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Best Times to Buy Furniture: A Guide

man shopping at the best time to buy furniture

Are you looking to revamp your home? Design experts reveal furniture is at its most bargained for the price during certain key months, seasons, and holidays. The idea of buying new furniture and redecorating may sound glorious, but it can be an overwhelming process. 

In addition to finding the best time to buy furniture, the pieces you choose to furnish your home are bound to be expensive. 

A piece of furniture should be seen as an investment for your home, and you may think the price reflects the quality. However, it’s always helpful to find a bargain in which you can save a little more money in your bank account. So, when are the best furniture sales?

Best Time to Shop for Furniture 

There are countless furniture sales throughout the year, but to find one at the time your home needs a makeover is all about timing. 

Finding the right month and season to shop for new furniture can be difficult. The best time to buy furniture is when big department stores center their sales around major holidays or 3-4 day weekends. This is done conveniently for consumers as producers realize it typically takes more than a few days to make a big decision. 

Active shoppers will already know that new furniture styles are offered twice throughout the year. Once at the beginning of the year— usually February— as department stores make the end of the year inventory sales. Then once in August as summer rolls around and new seasonal furniture is released. 

A consumer can shop in January and July to find the best furniture sales. 

Worst Time to Shop for Furniture

An important motto should be remembered when furniture shopping: when demand is high, prices are high and when demand is low, prices are low. 

Demand is high when new products are released and prices are usually low when retailers want to get rid of old stock items. The best time to buy furniture would be when the demand for that product is low. 

Typically, there is a biannual release planned for the furniture industry in the spring and fall; these are the seasons and months to avoid doing a home makeover. If you are desperate to create a new look in your home, design experts recommend shopping the months before spring and fall. However, if you are enticed by the latest trends and don't mind spending a little extra, that’s your choice. 

If you are one of those individuals that shop for seasonal trends, you are taking part in something called a collective demand. Collective demand is when society is willing to pay a certain price for public goods, such as a refrigerator or dining room table

Those that shop to avoid collective demand are known as bargain shoppers; they are the individuals that shop for next year’s winter jackets at this year's blowout sale or the family that bought new sports equipment just after the season ended. These individuals usually know the best time to shop for new furniture and accessories. 

Design experts recognize that the months between January and April are budgeted months. This is possibly due to Christmas money that was spent frivolously in December or the income tax deadline that approaches in April. 

Types of Furniture Sales

There is every type of furniture sale you can think of, but when do the best furniture sales occur? Furniture sales usually coincide with holidays and 3-4 day weekends, some of those holidays and sale items include:

  • Presidents Day (February)

    • Living room sets

    • Upholstery, such as sofas and recliners

  • Memorial Day (May)

    • Mattresses

    • Bedroom sets

    • Refrigerators 

    • Outdoor furniture

  • Fourth of July (July)

    • Electronics

    • Back to school

    • Children’s furniture

    • Office furniture

  • Labor Day (September)

    • Dining room sets

    • Rugs

    • Lighting

    • Dishwashers

    • Washers and Dryers

    • Outdoor furniture

  • Black Friday (November)

    • Everything is on sale

    • Electronics

  • End of the Year (December/January) 

    • Get rid of inventory

    • Kitchen appliances

    • Electronics

    • Clothing

Although these appliances will be on sale at other times throughout the year, these are the most opportune times to act.

Regular Sales

Although the months between January and April are low-spending months for many families, there are still regular sale items offered in stores. 

Wholesalers and department stores make up for potential losses at the beginning of the year. They do this with new furniture releases and sales cuts on previous items like living room and dining room sets.

Shop the months before summer hits to find discounts; a lot of new furniture is released in the summer months and you can save by snagging items that are considered out of style. Conversely, some might say the best time to buy furniture and accessories is at the end of summer or winter as regular sales take place.

Looking for a specific buy will certainly have something to do with availability and sale prices; items and their colors are sold by season. For example, if you're looking to specifically go for the color scheme of gold, brown, red, and green, you will want to shop through the fall and winter months. 

In addition to those colors, if you are looking for brighter hues such as white, yellow, pink, or pastel-like, the best time to shop for furniture would be early spring and summer. 

While there are regular sales held throughout the year, individuals should not expect custom or handmade pieces to be discounted. Custom furniture is on-demand and specially ordered; the product is never made in abundance. 

