholstered traditional sofas, recliners, console loveseats, sleeper sofas, 3- or 5-piece living room sets- these and more can be found at our store. We carry the best living room furniture Plantation has.

We have been in business for over 100 years, and the quality of our products is what our customers can attest to. Once you buy furniture from us, you can be sure to enjoy it for years to come. We also have monthly specials, clearance, and deals on furniture from time to time, so you can make use of these to get the same high-quality furniture at even more savings. If you have a budget of under $1000, you can find many great options for living room sets. What’s more, we also have great financing options and an easy exchange and return policy so you are assured of getting exactly what you want without breaking the bank.

Furniture, décor, and more- all in one place

When you set up a living room or any other room in your home, not only do you need furniture, but also additional home décor items to complete the look. You may use rugs, lamps, wall art, and other items to make your room comfortable, functional, and inviting. Now before you start feeling overwhelmed at the thought of spending a lot of time and money on purchasing these items, we should tell you that at Badcock we not only carry furniture but also all these items.

So once you decide what you want, Badcock Home Furniture & More can be your one-stop-shop to buy all that you need. And not just living room sets, we also carry furniture for the bedroom, kids’ room, dining room, and the best home décor Plantation has. Looking for appliances and electronics for your room? We have those too! So why go elsewhere when you can find all that you need under one roof. At any of our stores, our staff would be happy to assist you in turning your vision and your ideas into reality by helping you select and put together everything you need to create your own unique room.

With unbeatable quality and prices, nowhere else can you find the products that you will find at Badcock. For your shopping convenience, we have over 300 store locations in eight states. Visit Badcock Home Furniture & More, the leading furniture store Plantation has, and find out why our amazing selection of furniture, décor, and more is all you need to set up a fantastic living room that everyone will feel welcome and comfortable in.
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Bedroom Sets That Will Make You Feel Like Royalty
Responsive imageDo you want a bedroom that makes you feel like the king or queen that you are? Then you want to create a bedroom that's for royalty. Here are some of the best tips from interior designers that will help you furnish your bedroom into a real castle.

Pick Royal Colors

Colors are important for royalty, so they should be for you too. Take a look at pictures of castles and stately homes. You'll often see shades of red and purple used in their interiors.

These colors have long been associated with royalty and those of higher status. Therefore, make sure you're incorporating them into your own decor. A deep red bedspread or royal purple curtains can make all the difference to your home.

To give your bedroom the true royal touch, pick a metallic accent color to go with your furnishings. Gold or silver accents will finish the look off and make your room look fit for a queen.

Use Mirrors

Another popular aspect of royal interior design is the ornate mirror. The bigger and more detailed the mirror and its frame are, the better. Treat yourself to a large mirror that goes over the dresser in your bedroom and get ready for the morning in style!

That's not the only place you can place mirrors, either. Put mirrors in your furniture that can reflect light around. Having such mirrors makes a room feel bigger and more palatial.

One popular piece of furniture with mirrors in it is mirrored nightstands. You can find mirrored nightstands in any furniture store in West Palm Beach.

Mirrored nightstands look luxurious and yet still will fit into anyone's budget. Try placing some mirrored nightstands in your bedroom and see the difference that they'll make.

Pick An Ornate Chandelier

Your lighting is important when it comes to a royal bedroom. A simple lamp just isn't going to cut it. If you want a bedroom fit for royalty, then you're going to need a chandelier. As ostentatious as having chandeliers in your bedroom might sound, they can actually be quite affordable. To find some affordable bedroom chandeliers, look at the ones that you have at your local Badcocks FL.

There are lots of chandeliers on the market right now, many of which will fit directly into your bedroom. You can get smaller ones, so they'll be in scale with a smaller bedroom. If you want, you can also choose to go all out and get larger chandeliers that make your bedroom the highlight of your home.

Install Colored Lights

Lighting within a room is a great way to convey mood and emotion. Set a royal ambiance by having the right colored lights within your bedroom. Royal lighting combined with the right chandelier gives your bedroom all the royal vibes.

Longer Curtains Are Better

Those who live in castles have long, sweeping curtains and drapes that brush the floor. This is because in a large, draughty castle, keeping the heat in was an absolute priority. Therefore, having these long curtains in castles was essential unless you wanted to spend your winters shivering.

