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Planning a Renovation? Make sure you Visit a Furniture Store in Fort Lauderdale
Responsive imageIf you are planning to renovate your house, it's probably because you want it to look more beautiful and feel cozier. We advise that you treat your home innovation as you would any other project. And any successful project begins with a plan of what you want to do. In our article today, we will share the process of planning a renovation and implementing it with a bias towards furniture renovation. Before you visit a furniture store in Fort Lauderdale, below are some of the steps you might need to follow.


The first step is to decide how much you are willing to spend on the entire project. At this stage, you set the upper expenditure limits of your project. Writing out a budget keeps you conscious of what you can afford to spend. What you can afford to spend determines what you are willing to buy and what you are willing to do.

Take stock of your current furniture

To get an accurate sense of what we need to buy you need to sit down and evaluate the furniture you own. Evaluate each furniture item based on its condition, current usefulness, and whether it fits in with the decor you have in mind.

Group the items into keep or discard.

Look over the items in the keep heap and decide where you will place them in the rooms.

Prioritize your purchases

This is where things get interesting, all the rooms in your house have different furnishing requirements. At this point is important to ensure each room has its priority furniture sorted out. For example, the bedroom must have a bed and a dresser and the living room will need a sofa and a dining table. This list is important to avoid blowing your entire budget making one room perfect and having no money left for priority furnishings for the other rooms.

Filling the rooms

Once the priority fittings have been acquired and placed, you can go ahead and buy additional furniture fittings to fill the space left in the rooms When the budget runs out, take some time to save up and slowly continue buying the items on your list. Basically what we are trying to say is, when it comes to renovation, Rome was not built in a day.

Always go for quality

You need your furniture to last long. Secondly, you need to get good quality for your purchase. Let's take an example, it is better to spend more on a high-quality bed and mattress than it is on the dresser. Our reasoning is that the quality of your mattress and bed is directly linked to your quality of sleep. It is, therefore, better to pinch pennies off the dresser than on the bed.

Living room furniture

Before going to your furniture store we advise you take the following steps.
  • Get the dimensions of your living room.
  • Measure the width and height of your doorways to make sure you do not purchase furniture that cannot get into your house.
  • Visualize the type of furniture you want and even draw it out on a piece of paper. This process is called staging
  • Consider the occupants of the room will the rooms used by adults only, or do will little children also access it?

Buying sofas in Fort Lauderdale

  • Get fabric samples from your seller to assure yourself about the quality and whether the color works for the decor you have in mind.
  • Ascertain that the furniture comes with a warranty on the frame.
  • Be very clear on the store's return policy and how it impacts you.
  • Negotiate for a discount

Buying bedroom furniture in Fort Lauderdale

The key here is to ensure the bed is of great quality and the mattress is of matching quality. If you have a preference for headboards, test it out and ensure that it is comfortable and that the fabric feels great and durable. If your budget allows, go for a dresser as well.

Buying kids furniture in Fort Lauderdale

  • Ensure that there are no sharp edges.
  • Ensure that there are no removable small pieces they can ingest.
  • Ensure the paint is safe.
  • Ensure that the furniture is sturdy enough to survive to mishandle.
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Modern office sofas to startup your new business
Responsive imageThe office design needs for a startup company are quite different from a traditional, established, and stable company. So as you focus your energy on your startup let us look at a few tips before you head out to a furniture store in West Palm Beach to start stocking up on some furniture.


Startups are always in a state of flux. This applies not only to the business environment but also to their workspace. A company in a state of constant change needs a flexible office plan and design with room to grow and move furniture about. That being said, we advise having furniture pieces that are easy to move and generally look good regardless of where we place them.

Plan before moving in

It is advisable to get an office space that can grow with you rather than having to change locations and get a bigger space when the startup needs more space for the new hires. It is always better to plan ahead of the growth curve.

The functionality of the furniture

Do consider that you will need a wide variety of furniture.  A sofa is comfortable for lounging but is not ideal for use with a workstation. So take some time and think it out and factor in the number of staff members that you have.

Involve the team

While looking for furniture ideas, let your employees chip in with their ideas. This consensus is good for team morale. And since they will be using most of the furniture anyway, it's a good idea to let them pick what they'll be comfortable with.


For most startups, cash is tight. We advise that you shop wisely and look for the best bargain you can get.

Factors you may need to consider when shopping for sofas


Buying furniture that has a homely feeling could be a way of making people feel more comfortable and could even be a key driver of motivation and creativity.

Get the dimensions of your office

Measure all four corners of the office so that you can get the maximum length and width that are available for you use.