For custom pieces, retailers will most likely not apply a discount even if they need to move older stock items. If you are interested in a custom piece, there is no need to wait for a sale.

Holiday Sales

If you have ever wondered when one of the best times to buy furniture is, holiday sales prove to be a valuable time.

Some of the best holiday sales include:

  • President’s day and the week leading up to it

  • Memorial day

  • Fourth of July

  • Labor day weekend and the week leading up to it

Many homeowners try to complete DIY home projects in the spring and summer. Although, there are those few who scramble to finish just ahead of the winter months and holidays. 

Before the holiday season approaches, many shoppers forgo the incentive to wait another month and buy pieces of furniture without a discount. Design experts have revealed furniture prices dip in the winter months as new furniture styles are released for the new year. 

After holidays, wholesalers and department stores prepare for the warmer months as that is their busiest time for furniture sales and production.

Store Credit

Take advantage of your store credit. Some of you may be thinking, “how valuable can store credit or coupons be?” The answer is very. 

When shopping directly at a retailer’s store, store credit and credit cards offered by retailers can be helpful but also deceiving. Store credit is offered when a customer cannot be issued a refund for returning an item. 

The individual will then use that store credit to purchase another good from the same store; the individual can either purchase something for the same price, for less or more and pay the difference. 

If you have a store credit, it should never expire. The amount of store credit will vary for each individual and should be your choice whether to use your store credit or not.

Design experts advise consumers to save store credit if there is extra money at the moment. However, if you don't have extra cash but need that new piece of furniture, take advantage of your store credit. 

A store credit card is different. They work similar to a regular credit card, but only allow you to make purchases at the store they’re associated with. Store credit cards allow an individual to make purchases and payments just as a regular credit card. They also limit one to the amount they can spend.

Store credit cards are tricky and may end up costing you more than the discounted item you originally wanted. If you put an item on your store credit card and don’t pay it off right away, a balance will carry over that also charges interest. The initial purchase of the item plus the interest will eat into the savings you had just thought you scored on that item. 

A better alternative to credit cards and store credit would be coupons. Coupons provide discounts and free shipping codes. Although these are not as heavily influential or as easily acquired as store credit cards, individuals can search for coupons online or in magazines. 

Finance at Badcock

At Badcock, customers may not have to worry about the best time to buy furniture as they offer no-interest financing. No interest financing has been offered in-house for years and allows a customer to choose between a 6, 12, and 24-month plan. 

These promotional plans are subject to credit approvals and applied to a single-receipt qualifying purchase on an approved Badcock account. These plans may require a minimum purchase or down payment.

If you are not pre-approved for a no-interest financing plan at Badcock, they offer an alternative financing program through Snap Finance. This option is for those who have no credit or less than a perfect score.

Why Save

Saving on furniture not only helps the consumer, but it helps the producer of the goods as they can continue production into the new year. If you like to shop, remember that buying a product you don't need is never a bargain no matter how much it’s marked down. 

In the furniture industry, the best time to shop can be inconsistent as there is always going to be a sale. If what you’re looking for isn’t discounted now, it might be in the next few months, but you have to check back. Contact us today at Badcock Furniture to find the best deals on furniture for you and your family. 

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How to Best Care for Your Furniture
how to care for your furniture

Part of any good furniture buying decision is determining the level of maintenance that the pieces will require. Different materials and the overall intricacy of the piece of furniture will play a significant role in the care level it requires. We're going to discuss some of the best care practices for various types of furniture so that you can make a more informed buying decision to fit your needs.

Furniture Comes In Many Different Materials

Before we can discuss the specifics of furniture care and how to clean furniture, we need to start by identifying the various materials. Furniture is typically constructed out of one of the four materials listed out below:

  • Wood

  • Upholstery

  • Leather

  • Glass

You'll need to know what type of material your furniture is made out of to start with. Each different material requires its own unique furniture care method. To make things simple, we're going to discuss the best cleaning practices for each furniture material type.


Wood is a very commonly purchased material for furniture. It looks timeless with any sort of decor, and it's fairly easy to maintain. However, wood can be a bit on the expensive side. This creates all the more reason why you want to ensure you know how to clean furniture made of wood correctly.

The furniture care practices for wood start with properly identifying the finish. You want to be mindful of this finish as improper handling can result in the destruction of the outer finish. When the finish is damaged, it will not only change the look of the piece, but it will make the wood more susceptible to damage.