Although you don't need curtains to keep the heat in your home, you can still use long curtains to give your bedroom a royal look. Long bedroom curtains look amazing when placed over a large feature window. Plus, it's easy to install these curtains yourself.

Place Family Photos In Your Bedroom

In a royal abode, you can expect to see family portraits lining the walls. To emulate this design feature, line your bedroom walls with your own family photos. You can even buy ornate photo frames from and use them to create a grouping of photos on the wall, or on a table in your bedroom.

For extra royalty points, you should have your photos all printed out in black and white or sepia tones. That way all of your photos match each other. Of course, if you want to go all out, there's nothing stopping you from having a family portrait painted.

Add Artwork to the Walls

A royal king or queen has access to the finest artwork. To emulate this royal trait, include several pieces of art on the walls of your bedroom.

Make sure to find pieces of art that scream royalty. For example, you could have a painting or caricature of yourself on your bedroom wall. What royal person does not like to look at themself? You could even have a playful picture of a royal jester on your wall.

You can also have paintings and drawings of old kings, queens, and kingdoms on your wall. For example, you could have a painting of Queen Elizabeth or even the royal Egyptian pyramids.

Whichever direction you choose to go with your bedroom artwork is up to you. The artwork doesn’t even have to be expensive. You can even make some of the artwork yourself. Just keep it royal-themed in some way.

Put Plants in Your Bedroom

To take your royal bedroom to the next level, add some greenery. Whether they be big or small, having green plants in your bedroom adds a classic touch. To really give off a royal vibe, try to have draping or hanging plants in your bedroom somewhere. Having such plants could emulate draping greenery on royal palace doors.

Decorate Like a Royal

If you really want your bedroom to be royal, you should place antique objects, fixtures, and furnishings throughout it. Don’t just stop at mirrors, chandeliers, and curtains. You should also include antique furniture items like cabinets, drawers, side tables, candle holders, flower vases, lamps, and more in your royal bedroom. The more antique and classic the furniture items look, the better.

Royal Rooms Always Stay Clean

What’s the point of even having a royal bedroom if everything is so messy and out of place that you cannot even see or appreciate its royal nature. Thus, to maintain the royal ambiance of your bedroom, you must keep the room clean at all times.

Keeping your room clean means picking up after yourself. This includes dusting off all of your royal furniture items on a day to day basis. Also, make sure that all of the objects, fixtures, and furniture items within your royal bedroom are in their rightful place at all times.

If your bedroom has hardwood floors, make sure to mop it clean regularly. If your bedroom floor is made out of carpet, vacuum it daily. Whatever it takes to keep your royal bedroom looking royal, do it. No king or queen would dare to live in a dump.

A Bed Fit For Royalty

Finally, pick the right bed for your royal bedroom. The best bed is a high and large bed, queen or even king size, naturally. To make it luxurious and comfortable, you can add a plush comforter and a plethora of cushions. Pick cushions with trim and tassels to make going to bed feel as royal and plush as possible. To add a royal finishing touch to your bed, you can even put a canopy over it.

With these tips, you'll be able to create a bedroom that wouldn't seem out of place in a royal castle. Create the bedroom that you deserve, and treat yourself like the royal that you are.

Get All Your Royal Bedroom Furniture At Badcock

For all your royal bedroom needs, shop at Badcock. Here we sell both affordable and high-quality beds, cabinets, lamps, light fixtures, and more. The furniture that we sell at Badcock comes in a wide variety of styles. Therefore, finding bedroom furniture that fits a royal bedroom theme is no problem here at Badcock.

Save Money On All Bedroom Furniture Items Here At Badcock

To save money on your royal bedroom furniture items, check out our free layaway service. Under our free layaway, you can put down payments on any Badcock furniture item that you purchase for up to 90 days. The only stipulation is that you have to make at least a 10% down payment on all purchased furniture prior to reaping the layaway benefits.

To learn about other money-saving deals here at Badcock, contact us today.
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Beautiful Bedroom Furniture Hollywood
Responsive imageDo you love those old movies from the 20s and 30s, the real “old Hollywood” glamour? What if you could recreate that style that you love in your own home? Your bedroom is meant to be a sanctuary, a place all your own where you can get away from the cares of the day and relax. So why not design your own bedroom, starting with bedroom furniture Hollywood from Badcock Furniture?

