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How to Choose the Right Wood Accent Color for your Home
Responsive imageWhen choosing the right wood as an accent color for your home, it’s not only about what will go with oak, pine, or mahogany like most people would think. In fact, choosing the right wood accent for your home is more about what will enhance the wood’s finish rather than what will match. Home décor in West Palm Beach should not only complement the surrounding furniture but compliment your personal style as well. Additionally, the furniture and wood accent colors should serve to enhance both the feeling and color in each room. Here are a few tips for choosing the right wood accent color for your home.

It Doesn’t Always Have to Match

Most people think everything in their home has to match perfectly with each other. But here’s the thing, that can get really boring and really tacky fast. The living room furniture in a West Palm Beach home should have items in colors that go together comfortably but not necessarily match exactly. This means you can choose dark wood accents to go with light colored furniture. Stains and varnishes help to enhance the appearance of the grain and change the color of the wood. This means that you can have the style of table or chairs that you want in a complementary color for the room it is located in.

Contrast is Good

Mahogany, walnut, and cherry are all dark finishes. The invoke a warm feeling in a room and stand out in sharp relief against any light colors. Greens, blues, and yellows stand out boldly against these types of woods. This looks great in kitchens where you are trying to create a warm, homely environment while still trying to remain inviting and lively. The contrast in wood accent colors can call attention to specific pieces of furniture in the room. For example, a table you love dearly or unique hand carved chairs. Dark wood accented furniture against light walls or light furniture against dark walls should be streamlined to avoid the impression of crowding in a room. Medium-tone finishes of wood should be paired with soft color walls. Golden-yellow wood accents do best against warm reds, earthy greens, teals, or eggplant colors. Antique stained woods, which offer a complexity in depth and color can be combined with several different colors.

Make a Statement

Our Furniture stores in West Palm Beach are stocked with the latest furniture styles to furnish every single room in a home from top to bottom. No matter what your personal style is there is a furniture set for you. From classic to trendy and everything in between. We know you want your home to make a statement, which is why we offer such a large stock of furniture choices and options ranging in color, textile, and style. Check out these statements making tips for furniture and wood accent combinations A dark mahogany chest or ebony colored table looks great against a deep red or blue-green wall. This is ideal for formal dining rooms, reading rooms, or sitting rooms. The dynamic created between the two hues and the value of the wood color is comparable to that of the color of the wall. Warm neutrals like taupe, mushroom, or khaki bring out the rich and toasted notes in medium brown wood accented furniture. The result is a low-key, high contrast effect that does well in bedrooms Honey-toned pine wood looks great with medium green. The green brings out the yellow undertones in the wood and balances them with a cool contrast. This is great for an enclosed outdoor patio, a bedroom, or even a sunroom.

Carrying Color Through Your Home

Furnishing your home with home décor in West Palm Beach is fun and easy when you know where to shop. We make shopping and choosing furniture a breeze thanks to our wide selection of trendy and classic pieces. All of which range in color, textile, and wood finish. Just remember that your home doesn’t have to be matchy-matchy. In fact, it’s okay to mix and match colors, textiles, and styles throughout your home. Let your personality shine through and shop with us to find the best home furniture store and selection.
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Three Tips for Decorating a Reading Nook
Responsive imageSitting in your home on a lazy Sunday afternoon reading a book of your choice can be very relaxing. After a busy week, unwinding with a good book, and maybe with a hot cup of tea to sip, can soothe and refresh your mind and body. Having a reading nook that you can decorate according to your aesthetic sensibilities will allow you to enjoy your reading time even more. But how do you decorate your reading nook to create this calming space? Here are three tips.

Comfortable seating and good lighting

The furniture in your reading nook should make you most comfortable and relaxed. There are many types of chairs to pick from- an overstuffed armchair, a lounge chair, a wingback chair, a wicker chair with lots of cushions, and more. But you don’t even have to stick with a chair if you don’t want to. A daybed or futon or a long sofa will also work perfectly if you choose to lie down and read. If you feel more comfortable outdoors, you can even set up your reading nook in your garden or in your backyard with a comfortable bench or other seating. Similarly, any other furniture that you pick for the nook should be appealing to you. Whether it’s a small stand to keep books on, a table to keep a coffee mug, a basket to keep books, cushions, blanket, or other stuff in, or another piece of furniture, it should be something that is practical for your purposes and something that you like. For ideas, visit Badcock Home Furniture & More in Florida- the leading furniture store Fort Lauderdale has. We have the best sofas Fort Lauderdale has to offer. Being able to read easily requires proper lighting. Having a reading nook next to a window from which you can get soft, natural light can be ideal for reading. But if you prefer light from a lamp, or want light from a fireplace, you can have a reading nook away from a window.

