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How to Take the Stress Out of Furniture Shopping

stress free furniture shopping

It's an undeniable fact that the right furniture can radically improve the quality of life for homeowners and apartment dwellers alike. Sadly, finding and acquiring the furniture that compliments your lifestyle without suffering from a nervous breakdown is easier said than done. There are a lot of variables to consider that most furniture shoppers tend to forget about. These simple yet effective shopping tips should make the search for solid furniture a relatively enjoyable experience.

Meticulously Measure and Document Spaces

Knowing beyond a shadow of a doubt that your furniture will fit within a specific footprint with room to spare is a must. Doing so will ensure that the move-in process is as hassle-free as possible. For one thing, you'll be able to use these measurements to prevent physical damage to drywall and door jambs. What's more, accurate diagrams of a room where the new furniture will eventually reside will help our experts at Badcock be able to help recommend appropriate pieces, 

Start by using a tape measure to flesh out the exact dimensions of your living room, bedroom, or dining room. Be sure to account for protrusions like floor trim and window sills. If your walls aren't aligned at right angles, an angle gauge will help you to come up with an accurate estimation of a room's square footage. Use masking tape to mark out the placement of potential furniture purchases and take plenty of photos using your Android or iPhone.

Outfit Just One Type of Room at a Time

While there's a case to be made for furnishing a residence all at once, most consumers would be better served by stretching out the process. First off, buying every piece of furniture needed to outfit home in one fell swoop can be incredibly expensive. Furthermore, furnishing an entire home is a logistical nightmare under the best of circumstances. Lastly, future renovations of rooms can make furniture undesirable for aesthetic or utilitarian reasons in short order.

It's often best to start with a room that's furthest from the door and fully furnish it with the items of your choosing. Another winning idea is to furnish a room that will house the heaviest furniture first. Living rooms and home offices typically feature a lot of bulky items that are tough to move. Buying furniture in sets that boast matching colors will make selling it to consignment shops a lot easier in the future.

Look Out for Flexible Payment Options

If you desire the kind of furniture that will last for decades, you need to be prepared to make a substantial investment. Furniture vendors that offer in-house financing make the acquisition process a breeze for buyers. In-house financing provided by furniture stores reduces paperwork, red tape, and headaches for consumers of all stripes. Best of all, many furniture stores that boast in-house financing plans can work with most customers regardless of their credit ratings.

A reputable furniture store worth patronizing will offer prospective customers a range of payment options for their convenience. What's more, great furniture vendors typically boast no-interest payment plans for customers with superior credit ratings. Badcock Home Furniture of South Florida puts consumers in the driver's seat by accepting a slew of payment options including PayPal Credit and Acima. On top of that, Badcock offers generous discounts of $100 off of every purchase over $1,000.

Wait for Promotions to Pull the Trigger

While most trustworthy furniture stores offer competitive prices throughout the year, they all hold semi-annual sales to clear out inventory. Scheduling a major furniture purchase to coincide with your preferred vendor's promotions can do so much more than just saving money. Planning a purchase month well in advance will give you time to iron out financing details. You'll also be able to arrange for the sale or disposal of old furniture you no longer require.

Knowing what kinds of furniture to buy at specific times of the year is the key to maximizing savings and reducing stress levels. For instance, holiday sales are a great way to pick up excellent dining room sets at bargain prices. If you're looking for epic deals on patio furniture, keep an eye on holiday promotions. 

Carefully Review All Warranty Information

A superior furniture store won't generally stock and sell items that come with lackluster warranties. Nevertheless, it's important to know what kind of protection you're getting from the manufacturer before you make a decision. Knowing how long you can ask for a refund or a replacement will give you much-needed peace of mind. Moreover, ironing out warranty protection details will save you time and frustration should a mishap occur in the future.

Our customer service at Badcock is second-to-none. Our specialists can show you how to take the stress out of furniture shopping in minutes by thoroughly explaining warranty plans. Be sure to ask about extended warranties that go above and beyond manufacturer guarantees when looking for new furniture. Oftentimes, these extended warranties can be had for a few extra dollars per month. If you have a busy household packed with kids and pets, that minimal investment will likely yield dividends at some point.

Sort Out Transportation Details Beforehand

Understanding the difference between complimentary deliveries and full-service deliveries will prevent unpleasant surprises when your furniture arrives. Most furniture stores that offer free delivery simply drop the hardware off at the door. Maneuvering sofas and recliners into their final resting places aren’t typically included. That's why it's important to have moving pads, masking tape, and packing foam handy. If you'd like the furniture store to handle the final moving steps for a nominal fee, opt for full-service delivery.

For the most part, an established furniture store with a sterling reputation will offer free delivery on major purchases. At Badcock, our free express delivery takes the stress out of paying for expensive transportation and moving costs.

Inspect the Goods in Person Whenever Possible

A high-quality piece of furniture is one of those things that you should really see up close before you buy. It's not like you're purchasing a pair of jeans from Old Navy, after all. While online descriptions are helpful, they can't fully convey the tactile experience of physically interacting with a chair or a desk. Additionally, some furniture sets are only eligible for financing if they're sold in the store.

For the best results possible, try to schedule your furniture store visit so that you have plenty of time to peruse the merchandise. If you're in a hurry, you're more likely to make a rash decision that you'll regret later on. A good salesperson can shepherd you through the decision-making process as you sample the available pieces that catch your eye. Ask specific questions about wood and upholstery care to ensure that your purchase is a prudent one.

At Badcock's, Customer Satisfaction Always Comes First

Now that you know how to take the stress out of furniture shopping, you can more confidently purchase pieces that suit your tastes and lifestyle. Badcock's Home Furniture is committed to providing the finest furniture in South Florida at the best prices. Visit any one of our 11 convenient locations to see why we're the South Florida furniture purveyor to beat.

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