Dust Frequently

The most basic furniture care tip for wood is simply committing to dusting it off regularly. This practice removes the loose dirt and debris that settles on the piece of wood furniture. Be sure to use a damp cloth when dusting. This ensures that you actually collect the dust and not scatter it throughout the air.

Deep Clean

While dusting can help to remove debris, it's not going to omit the need for regular deep cleaning for your piece of furniture. For deep cleaning, you should be purchasing detergents that are specifically designed for wood. Wood-specific cleaning products protect the wood and limit the amount of water used during cleaning. You should be very careful not to use excess water with wood as water can easily damage it.

Polish Or Wax It

Depending upon the recommendation of the manufacturer, you should polish or wax your furniture every so often. This practice helps to create a protective surface layer for your piece of furniture and revives its elegant look.

Cleaning Materials Needed: Microfiber Cloths, Wood Cleaner, Wood Wax / Polish


Upholstered furniture is a common investment for many homeowners. Not only does it bring texture and color to furniture items, but it brings comfort too. Here are some tips on how to clean furniture that is upholstered:


When you get the vacuum out to take care of your floors, you should do your upholstered furniture as well. This helps to avoid excessive accumulation of dust and debris that can drastically reduce the look of the piece. Aim for vacuuming your furniture at least once per week.

Deep Clean

Upholstered furniture can be constructed with many different types of fabric. Each one requires its own specific cleaning compound. When at the store, opt for purchasing a cleaning product specifically made for the fabric on your furniture. For example, wool cleaning products for wool and cotton cleaning products for cotton.

Reorganize Often

Part of furniture care is ensuring that your pieces last for their intended lifespan. One great way to extend the life of your items is to reorganize them. This practice could be as simple as switching the pillows around on your couch or sofa. Try to ensure that every pillow gets an even amount of wear.

Cleaning Materials Needed: Vacuum, Fabric Cleaner, Microfiber Cloths


Leather is a unique furniture material that provides a pristine look even as it ages. Because of this unique feature, leather tends to be an expensive material. Here are some cleaning tips you should be following to ensure the health of your leather furniture well into the future:


Leather is a fairly solid material that can be easily dusted. Use a moist cloth to run over the surface of the leather. Be careful not to use too much water as it can damage the surface.

Deep Clean

You need to be very careful when you clean your leather pieces because certain detergents can harm them. Opt for purchasing some saddle soap to clean your leather items. Again, avoid using an excessive amount of water as it can cause mildew and surface damage.

Cleaning Materials Needed: Saddle Soap, Microfiber Cloths


We've saved the easiest furniture material to clean for last. Glass is super simple to clean and provides a nice sheen when completed. Usually, microfiber cloth in hot water can take care of most stains. If you need some extra power, opt for using a glass cleaning compound. Just be sure to avoid using too much as it can result in unwanted streaking.

Cleaning Materials Needed: Microfiber Cloths, Glass Cleaner

How Can You Protect Your Furniture From Pets And Kids?

One trip to the furniture store, and it becomes immediately clear that furniture is a big investment for anyone. You want to help secure that investment from harm. If your happy family includes some young kids and some furry pets, you need to take some extra precautions to ensure the lifespan of your furniture.


Okay, slipcovers may bring back that memory of your grandparent's couch being covered in that squeaking plastic that kept sticking to your thighs. The reality is that slipcovers have developed a lot over the years. They're available in more modern designs that are both comfortable and stay in place.

Modern slipcovers can be easily placed over your entire furniture item to protect its integrity. When the slipcover gets dirty, simply throw it in the washing machine. These are a great solution for busy families:

Strategically Placed Blankets And Throws

Sometimes you may notice that you have specific areas of your furniture that seem to be more susceptible to damage. Instead of worrying about covering up your entire piece of furniture, you can easily use a blanket or throw to cover up a spot. For example, if your cat finds her home on the one arm of your couch, cover that arm with a blanket. The blanket will prevent unwanted scratch marks and excessive hair buildup on your piece of furniture.

Place Enticers Near Furniture

Every cat owner knows that it can be quite frustrating when your cat decides to put their claws into everything you own, including that expensive couch. You can help to foster better habits by placing a cat scratcher strategically near the piece of furniture. As soon as your cat scratches, you can deter their behavior by placing them in front of the scratcher.