Get the dimensions of all entryways

The width and the height of the entryways will provide a guideline of the maximum size of sofa you should get. You don't want to be in a situation where your new purchase cannot fit into the office.

Order fabric samples of the sofas

This step allows you to gauge or measure the quality of the fabric used to measure the sofa. Secondly, the fabrics can be used to stage and see if the proposed buys fit in with the decor that you have in mind. You are therefore able to visualize the sofa before purchasing it.

Negotiate a discount with your order

Is always good to get good value for your money. You can target when furniture stores are offering sales discounts. So if you’re not under pressure, you can hold off ordering for as long as you can until that sales discount comes along

Arranging your office furniture

Below is a short checklist that you may keep in mind

Keep the entrances clear

Place the largest furniture items at the corners farthest away from the entrance. This gives an impression of roominess, and the office does not feel congested.

Distribute the furniture uniformly

Use all the office space effectively and create a visual balance by cleverly combining large pieces of furniture and small pieces of furniture. In other words, avoid situations where all the large pieces of furniture are together and all the small pieces of furniture are also lumped together.

Free up some wall space

Try not to place all the furniture against the walls. We advise placing the desk in the middle of the room. This action makes the room seem larger and more fluid. It also provides a feeling of openness.

Plan for foot traffic

  • Don't select a furniture arrangement that makes it difficult for people to move around. A cramped office not only increases stress but can actually be hazardous in the event that people need to make emergency exits.
  • We advise on having at least a 3-foot wide working space.
  • Placing filing cabinets closer to the desks it's better than having them cluttered around the office.
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How To Choose The Right Bed And Bedroom Furniture For Your Home
Responsive imageYour bedroom is arguably the most important room in your home. It's where you retreat to at the end of a long day, where you relax and sleep, ready for the next day ahead. That means that you need the best furniture possible to help you recharge when you need it. Here's how you can pick the best bedroom furniture in South Florida, and get the bedroom you deserve.

Decide On The Right Mattress

The mattress on your bed is vital to your bedroom. If you have the right mattress, everything else will fall into place. It needs to be comfortable and just right, something that even Goldilocks herself would approve of. Mattresses come in all kinds of styles, and they're all equally good. The trick is to find the one that works for you. This is a job that you can't do online. Head into furniture stores South Florida, and start trying out mattresses. They should have stations where you can try them all and see which one is right for you. Do you like a firm mattress or a soft one? Pick the right mattress and you'll get a great night's sleep, every time.

Don't Forget The Drapes

If you want to get a good night's sleep every night, you need to keep the light out of the bedroom. The right drapes will be thick enough to block the light and fit in with your color scheme in the room. You've got a lot of choices when it comes to fabrics and styles. You can pick something that matches your bed sheets, so your room will be tied together harmoniously. You don't have to have just drapes, either. Blinds are another good option that many homeowners are choosing. Blackout blinds, that are lined with heavy, light blocking fabrics, are perfect for bedrooms.

Buy Plenty Of Storage

The furniture in your bedroom needs to hold a lot. Depending on your closet space, you'll need room for shoes, clothes, makeup, and more. If you're forever tripping over items in the morning when you're trying to get ready, then you need furniture that encompasses a lot of storage. You can buy closets with space for shoes, cabinets with dedicated jewelry hanging areas, and more. Work out what you need from your furniture and go shopping. You'll find all kinds of options that will keep your bedroom tidy and serene.

Decide What Tech Will Be Allowed In The Bedroom

We all know that tech keeps you up at night, but it's hard to disconnect at the end of the day. Who doesn't sleep with their phone on charge next to them? When redecorating your bedroom, think about what tech is important to you at night. If you need your phone, you can buy nightstands that have charging stations for your phone. If you need to have the TV on late at night, you can buy a table for it that fits right in with your other furniture. You can even buy TVs that slide into the baseboard of your bed!

Consider The Needs Of The Bedroom's Owner

Your bedroom is going to look very different to a child's bedroom, or a teenager's one. If you're decorating for a child, think about what they'll need. Kid's furniture South Florida is designed to hold more items, like toys, so storage is vital. Well made furniture that can stand up to use by children is also important. For teenagers, they'll need furniture that can do several things at once. Their bedroom is their study, their entertainment space, and their sleeping space. Good furniture for them includes a desk to give them a place to do homework, as well as seating for friends. Bean bags are a great idea for them when they have friends around to visit. Think about what they need and plan accordingly.

Create The Perfect Bedroom

With these tips, you'll create a bedroom that's just right. Pick out the right furniture, choose the mattress that's right for you, and make sure there's enough storage space. You'll soon look forward to coming home at night and curling up in your new, relaxing and personal space.
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