Adding a pop of color or other decorative elements

After putting the basic elements for your reading nook together, you may want to make the space more interesting and inviting by adding a colorful rug, an eye-catching cushion, a decorative vase or picture, your favorite scarf or blanket, or any other decorative items that have special meaning for you and set an inviting scene for you to read in. Some people like to place candles or their favorite essential oil diffuser to feel relaxed when they are reading. Choosing colors or items similar to those already used in other places in the room will also help to tie in the reading nook to the room and give a cohesive look. Go to Badcock Home Furniture & More store to find the best home decor Fort Lauderdale has.

Update the space

No matter how much time and thought you may have put into creating your reading nook, it may seem to get boring after some time. Your chair, for example, may not feel as comfortable, or the decorative items may look outdated. So it may be a good idea to update your reading nook from time to time to keep it looking and feeling fresh. As you read various books, you can have a display board in your nook to put quotes and things on it that represent characters, places, and/or things from the book that interest you, or hold special meaning for you. You can add new items and remove old ones as you continue on your reading journey. This not only keeps your reading nook updated but can also provide an opportunity to reflect on your readings and to be creative in displaying what you take away from it. Adding and removing other items from your reading nook, or even just creating a totally new space in a different part of your home can be other major changes that you can make. Remember, a reading nook is your own little sanctuary where you go to relax and enjoy. You can do whatever you want with space- there are no rules or guidelines to follow. So think about what you want, and design a nook exactly as you like.
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Furniture Arrangment Tips for New Homeowners
Responsive imageFilling your brand new home with furniture is both an overwhelming and exciting task. Getting the home décor in West Palm Beach to look as perfect as you can imagine it can be difficult at first. However, if you take the time to create what kind of mood or emotion you’d like to invoke within the room is a great start. Here are five tips for arranging new or gently loved furniture into your brand new home.

Wipe the Slate Clean

This should be easy if you are moving into a new home. Try to get the room as empty as possible so your imagination can use that empty space to fill with new furniture. From here you can imagine any type of furniture, fabric, color, and style. To help with the creative process in this step, you can make a collage or mood board for each room that needs to be filled.

Pick a Focal Point

Choosing a focal point of the room is relatively easy. Usually, a corner, fireplace, or sofa is a great start. Some rooms may have built-in focal points like fireplaces, fireplace mantles, or other eye-drawing built-in features. If there aren’t any built-in focal points, you can always make your own. Things like picture walls or televisions make for great focal points. The focal point is important because this is the point where in which you will arrange all of your furniture around.

Don’t Just Push the Furniture Against the Walls

Most people’s natural inclination is to push all the furniture against the walls. Living room furniture in West Palm Beach shouldn’t just be pushed against the walls. In fact, furniture, just like people, needs some breathing room. Leave your furniture a few inches out from the walls to create some breathing room. Of course, the size of the room will dictate where furniture will fit most comfortably at. Also, large furniture pieces can be pushed closer together to create ‘conversation corners’ for more intimate settings in larger rooms, like the living room.

Identify the Traffic Patterns

Each room is going to have a different traffic pattern based on use and traffic preference. Meaning, each room will be traveled through differently. With that being said, you don’t want to place a huge piece of furniture in the middle of a room and cut off an easy or sensible traffic lane. Also, you don’t want any large pieces of furniture to block doorways, windows or vents, as well as views to other rooms. When considering traffic patterns, also consider the functionality of the room. Is it a bedroom, a living room or a dining area. How frequently will these rooms be? This will also determine the traffic pattern and its frequency.

Put Tables at Arms Lengths

Every living room needs a coffee table and end tables and every seat in that room should have access to either the coffee table or an end table. However, no one should be getting out of their seats to access these tables. The easiest way to determine how closely a table or end table should be a seating area is to sit down yourself! The rule is usually arm's length. This way whoever is sitting down can remain seated while reaching for their beverage or plate. Coffee tables and end tables should also be the same height, or lower, as a sofa, love seat, or reclining chair. Creating your dream home with home décor in West Palm Beach is easy once you know how to get started.

Furniture shopping isn’t always just picking out what looks cutest. It is also about picking out what is functional, practical, affordable, and finally, stylish. Whether you are buying new furniture to put into your new home or using hand me downs for a little while, there are still important styling rules to follow. Fortunately, with our five-step guide, it’s now easier than ever to decorate any and every room in your brand new home. Our furniture store in West Palm Beach makes furniture shopping a fun experience. With a wide selection of fabrics, colors, and styles all of which are bound to fit within your budget. Stop in today and see what your new living room, bedroom, or dining room could look like.
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