It's common for dogs to find a favorite spot to lay on your couch or chair. Apart from the excessive amount of dog hair they leave behind, they can also cause unwanted scratches in the furniture and uneven wear in the cushions. It's best to place a dog bed near their favorite spot. The dog bed gives them an alternative space to lay and can easily deter them from lounging on your furniture.

Contact Badcock Today

Learning how to clean furniture the right way can seem like a big undertaking. Luckily, the professionals at Badcock Furniture can assist you in all your furniture care needs. This way, you can invest in the right type of furniture for your home that will be sure to last. Contact us today!
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How to Take the Stress Out of Furniture Shopping
stress free furniture shopping

It's an undeniable fact that the right furniture can radically improve the quality of life for homeowners and apartment dwellers alike. Sadly, finding and acquiring the furniture that compliments your lifestyle without suffering from a nervous breakdown is easier said than done. There are a lot of variables to consider that most furniture shoppers tend to forget about. These simple yet effective shopping tips should make the search for solid furniture a relatively enjoyable experience.

Meticulously Measure and Document Spaces

Knowing beyond a shadow of a doubt that your furniture will fit within a specific footprint with room to spare is a must. Doing so will ensure that the move-in process is as hassle-free as possible. For one thing, you'll be able to use these measurements to prevent physical damage to drywall and door jambs. What's more, accurate diagrams of a room where the new furniture will eventually reside will help our experts at Badcock be able to help recommend appropriate pieces, 

Start by using a tape measure to flesh out the exact dimensions of your living room, bedroom, or dining room. Be sure to account for protrusions like floor trim and window sills. If your walls aren't aligned at right angles, an angle gauge will help you to come up with an accurate estimation of a room's square footage. Use masking tape to mark out the placement of potential furniture purchases and take plenty of photos using your Android or iPhone.

Outfit Just One Type of Room at a Time

While there's a case to be made for furnishing a residence all at once, most consumers would be better served by stretching out the process. First off, buying every piece of furniture needed to outfit home in one fell swoop can be incredibly expensive. Furthermore, furnishing an entire home is a logistical nightmare under the best of circumstances. Lastly, future renovations of rooms can make furniture undesirable for aesthetic or utilitarian reasons in short order.

It's often best to start with a room that's furthest from the door and fully furnish it with the items of your choosing. Another winning idea is to furnish a room that will house the heaviest furniture first. Living rooms and home offices typically feature a lot of bulky items that are tough to move. Buying furniture in sets that boast matching colors will make selling it to consignment shops a lot easier in the future.

Look Out for Flexible Payment Options

If you desire the kind of furniture that will last for decades, you need to be prepared to make a substantial investment. Furniture vendors that offer in-house financing make the acquisition process a breeze for buyers. In-house financing provided by furniture stores reduces paperwork, red tape, and headaches for consumers of all stripes. Best of all, many furniture stores that boast in-house financing plans can work with most customers regardless of their credit ratings.

A reputable furniture store worth patronizing will offer prospective customers a range of payment options for their convenience. What's more, great furniture vendors typically boast no-interest payment plans for customers with superior credit ratings. Badcock Home Furniture of South Florida puts consumers in the driver's seat by accepting a slew of payment options including PayPal Credit and Acima. On top of that, Badcock offers generous discounts of $100 off of every purchase over $1,000.

Wait for Promotions to Pull the Trigger

While most trustworthy furniture stores offer competitive prices throughout the year, they all hold semi-annual sales to clear out inventory. Scheduling a major furniture purchase to coincide with your preferred vendor's promotions can do so much more than just saving money. Planning a purchase month well in advance will give you time to iron out financing details. You'll also be able to arrange for the sale or disposal of old furniture you no longer require.

Knowing what kinds of furniture to buy at specific times of the year is the key to maximizing savings and reducing stress levels. For instance, holiday sales are a great way to pick up excellent dining room sets at bargain prices. If you're looking for epic deals on patio furniture, keep an eye on holiday promotions. 

Carefully Review All Warranty Information

A superior furniture store won't generally stock and sell items that come with lackluster warranties. Nevertheless, it's important to know what kind of protection you're getting from the manufacturer before you make a decision. Knowing how long you can ask for a refund or a replacement will give you much-needed peace of mind. Moreover, ironing out warranty protection details will save you time and frustration should a mishap occur in the future.