Hollywood Regency Style

Hollywood Regency style came into being back in the 30s and was designed to satisfy the tastes of Hollywood’s megastars whose lifestyle, wardrobe, and décor was anything but subtle. It’s about luxury, luxury, and luxury with lots of flowy fabrics, big pillows, large, ornate, substantial furniture pieces, and flamboyant fabrics. The 1933 movie Dinner at Eight with Jean Harlow showcases this style perfectly. In addition to fabulous fabrics and furniture, the style also depends on meticulous attention to detail from a myriad of mirrored surfaces, tassels in every conceivable placement, and borderline outlandish embellishments to the intricate wallpaper.

No detail is left undone. Today’s Hollywood Regency style has a more subdued take on the over-the-top glitz but glamour is still the basis for this look and, although the lines might be more streamlined, shine is still the embodiment of this look from mirrored fireplace surrounds to bedding, and window treatments, Hollywood Regency is still pure old Hollywood glamour.

Variations on a Theme

It is certainly not for the faint of heart. If you wish to create this style in your personal sanctuary, choose bold color schemes and fabric, upholstered and tufted surfaces including walls, numerous mirrors – the larger the better - ceiling detail, such as a tray or tin ceiling, and doors decorated with intricate molding. It could be overwhelming to the senses; however, the look really can be relaxing. You can still keep all the glamour and add things that speak to you, your lifestyle, and your personal preferences, such as an Asian twist on Hollywood Regency. Asian fabrics, bonsai trees, and some jade pieces bring the Asian flare and incorporating shine and metallic elements, along with luxury bedding, keep the Regency style going.

For another twist, color schemes can be toned down, even monochromatic, using pastels in place of richer reds and golds in fabric, wallpaper, window treatments, bedding, tasseled accents, and furniture pieces but still be rich-feeling and glamorous while easier on the eyes and perhaps more soothing. While Hollywood Regency is not defined by a specific color palette, black and white are certainly classic old Hollywood and dramatic at the same time. Don’t be afraid to go 99 percent black and white and add a splash of color – either bold, like red or more subtle, like beige – for fear of being boring.

This combination can be stunning in its simplicity with touches of shine so as not to stray too far from the Regency concept. Another popular concept in this design style is again to use a single color with variation like silver because it lends itself well to shine while keeping the expensive look that Regency is known for. Mirrored surfaces, including walls, headboards, and furniture completes the look.

Hollywood Glam

Naturally, luxury is defined in the fabrics and Glam is all about fur, silk, taffeta, and other high-quality yard goods as well as metallics in and on any and all surfaces to ramp up the shine and sparkle. Bedding is a big part of the Glam style and lots of it so along with the silk or satin sheets, pile on a puffy comforter, the bigger the better, and all the pillows you can fit on your king-sized bed.

A king-sized bed is the epitome of Glam and Regency because these rooms are generally spacious so space doesn’t feel overwhelming with all the fabrics and furniture and accessories, so go as big as you can in square footage and furniture but the scale is important. If you don’t have room for a king-sized bed, go as big as your space will handle. When you are dealing with less room, one way to still achieve the look you want without the room looking crowded is to scale back on the number of accessories and go with bolder pieces.

The lighting in your Glam space should make a statement, too, and using a chandelier is an excellent way to add chic to space as well as dramatic sconces around the room and flanking the bed. In all things, you want to infuse your personal taste into your home Hollywood space so take your time and shop around until you find exactly what will make your room both regal and glamorous.
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Finding Your Perfect Living Room Furniture in Pompano Beach
Responsive imageFrom Netflix movie night to catching up with friends over coffee, your living room is arguably one of the most, if not the most important rooms in your home. When it comes to furniture, let’s be honest: it needs to look good, fit your budget, and be comfortable. When you’re selecting furniture, it’s important to consider factors such as quality, size, and aesthetic appeal. When buying furniture from the furniture store in Pompano Beach it is important to choose the perfect living room sets for your home.

Choose the perfect and best Living room furniture Pompano Beach and Layout

Shopping for your perfect furniture for your home, you’ll want to consider your room size, furniture size, and determine the style of furniture that suits your décor and home best. So, when choosing the right living room set — for yourself or family make sure the furniture is comfortable, the style suits your décor, and size aligns well with your room size. When shopping for a living room set it’s easy to find something not only comfortable, stylish and affordable.

