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Three Questions to Ask Before you Purchase New Furniture
Responsive imageBuying new furniture is an exciting moment in your life. It’s a chance to let your creative juices flow and an opportunity for you to create the home of your dreams. Whether you’re buying living room furniture in West Palm Beach or just need to update some simple home décor in West Palm Beach, you can find it all here at Badcock’s Furniture. But before you jump in and start buying, be sure to ask yourself these three questions! You’ll be glad you did!
  • How Much Space Do I Have?

This is the number one most important question to ask because space will determine how much furniture you can get and the size of the furniture you need. If you live in a smaller space or are furnishing a smaller space, you need to consider in terms of what is absolutely essential and what is non-essential in a small space. Consider what purpose each piece of furniture serves. For large spaces, you need to scale your furniture accordingly. Too small of sized furniture will make space look empty, while too large will make it look crowded despite the large size.
  • Who Uses the Space?

Depending on what room you’re furnishing will determine who uses that space. For example, living room furniture in West Palm Beach is probably used by most everyone. This means that you’re going to want furniture that is strong and sturdy to withstand, potentially, excessive wear and tear. Additionally, you want to consider what fabric to pick.

Obviously, for the living room, the room everyone uses, you’re not going to want to pick a white velvet sofa. You’ll probably want something in a darker color or in a fabric that’s easy to clean. Choosing bedroom furniture in West Palm Beach can have a little more wiggle room when it comes to color schemes and fabrics. Unless it’s a room for children, most adults know how to care for light colored fabrics and woods.
  • What Kind of Budget do I Have?

Another extremely important question is what budget are you working with? This will determine not only how much you can buy but what you can buy. While we all wish to have our dream home furnished with our dream furniture, sometimes our wallets and our hearts don’t always match up. Look around and keep your eyes out for sales. You can also buy furniture in pieces. You don’t always have to furnish every single room at once, nor do you need to buy full furniture sets every time you’re thinking about buying new furniture. Your budget will also determine the wood style, type, and fabric type that you can afford. Once you have your budget thought out, you can shop confidently because you know exactly what you can afford and you’ll feel good about buying it.

New Home Décor in West Palm Beach

Furniture shopping is a fun and exciting experience for everyone. It’s a chance to use your imagination and create a space that you truly love. Whether you’re furnishing a brand new home or looking to redecorate your current home, we have everything you need. From living room furniture to bedroom furniture and home appliances, you’ll find what you’re looking for here. With tons of different styles, colors, shapes, and textiles, you’ll be able to satisfy everyone’s personal style all in one place. You can shop online or in store to find your new favorite piece of furniture or set. You’re going to love your brand new furnished space.

Badcock Home Furniture began in 1904 and is still going strong today in 2018. Today there are over 300 Badcock and more stores in 8 states: Florida, Alabama, Mississippi, Tennessee, North Carolina, South Carolina, Georgia, and Virginia. This means that you can easily and conveniently find a Badcock Furniture near you. If you live outside one of these eight states, don’t worry. You can easily shop Badcock online. Use our easy to navigate site where you can shop hundreds of different items and styles. It’s time to live in the home of your dreams. With Badcock Furniture, you can finally live where you love.
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How to Make Furniture Color Work for You
Responsive imageHave you ever bought furniture to furnish your living room, bedroom or kitchen to realize it was the wrong color? What a nightmare! Did you buy that ordinary furniture at a department store, thrift store or bought it from a family friend? But you discovered it was not suitable for the room? Well, shop for extraordinary furniture at the Badcock furniture store in Fort Lauderdale. Badcock Furniture has the furniture to match your home needs for the best color coordination.

A Reflection of You

When buying new furniture to match the color scheme of your home, the selection process should be a reflection of you. Your style, design, color, and quality. When remodeling your home with new furniture try to get the room whether it is a master bedroom, guest room or living room as empty as possible so your imagination can use that empty space to fill the room with new furniture color to match the room. From here you can imagine any type of furniture, fabric, color, and style. To help with the creative process in this step, you can make an assortment for each room that needs to be filled.

Color Coordination at Its Best!

home decor Fort LauderdaleTo some homeowners or interior decorator, mixing colors is inventive. To other homeowners, it is nothing but splashes of paint to add color to a room. The same goes for furniture. How the colors look palatable depends on the room and what colors you choose. You want to either match your furniture color with your wall color. Or you could even provide contrasting colors. It’s good to experiment which colors that work well together. Unless your walls in your living room or bedroom need a good paint job, it’s usually easier to choose your furniture color than for the paint color. Otherwise, it would be ridiculous to keep painting your walls over several times just to decide on the right furniture. You’re probably thinking who does that. Yes, there are people who do that!

Focus on Color Scheme of the Furniture

Focus on the color that dominates the room whether it is a living room, your child’s bedroom, or guest room as the color scheme, and uses that color for matching or contrast. Once you identify your color scheme, you can go shopping for your furniture or move furniture from other rooms to test it all out. Colors don’t have to be exact, as that could be difficult to find duplicate colors to both walls and furniture. How you perceive the colors is your choice. What you do is figure out the colors deemed to catch anyone’s eye and be picked up in a nearby location in the room. It could be the bookshelf or sectional couch with the wall, or the fireplace hearth with the set of dining chairs close by. This is also helpful for colors in a combination room.

