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How to Decorate With Rugs to Define Your Space

decorative rugs
Choosing a Decorative Rug

Rugs have the potential to define your space. Decorating with rugs helps bring life into your home. Aside from visual appeal, they can also serve a useful purpose. Rugs can be used to separate two different areas - for example, a living room and kitchen that are located in the same vicinity.

Without the need for a traditional room divider, decorating with rugs can help add dimension to your space. Do you feel like your space doesn’t have enough room? Are you trying to create an illusion of more room? That’s where decorating with rugs comes in!

Rugs are not only beneficial when working with larger spaces. Smaller spaces that lack the room for additional furniture can liven up with rugs. We’re excited to share with you all the ways that rugs make defining your space possible. There are numerous directions you can go in when choosing a rug for your home.

Besides, decorating with rugs can help perform several functions within one room. For example, a bedroom may also need to work as an office space or a home yoga studio. With the help of some rug decorating, this all becomes possible.

Keep reading to learn more about decorating with rugs and all the possibilities that come along with it!

Decorating with Rugs: The Importance of Size

The size of your rug will differ depending on your goal. Whether you want a rug as an accent or as a way to make your space look larger, the options are endless! The size of a rug can give a completely different feel to your space. For example, area rugs take up the entire space and can sometimes be counterproductive in creating space.

However, an area rug beneath a bed may be the perfect choice for keeping your feet warm when you wake up and step out of bed. In a dining room, decorating with a rug means making sure all the chairs are on top of the rug in an even position. Decorating with rugs becomes more than just a visual accessory when ensuring that the chairs can slide comfortably and provide the most comfortable experience. 

Decorating with Rugs and Color: So Many Options!

Decorating with rugs doesn’t stop at the size! Choosing a color is one of the most exciting parts of the decorating process. First, it helps to access your room’s color scheme. To tie the look of the room together, a general rule is to choose one or two of the main colors. 

If you make your way to visit us, we suggest you take a throw pillow and a color swatch of your curtains, furniture, or wall colors with you. It can be hard to imagine the right color in your head without a helpful reference. 

Other helpful tips when it comes to choosing colors and decorating with rugs include:

  • Is your primary furniture, like a sofa or couch, a solid color? We recommend considering a patterned rug to liven up your space!

  • Use the color of your sofa to find patterned rugs - looking for a rug that incorporates the sofa’s color as a secondary color is key! For example, a red couch may call for an abstract rug with red accents! You can then use other colors of the rug to find throw pillows and blankets for your couch.

  • If your sofa or couch has a funky pattern, decorating with a solid-colored rug may be just what you need.

Decorating with a rug can help set a tone for the room. Dark, rich colors create an intimate space while lighter colors often make space appear larger. Color tones such as yellow, orange, or red add warmth while cool colors can create a more relaxed vibe in your space. There are so many possibilities when it comes to decorating with rugs!

Decorating with Rugs: Letting Your Creative Side Lead With Shapes

Although commonly used, rectangular rugs are one of many options. There may be better options that suit your unique space better. Perhaps a round rug can serve as a perfect accent for your kid's room. Maybe a square rug can serve as a perfect office space divider for your bedroom. Choosing a size is an important part of decorating with rugs.

We encourage you to be playful and creative with your rug shape! It’s easy to stick to what you know, but you may be delightfully surprised with a new option. Remember, we’re here to help you answer all your rug decorating questions so don’t hesitate to reach out with any questions you may have.

Decorating With Rugs is More Than Just Decorating

Our space is our home; a place where we get to express our identity and invite those we love in. The importance of this space cannot be overstated. From painting the walls to decorating with rugs, we give meaning to our homes. 

The visual appeal, as important as it is, is secondary to the feeling we receive when we feel at home in our space. When decorating with rugs or other accessories, it helps to ask: How does this item make me feel? What does it remind me of? Keep in mind you’ll be in the company of this rug for a while!

Decorating with rugs allows you to add dimension and personality to your space. When you add personality to your space, your home truly becomes yours.

Is Decorating with Rugs Leaving You With Questions? We’re Here to Help!

We understand the importance of bringing your space to life and making it your home. Designing your space with furniture and accessories can seem like a daunting task. Fortunately, we’re experts when it comes to defining your space with furniture. We encourage you to come to visit us, or reach out to us here at your convenience - we would love to be a part of your home-making process!

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