We have a variety of styles, sizes, color options, and types to suit different needs. Thoroughly measure your room, including wall widths and window heights, to ensure your set fits comfortably in the space. Window height is an important measurement because if you're placing a bookshelf or entertainment set next to it, you don't want it to overlap the window. Keep these measurements handy as you shop.

What Types of Home décor Is Right for You?

If you are not sure what the living room set is best for you, your family, let us help you decide. Most people love traditional or modern living room sets, while others may want a sofa and the majority may want a reclining sofa or console loveseat. We know how hard of a task it is picking out the right living room set for you, your family and guests. Try these living room sets to see how they accommodate in your house:

Camero Brown Sofa & Loveseat

We have a living room set that you, your family and even your guests will fall in love with. Have the perfect set of your dreams with the Camero Sofa & Loveseat. Our set features a transitional style upholstery to fit your lifestyle. The sofa’s conventional three-over three seats and back configuration lends to a classic design with a modern twist. Who wouldn’t want a sofa and loveseat that has reversible back pillows, graceful flared arms and welting detail throughout? This is a stylish look with tapered legs and dramatic accent pillows on both the sofa and loveseat.

Charleston Burgundy Power Reclining Sofa & Loveseat

If you have a love for red, sink into the supple top grain Italian leather of the Charleston Power Reclining Collection! Who wouldn’t a sofa & loveseat that has space- saver power recliners with extra wide seating area and full chaise seat design for maximum comfort? Our Italian leather will make a great foundation for your home décor. The reclining sofa & loveseat's multi-channeled high back cushions will fully support the entire back and a new design for the arm makes this set look very appealing and fashionable! The console loveseat also features a convenient storage function complete with a usb port and 2 cupholders.

Atlantis Beige Power Reclining Sofa & Console Loveseat

We have distinctive styling, deep comfort and today’s modern feature enhancements set the Atlantis Collection apart from the rest of sofa and loveseats. You’ll fall madly in love with bucket seat styling that has deeply padded arms, backs, and seats that are engineered to give you, your family or guests years of support and enjoyment. If you need to charge your phone the sofa and console loveseat has USB ports in each piece that offers handy for charging your electronic devices.

The sofa offers a center drop down table with outlets, a reading light, and two cupholders, as well as, Bluetooth capability with built-in speakers. The console loveseat features a convenient storage compartment and two cup holders. The power recline offers a range of positions at the touch of a button to relax back in any of the full padded chaise recliners.

Aruba Aqua Sleeper sofa & loveseat

Are you planning on having guests over to your home? The Aruba Collection offers a sleeper sofa & loveseat that is perfect for your guests who need extra sleeping space. The pillow back design and sweeping padded arms make this sleeper sofa & loveseat even more comfortable. Transitional style and pure relaxation combine to give you a comfortable living room set to match any home décor.

Shop the Best Place Online and In-store for Living room sets

We have everything you need to change the way your living room looks and feels. Like us, you know that living rooms are all about having a comfortable sofa or sectional and we have you absolutely covered. We all know shopping for furniture can be a major headache… Ouch! However, trying to find the perfect living room set for you and the rest of your family can be a difficult task.

For instance, your wife may love sectionals, while your two children may love reclining sofas or a sofa and yourself may love a loveseat. From recliners to sofas, sectionals, and more, we’re ready to make sure that you, your family and your guests have a stylish, comfortable and affordable living room set after your next home renovation.
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Three Ways To Create The Perfect Contemporary Living Room
Responsive imageThe living room is the heart of your home. It's where you go to relax at the end of a long day. It's where you spend time with your family. It's where you entertain when you have friends over. However you use your living room, you want to make sure you have the perfect set up, every time. Here are three ways you can create the perfect contemporary living room.

1. Use Color Wisely

In contemporary styles, white, black and neutral colors are used the most. This is to accentuate the space in the room and ground the room. This is why you'll see so many contemporary rooms using these colors. Try using a neutral palette first, to create a calm and relaxing space. If your living room is primarily for decompressing after work, then this can help you relax. If you feel this isn't enough color though, you can add in an accent color.