Our customer service at Badcock is second-to-none. Our specialists can show you how to take the stress out of furniture shopping in minutes by thoroughly explaining warranty plans. Be sure to ask about extended warranties that go above and beyond manufacturer guarantees when looking for new furniture. Oftentimes, these extended warranties can be had for a few extra dollars per month. If you have a busy household packed with kids and pets, that minimal investment will likely yield dividends at some point.

Sort Out Transportation Details Beforehand

Understanding the difference between complimentary deliveries and full-service deliveries will prevent unpleasant surprises when your furniture arrives. Most furniture stores that offer free delivery simply drop the hardware off at the door. Maneuvering sofas and recliners into their final resting places aren’t typically included. That's why it's important to have moving pads, masking tape, and packing foam handy. If you'd like the furniture store to handle the final moving steps for a nominal fee, opt for full-service delivery.

For the most part, an established furniture store with a sterling reputation will offer free delivery on major purchases. At Badcock, our free express delivery takes the stress out of paying for expensive transportation and moving costs.

Inspect the Goods in Person Whenever Possible

A high-quality piece of furniture is one of those things that you should really see up close before you buy. It's not like you're purchasing a pair of jeans from Old Navy, after all. While online descriptions are helpful, they can't fully convey the tactile experience of physically interacting with a chair or a desk. Additionally, some furniture sets are only eligible for financing if they're sold in the store.

For the best results possible, try to schedule your furniture store visit so that you have plenty of time to peruse the merchandise. If you're in a hurry, you're more likely to make a rash decision that you'll regret later on. A good salesperson can shepherd you through the decision-making process as you sample the available pieces that catch your eye. Ask specific questions about wood and upholstery care to ensure that your purchase is a prudent one.

At Badcock's, Customer Satisfaction Always Comes First

Now that you know how to take the stress out of furniture shopping, you can more confidently purchase pieces that suit your tastes and lifestyle. Badcock's Home Furniture is committed to providing the finest furniture in South Florida at the best prices. Visit any one of our 11 convenient locations to see why we're the South Florida furniture purveyor to beat.

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How to Decorate With Rugs to Define Your Space

decorative rugs
Choosing a Decorative Rug

Rugs have the potential to define your space. Decorating with rugs helps bring life into your home. Aside from visual appeal, they can also serve a useful purpose. Rugs can be used to separate two different areas - for example, a living room and kitchen that are located in the same vicinity.

Without the need for a traditional room divider, decorating with rugs can help add dimension to your space. Do you feel like your space doesn’t have enough room? Are you trying to create an illusion of more room? That’s where decorating with rugs comes in!

Rugs are not only beneficial when working with larger spaces. Smaller spaces that lack the room for additional furniture can liven up with rugs. We’re excited to share with you all the ways that rugs make defining your space possible. There are numerous directions you can go in when choosing a rug for your home.

Besides, decorating with rugs can help perform several functions within one room. For example, a bedroom may also need to work as an office space or a home yoga studio. With the help of some rug decorating, this all becomes possible.

Keep reading to learn more about decorating with rugs and all the possibilities that come along with it!

Decorating with Rugs: The Importance of Size

The size of your rug will differ depending on your goal. Whether you want a rug as an accent or as a way to make your space look larger, the options are endless! The size of a rug can give a completely different feel to your space. For example, area rugs take up the entire space and can sometimes be counterproductive in creating space.

However, an area rug beneath a bed may be the perfect choice for keeping your feet warm when you wake up and step out of bed. In a dining room, decorating with a rug means making sure all the chairs are on top of the rug in an even position. Decorating with rugs becomes more than just a visual accessory when ensuring that the chairs can slide comfortably and provide the most comfortable experience. 

Decorating with Rugs and Color: So Many Options!

Decorating with rugs doesn’t stop at the size! Choosing a color is one of the most exciting parts of the decorating process. First, it helps to access your room’s color scheme. To tie the look of the room together, a general rule is to choose one or two of the main colors. 

If you make your way to visit us, we suggest you take a throw pillow and a color swatch of your curtains, furniture, or wall colors with you. It can be hard to imagine the right color in your head without a helpful reference. 

Other helpful tips when it comes to choosing colors and decorating with rugs include:

  • Is your primary furniture, like a sofa or couch, a solid color? We recommend considering a patterned rug to liven up your space!

