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How To Maintain Your Leather Furniture
Responsive imageMaintain your Blended leather (Leather Gel, Bonded Leather, Leather Air) for a lifetime of use and style.  Blended Leather is leather that is sprayed onto the back of man-made synthetics and combined with other materials to give the appearance and feel of real leather at a much lower cost. With proper care, this material can last as long as high quality leather. Although there are clear benefits to choosing this material, it does need to be maintained. Furniture placed in non-air-conditioned homes are more susceptible to damages. If not properly maintained, the material can crack and peel which is not repairable. Leather products are more durable and can be 100% top grain leather or only leather where the body touches. Prevention is key!
  • Place furniture away from walls to avoid scuffing and paint transfers as these damages are not covered.
  • Regularly vacuum with a soft brush attachment at least once a week to remove surface dirt or hair.
  • Keep your furniture out of direct sunlight and away from vents or fireplaces as heat and humidity will cause your furniture to dry out or fade.
  • Reduce the amount of body oil and contaminants that settle into your sofa by using covers or throws.
  • Please Note: hair products and body lotions will deteriorate your furniture. This damage is not covered under warranty. Do not use any type of chemical cleaning products!
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