Picking a bright color can punch up the look of the room, and make it feel much more vibrant if that's what you're looking for. If you choose to do this, pick just one color to accent with, and stick to that palette. Be sure not to overload the room with the color too. If your walls are neutral, stick to accessories in the accent color, and vice versa.

2. Pick The Right Furniture

To build the perfect living room, you're going to need the right furniture. Contemporary furniture is comprised of clean lines and neutral colors and isn't distracting or showy. As you check out furniture stores South Florida, you'll see that the contemporary style is very much in style these days. This will make it easier for you to find what you're looking for. When you're looking for furniture, look for items that are clean and basic, without being showy.

You don't want excessive carving, ruffles, tassels, or anything else that is 'extra'. You're looking for furniture that's clean, strong and basic in its design. Picking these kinds of furniture is the best way to build upon your contemporary design in your living room. If you buy a sofa, for example, you can use it to showcase some bright cushions in geometric prints to add a splash of color to the room.

3. Think About Your Space

Contemporary design isn't showy or gaudy. It isn't about what you have in that room, it's actually about the space that you have. Anything you have in your living room should be helping to accent just how much room you have there. Think about this when you're picking out your furniture for your living room. You want a sofa set that will give you somewhere comfortable to chill out, but you don't want something that will be overbearing.

Again, pick furniture that has a purpose in the room, and that won't overpower the space. This applies to your decorative elements, too. Keeping them to a minimum lends to the contemporary feel of your living room. For example, keeping your windows bare and free of any dressings makes the room laid back and free of extra dressing.

Create The Space You Want

If you want a true contemporary living room, then you'll want to start by looking at living room furniture in South Florida. Buy the pieces you need to use the room how you want. That may mean you pick up a coffee table for board game nights, an entertainment center to make the most of movie nights, or even a bar cart if you like to mix cocktails for friends. Pick furniture in contemporary styles so you can make the most of the space you have.

Once you've done this, you can start decorating. Use neutral colors as a background, and pick an accent color that you like. This can be used in accessories such as throw pillows in order to pack the biggest punch in terms of color. With these tips, you'll be able to create a contemporary living room that you can be proud of. Visit your local Badcock & More to get started, and you'll find everything you need in order to bring your vision to life.
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Badcock Furniture is Playing an Active Role in the Miami Community

Responsive imageYou probably already know Badcock Furniture as the premier furniture and home appliance retailer in South Florida. From humble beginnings more than 100 years ago, Badcock is now one of the leading furniture retailers in the state, with 11 retail stores and more than 200 employees.

Our phenomenal growth over the years has been a testament to our business model: we have a commitment to providing the finest furniture at the most competitive prices. We also owe our success to the trust and patronage that we have received from local communities. Without them, Badcock Furniture South Florida would not be the company that it is today. When we have the opportunity to give back to the community, we fully embrace it.

Working with Local Churches to Support the Haitian Community

We recently had the opportunity to work with Eglise Baptiste Missionnaire Jehovah Shamma Church in Deerfield Beach Florida. Led by Rév. Jean Etienne, the Church runs its own outreach programs to assist members of the community who are in desperate need. As a not-for-profit organization, Rév. Etienne relies heavily on donations from members of the public and local businesses. Most recently, the church was working to provide members of the Haitian community with essential furnishings. While many of us take even our simplest home furnishings for granted, there are some families in situations where they don’t have access to furniture, lines of credit, and they have very small or non-existent disposable incomes. Furnishings are essential for comfort, dignity, and the most basic quality of life. With a donation of over $12,000 worth of products from Badcock Furniture, we were able to assist Rév Etienne in his mission to provide relief for members of the Haitian community.
We were humbled and privileged to be able to assist and were more than happy to accept these kind words from the pastor. “It is both a wonderful privilege and a very great pleasure to write you this letter in order to express to you my deepest appreciation for your willingness to donate some furniture to our Church and for the profit of some people in the Haitian Community. We consider such an action as very generous from you, and of which our brothers and sisters who are in difficult situations will never forget.”

The Best Furniture in Florida is Our Business – The Community is Our Passion

We have been privileged to be successful in our business, with huge growth over the years. However, one of the biggest rewards that we take is when we can help communities and community leaders like Rév. Jean Etienne. By providing those in need with essential furnishings, to other outreach work with shelters and training centers in Florida, we at Badcock Furniture will never stop giving our best to the community.

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