  • Use the color of your sofa to find patterned rugs - looking for a rug that incorporates the sofa’s color as a secondary color is key! For example, a red couch may call for an abstract rug with red accents! You can then use other colors of the rug to find throw pillows and blankets for your couch.

  • If your sofa or couch has a funky pattern, decorating with a solid-colored rug may be just what you need.

Decorating with a rug can help set a tone for the room. Dark, rich colors create an intimate space while lighter colors often make space appear larger. Color tones such as yellow, orange, or red add warmth while cool colors can create a more relaxed vibe in your space. There are so many possibilities when it comes to decorating with rugs!

Decorating with Rugs: Letting Your Creative Side Lead With Shapes

Although commonly used, rectangular rugs are one of many options. There may be better options that suit your unique space better. Perhaps a round rug can serve as a perfect accent for your kid's room. Maybe a square rug can serve as a perfect office space divider for your bedroom. Choosing a size is an important part of decorating with rugs.

We encourage you to be playful and creative with your rug shape! It’s easy to stick to what you know, but you may be delightfully surprised with a new option. Remember, we’re here to help you answer all your rug decorating questions so don’t hesitate to reach out with any questions you may have.

Decorating With Rugs is More Than Just Decorating

Our space is our home; a place where we get to express our identity and invite those we love in. The importance of this space cannot be overstated. From painting the walls to decorating with rugs, we give meaning to our homes. 

The visual appeal, as important as it is, is secondary to the feeling we receive when we feel at home in our space. When decorating with rugs or other accessories, it helps to ask: How does this item make me feel? What does it remind me of? Keep in mind you’ll be in the company of this rug for a while!

Decorating with rugs allows you to add dimension and personality to your space. When you add personality to your space, your home truly becomes yours.

Is Decorating with Rugs Leaving You With Questions? We’re Here to Help!

We understand the importance of bringing your space to life and making it your home. Designing your space with furniture and accessories can seem like a daunting task. Fortunately, we’re experts when it comes to defining your space with furniture. We encourage you to come to visit us, or reach out to us here at your convenience - we would love to be a part of your home-making process!

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How to Choose Upholstery Fabric For Your Furniture
how to choose upholstery

Choosing the Right Upholstery to Match Your Furniture

The furniture that you decide to put in your home should be looked at as an investment. It can make or break the look of any room. Choosing the right upholstery can complement a living room, bedroom, or dining room's overall theme and provide a luxurious level of comfort. However, choosing the wrong material can lead to an ununified look, and you'll find yourself continually battling unwanted stains and snags.

What Exactly Is Upholstery?

Before we can go into the specifics of choosing the ideal upholstery for your furniture, we must define just what upholstery is. Upholstery is the name given to the fabric, webbing, springs, and padding of a piece of furniture. In simple terms, you can regard upholstery as the combination of soft coverings for sofas, chairs, and other furniture.

Start With Defining Your Basic Needs

Before you head off to the furniture store, you must take a moment to consider your basic needs for the piece. Far too often, consumers make their buying decision based on the piece's look with complete disregard for its practical use. You don't want to fall into this category of consumers.

Rather, begin your upholstery buying experience by answering a couple of questions:

  • Where will the piece be used?

  • Who will use the piece?

  • How much maintenance are you willing to commit to?

Many factors can influence the practical use of your furniture. When you answer the above questions, you should have a clear idea of what you need in upholstery material. Now, it's time to dig deeper into picking the right material to fit your needs.


The next step in how to choose upholstery fabric that fits your needs is to consider the level of durability your home requires. Depending on where the piece will be used and the personal aspects of your family, there are a few different options that you can consider.

  • Woven fabrics tend to be the most durable. They hold up longer than printed fabrics.

  • Upholstery comes in different thread counts. The higher the thread count, the more dense the fabric. This means that it will be more durable than lower thread count options.

  • If you have pets, microfiber and leather upholstery tends to stand up better to consistent wear and tear.


The next step in how to choose upholstery fabric involves choosing a harmonious style. When you think of style, you should be considering two aspects. First, the upholstery style should go well with the interior decor of the room it will be in. Second, the style of the upholstery should complement the actual design of the piece of furniture.

You want your new piece of furniture to be harmonious with your home. You'll need to consider aspects of the upholstery fabric, including the size of the pattern and the textured look. For example, if you have a large room, you can opt for a larger upholstery design. However, a larger fabric design on your upholstery can be too much if your furniture is going in a small, confined room.