Explore color scheme to not just one room

Your color match is not limited to the walls and furniture. For a little more imagination to add to your home, you may even use the floor colors to coordinate with the walls and furniture. In fact, floor finishing can add to the color scheme, be it wood, tiles, or carpet. See how they contribute to the color scheme with adjacent walls and the furniture which sit upon them. All it takes is careful planning and rearranging of furniture with the colors belonging to the fixed environment and you’ll soon have an attractive and colorful sight!

Pick a Palette and Repeat it for any room

Every homeowner wants to know how much color is too much—and how to avoid the pitfall of creating an environment where the colors don’t quite line up. Working within a streamlined color palette not only helps the rooms themselves feel cohesive, but it also helps with the transitions between rooms. Every room in your home should speak volumes about the home’s personality as well as go with choosing the right neutral colors of furniture for the room.

Your Abundant Options with Badcock Furniture

For home décor in Fort Lauderdale, Badcock Furniture is your number one choice. Their longstanding history of quality furniture and customer satisfaction leaves them a customer favorite among their competitors. Stop in and visit a showroom today. You are sure to be pleased with your options and their great prices. Check out their website for their great reviews and see how investing in this quality furniture will create an ambiance in your home that you will love for a lifetime.
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Dovetail Joints vs. Finger Joints in Hardwood Furniture
Responsive imageHardwood furniture is as elegant as it is durable and sturdy. From dressers and hope chests to bar stools and chairs, Badcock features a full line of hardwood sets at our many furniture stores across South Florida. This includes living room furniture and accessories – handcrafted from fine wooden grains and elements. Whether in the market for pine desks, oak flooring, or even Redwood trim wall paneling, we feature an extensive range of finely crafted, exquisite hardwood selections for your convenience. In fact, one stop to one of our stores is all you need to access the latest in modern, contemporary and traditional styles.

Dovetail Joints versus Finger Joints

In our last discussion, we highlighted the many benefits of both Dovetail joints and Finger joints in furniture manufacturing. Whether for luxurious dining tables or kid’s bedroom furniture, hardwood joints are much more than fastening and holding accessories. In fact, the right-style joints can truly add a decorative element to any type of hardwood furniture. Here are some comparisons and benefits between these joints for hardwood furniture selections of DIY projects:
  • Dovetail joints are considered the ideal choice for hardwood furniture making; frames, hope chests, tables, wall paneling, wall units, entertainment centers, etc.
  • Dovetail joints have convenient mechanical lock features. This helps secure a streamlined, centralized appearance without having to worry about industrial glue scrapes and residue.
  • Dovetail joints are more decorative than traditional finger or box joints for hardwood furniture.
  • Finger or box joints enable better surface areas for gluing joints. Similarly, they have greater racking strength, durability, and versatility than dovetail joints.
  • Finger – box joints and/or industrial glues and adhesives are a better choice than some dovetail joints that are slimmer in design. However, the latter is a better decorative option for slim-lined hardwood furniture or accessories.
  • Finger joints are easier for wood assembly projects and have the same strength as butt joints. They only lack the decorative elements that can enhance any hardwood style or décor project.

The Beauty and Versatility of Wood

Wood can truly add a touch of class to any home décor in South Florida. From Elm and Oak to Pine and Redwood, wood grains are utilized in all types of furniture and accessory manufacturing. At Badcock, we are proud to showcase a myriad of wood-based furniture sets and accessories at cost-affordable rates. This includes desks and bar stools, along with chairs and especially flooring and wood paneling. Similarly, we also feature exquisite dining room sets, along with elegant furnishings and wall mounts. Here are a few more reasons to shop for your hardwood products and items at Badcock:
  • A huge selection of bedroom, dining, living, and bathroom furniture and accessories for homes and businesses.
  • Promotional discounts, daily specials, weekly specials, and more for new and returning customers.
  • Large gallery showcase of all the latest in hardwood flooring, furniture, accessories, wall mounts, mirrors, entertainment centers, and much more.
  • Huge line of Persian Rugs, Oriental Rugs, and all hardwood – parquet – vinyl – acetate flooring types and selections.
  • Dedicated customer service reps, interior designers, and furniture specialists with years of extensive industry experience.

The Badcock Guarantee

At Badcock Furniture, we are genuinely committed to meeting all your hardwood and furnishings needs. While other furniture companies only care about landing sales, we are dedicated to achieving all your desired results. Whether looking for wooden sets with pure or mixed grains – or the latest in stylish and trendy sets – we have it all at Badcock and More of South Florida. From Miami to Orlando and all points in between, we feature the finest blend of wood-based items and accessories at cost-affordable rates. You simply need to visit our website or one of our many locations across South Florida. This will connect you with the right furniture pieces and sets you need to enhance your home or business. For more information, simply contact Badcock today or visit our website.
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