The actual design of your piece of furniture is a big contributor to the upholstery style that you pick. They should fit well together. For example, if your piece of furniture is crafted with a traditional style, then you should consider using more traditional fabric.


Many guides on how to choose upholstery fabric will start with this attribute as it tends to be one of the most considered by homeowners. However, we placed this attribute lower down in our list of considerations because we want to remind you that it isn't the sole deciding factor you should go off of. There's no denying the fact that it's a must to consider. However, the style and durability of your upholstery fabric are just as important.

The color of fabric that you choose can have a big impact on the design of your room. Since you won't be changing upholstery often, you need to ensure that you choose a fabric color that you can live with for a long time. It's best to start the process of choosing the right color by considering what temperature you're going for in your space. Warm and cool colors can affect your mood and your overall design.

Warm Colors: Orange, Red, Yellow, In-Between Combinations

Warm colors are those that visually warm the room. They remind you of sunlight and heat. They're best for rooms that you want to appear more intimate or cozy, such as a large bedroom or living room.

Cool Colors: Blue, Green, Light Purple

Cool colors are those that remind you of the sky, ice, snow, and water. These types of colors work to visually enlarge the piece.

Neutral Colors: Greys, Tans, Whites

Neutral colors are great for those who don't want to commit to either a warm or cool color. These neutral tones provide a safe choice that blends with many different room decors.


Sunlight can be a big problem for the lifespan of your upholstered furniture. When items receive direct sunlight via a window or skylight, the UV rays can cause the fabric to fade. If you're going to be placing your furniture in a room that receives a lot of direct sunlight, you should opt for a fade-resistant fabric.

Pet-Friendly Upholstery

Pets are a big factor to consider is how to choose upholstery fabric for your furniture. You need to consider a fabric that will withstand the constant wear and tear of your pets. You'll want one that also keeps pet hair collection at a minimum. Here are two tips to consider:

  • Select A Fabric With A Tight Weave

  • Avoid Fabrics With Complicated Textures

Fabric Type

Now, since we've discussed some of the key factors that you'll need to consider how to choose upholstery fabric, it's time to take a look at the most common fabric options.


This fabric is somewhat similar to velvet in its appearance. Chenille is a great fabric choice for furniture pieces that are going to be heavily used, and when you have pets.


Microfiber is a very strong fabric that is abrasion-resistant. It's perfect for pieces that are getting heavy use. Its multi-weave appearance gives it a higher-class look. Microfiber can also be commonly referred to as faux suede.


Velvet is a dense fabric that has a luxurious sheen and softness. It can withstand heavy usage. However, it can be easily stained when spills are not attended to immediately.


Tweed also referred to as basketweave, is a very textured fabric. It's great for hiding stains and signs of regular wear.

Faux Leather

When you're looking for a fabric option that looks good with any interior design and is easy to clean, faux leather is it. This sleek fabric can withstand high use without showing signs of wear.


A much classier look that other available fabrics, jacquard is a yarn-dyed fabric. It' has a heavy feeling and provides an abundance of texture and style to any piece. Jacquard is commonly used for decorative pieces.


Leather is a commonly chosen material for furniture as it provides a timeless design that matches almost all interior designs. Leather is very easy to clean, and it provides a more pristine look after a couple of years of use.

As you've discovered, there are many factors you'll need to consider when choosing an upholstery fabric. If you've found it a bit overwhelming, then it's time to talk to one of our experts at Badcock Furniture about how to choose upholstery fabric. 

Come into one of our conveniently located showrooms or during this time shop online and inquire about our free express delivery. We can work with you to find the perfect fabric for your next furniture investment. Contact us today!

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9 Florida Interior Design Ideas to Transform Your Home
interior design

Interior Design Ideas for South Florida Homes

When you think of Florida, palm trees, beaches, and the words “laid back” and “tropical” come to mind. Living in the Sunshine State means that you’re probably going to get used to seeing certain styles, which leads us to suggest some Florida interior design ideas.

At Badcock Furniture, you’ll find all your home and decorating essentials to make your abode the tropical paradise you’ve always dreamed of. 

One of the main trending Florida interior design ideas of 2020 is individuality. Having a home that is sustainable, with neutral colors and natural light, will keep you at the forefront of what’s cool. This style will also help you feel comfortable and collected in your Florida home.

Here are nine other Florida interior design ideas for your home.

Keep Tropical Patterns in Mind

You can’t go wrong with anything tropical-inspired in your home. Palm-tree stamped fabrics paired with wicker or bamboo will transplant you into the Florida swamplands. To achieve this look, try out our Emma beige sofa and loveseat for your living room. The wheat-colored fabric and the dark cherry wood trim make for a piece that’s straight out of an old Palm Beach house. 

Use Furniture that Has Round, Soft Edges

Furniture with sharp corners can create a stressful home environment. Find tables with rounded edges so that you can feel happier and more relaxed. Our Nadine Chrome Cocktail Table provides a perfect example of the kind of softer-looking furniture you need.

Buy Pieces with Light Colors

Florida is the home of sunny skies, so it’s fitting to have lighter colors in your home. When it comes to Florida interior design ideas, lighter colors are a key component. Light blue, teal, pinks, and greens reflect the colors you see in Florida’s beaches and plants. Our Halston pale aqua leather reclining sofa and console loveseat is made with a beautiful light blue color that shouts Florida. 

Neutral colors are another smart choice for Florida decor since they go with so many things. If you want to add another color to your furniture, try using an area rug, a throw blanket, or accent pillows. You can do a lot with a neutral palette in your room. 

Focus on Minimalism

Sometimes, less is more. Keep the colors in your house to a lower number, and buy furniture that has geometric shapes. By focusing on minimalism, you’ll be able to make your home a more comfortable place to live and relax. 

Geometric shapes can be traced back to Aztecs, but they became more popular in home decor in the 1960s. Since then, they’ve become a classic part of interior design, especially in Florida. These shapes have a youthful feel to them and will keep your home from feeling stuffy. 

However, you don’t have to strictly stick to two colors. You can also add an accent wall in one of your rooms to give a pop of color. Find lighter pieces of furniture to go against this part of the room. 

Find Wall Art with a Beach Vibe

Paintings like our Praveen wall art give off an ocean vibe and an abstract view of the ocean.

Having multiple mirrors can make your space look bigger if you have a small home or apartment. Look to pieces like our Sunburst wall mirror for inspiration. It’s shaped like a gorgeous and grand sun, finished in bronze with a black wash. 

Even if you live in Florida but aren’t near the beach, you can have a home that closely matches it with some beautiful wall art. 

Use Mirrors to Expand Your Space

Mirrors will make your home look bigger and also bring more light into it. As we know, Florida homes are all about natural light. These are especially effective in bathrooms and other small rooms. If you want a mirror in your bedroom, place a large floor-length one against the wall to really expand your space. 

Mirrors also works in houses that have Florida garden views. 

Use Natural Materials in Your Pieces

Aim for materials like cotton, wool, or silk instead of synthetic fabrics like polyester and fleece. Biophilic design is the use of natural materials in your home, and it’s high on the list of Florida interior design ideas. Studies have shown that incorporating these materials can reduce stress and help you sleep better. 

Do you walk on the beach often? Pick out some interesting shells and scatter them around different locations in your home. Having these around the house will make your feel like your toes are in the sand.

With these natural materials in your home, you’re bound to feel more peaceful and rested. This will surely benefit your psychological well being. 

Add Some Metallic Accents to Your Room

You don’t only need natural materials to achieve the Florida look you want. If you’re looking for more of a South Beach feel, you’ll want to incorporate some more metallic accents in your pieces. Our Manhattan gold accent table has the perfect mixture of sophistication and beauty to add to your home. 

Incorporate Plants Into Your Home

Plants are all the rage in interior decorating these days, and more and more people are learning how to take care of them. Buy some cute planters and put some greenery in them. African violets and air plants are good for indoors and easy to maintain. Plants also help clean air indoors by releasing oxygen and absorbing toxins. They’ll improve your mood and also boost your creativity.

If you don’t have a green thumb, you can always use fake plants. Our artificial Bromeliad plant or our Ficus tree would make a beautiful addition to any home. 

Find Your Perfect Piece at Badcock&more of South Florida

No one knows Florida design better than Badcock Furniture of South Florida. Visit one of our 12 convenient locations to view our many pieces. You can always browse our website as well to see items that might not be in our stores. We guarantee that we’ll have the perfect home decor for you!

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