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What Is A Leaf Table?
Responsive imageMost people won't think too much about their dining room tables. As long as it has a flat top and some chairs, it's working correctly, right? However, you have more options than you'd think for a dining room table. Let’s discuss the leaf table and why you might want to consider one for your home.

The Problem With Regular Tables

A regular dining room table is a standard flat top, sized to fit a certain amount of chairs under it. If you have a dining room or a lot of space in your home, then these are perfect for you. However, not everyone has a home like this. Sometimes you don't have a separate dining room, dining rooms West Palm Beachbut you still want a table where you and your family can eat your meals together. Sometimes you just don't have a lot of room, and so a large dining room table will always be in the way. Whatever the reason may be, a dining room table isn't always practical. Because of this, many individuals who are searching for furniture for their dining areas have had to find other options.

About The Leaf Table

So, how do you solve these problems? Many people decide to go with the leaf table. Also known as a drop leaf table, these pieces of furniture resemble a regular dining room table. When you need some extra room though, you can actually fold away a portion of the table, making it smaller and more concise.

Leaf tables work by having the tabletop in three separate parts. The middle part of the table is solid and stays put, but the two sides of the table actually drop down on a hinge, so they hang at the side. This is where the name 'drop leaf' comes from. Many homeowners have decided to go with leaf tables as they offer a lot of flexibility to their homes. The solid section of the table provides a usable surface, even when the table is folded up and put to the side of the room.

Many homeowners choose to use this as storage, especially if their tables aren't often used. The table also means that if you have extra guests for dinner, if you're hosting a board game night, or just need extra table space, you can set it up in a matter of seconds. Leaf tables are easy to set up, and you can get the tablespace you need right away.

What Other Options Are There?

If you're not sure which kind of table will be right for you, think about your needs on a day to day basis. Do you need to use your dining room table every day? Do you have the room to have a table out every day? If so, then a regular dining room table might work perfectly for you!

But, if you don't have space for a table on a daily basis, then a leaf or gateleg table may be for you. If you can fold up your table and put it somewhere unobtrusive, then the gateleg or leaf table will probably be perfect for you when you do need a table.

Now that you know more about your options when it comes to dining room tables, you can pick one that's designed around you and your needs. If you need more help, visit your local furniture store and ask for help choosing a table. You'll soon have one that's practical and looks amazing in your home!

Picking The Right Table For You

If you're not sure which kind of table will be right for you, think about your needs on a day to day basis. Do you need the table every day? Do you have the room to have a table out every day? If so, then a regular dining room table will be for you. If you don't have the room, then a leaf or gateleg table may be for you. If you can fold them up and put them somewhere unobtrusive, then they'll be perfect for you when you do need a table. Now you know your options when it comes to dining room tables, you can pick one that's designed around you and your needs. If you need more help, visit your local furniture store and ask for help choosing a table. You'll soon have one that's practical and looks good in your home.

Purchasing a Leaf Table at Badcock Home Furniture & More

If you’ve found the right table for your home by searching here at Badcock Home Furniture & More, it’s time to take the next step. Now begins the process of getting your new table out of the store and into your beautiful home. But, perhaps you’re a little unsure about the financial aspect of the process. If so, allow us to help!

Here at Badcock, we understand that buying new furniture can be both exciting and a little difficult. Sometimes, concerns about finances can creep in, preventing you from feeling comfortable about purchasing new furniture for your home. We are fully aware of these concerns and want to help our customers in the best ways possible. So we offer a variety of options for those who seek to furnish their homes using our products.

Firstly, customers may take advantage of our free layaway option! This option does not require our customers to pay any service fees. Interest is also not required. We only request a 10% downpayment initially. This layaway plan allows individuals to make payments toward their merchandise for up to 90 days! Once payments are complete, our customers can walk away with their purchases!

Financing is another option we offer here at our South Florida furniture store. Those who wish to purchase furniture from our store can do so using our in-house financing option! Or, individuals can take advantage of our alternative options, including financing through Paypal, Snap!, or Acima. For more information about these options here at Badcock Home Furniture & More, just visit our financing page or contact us today.

The Wait is Over!

You may have been looking for new furniture for a while. Maybe you’ve been on the search for a drop leaf table for a while. Well, we’ve got good news for you: the wait is over! To make your furniture dreams for your home come true, just visit us online and begin shopping to your heart’s content! We can’t wait to help you bring the vision for your house to life. Just check out our many products online today!

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Upholster or Replace - How to Decide
Responsive imageIf your old furniture looks a little lackluster and you're thinking of investing in new pieces, it's important you consider what works best for you, purchasing new or upholstering? Both options can be advantageous for various situations; upholstering is frequently a much easier process compared to making a new purchase. This option can save you hassle, time, and in numerous instances, cost. On the other hand, purchasing new can be a better choice if your existing furniture isn't high quality and you wish to change the style or size of the sofa. In the event that you decide to buy new, our furniture stores South Florida will ensure you purchase the right pieces to suit your style and budget. If you're debating whether to buy new or upholstery, here's how to decide.


You must consider whether your furniture's frame was well constructed. If the construction of the old upholstered furniture piece was good and had a hardwood frame and it's in good condition, perhaps it's worth upholstering. However, if the old furniture doesn't offer sufficient back support and you realize that it's uncomfortable and difficult to get out of, it's obvious your furniture is revealing signs of structural issues and probably requires replacement from our living room furniture South Florida. If you're in doubt whether your furniture is salvageable, we recommend you remove the bottom cover and examine inside. If you discover the furniture has inferior woods and broken supports, upholstering isn't worth it. Don't be concerned if the cushions are sunken in or deteriorated as they're usually replaced when upholstered.

How it Feels

The first thing you must establish is whether your furniture feels sturdy. Wobbling, dead spots, squeaking, or if you can feel the springs through the cushions, these are indications that furniture requires structural attention. Bear in mind that structural repairs, for instance, fixing the frame can be expensive. Furthermore, the extent of repairs may be incredibly extensive or minimal. For instance, if you need a cushion re-stuffed because your dog chewed it up, it may cost approximately $120 including the fabric cost; hopefully, you won't have a problem with the fabric match. However, if a sofa requires a total overhaul (which entails new springs, cushions, and the support system replaced or rebuilt), the story is different.


Another important factor that will help you determine whether to buy or upholster furniture is the cost. Generally, upholstering costs approximately 50-65% or less than buying a new piece. However, the proportion is dependent on the kind of fabric that needs replacement and any structural repairs an upholsterer needs to perform. Make sure you compare the purchase of new well-constructed furniture versus upholstering an old one. We've discovered that it's usually less costly to upholster furniture than buying new quality pieces because you own the frame already. In some instances, upholstering may cost more but it may be worth it if the piece has sentimental value, is unique, or an antique. Make sure you conduct comparison-shopping by obtaining quotes to estimate the cost of upholstering. This way, you'll establish whether it's a better option.

Valuable Antique

If your furniture dates back more than a century and you've invested considerable money on it, we recommend upholstering as the appropriate option. Remember, this isn't something you can replace with a new sofa. In this case, upholstering means refurbishing an antique and you shouldn't attempt this on your own. Instead, seek the services of a qualified professional and be prepared to spend considerable money.

Stability and Comfort Level

The comfort level is dependent on the springiness or softness of the seat, its material, height, the seat's width, and stability. If you enjoy sitting on the sofa and feel safe, upholstering may seem more practical than replacement if the leather or fabric has discoloration or stains because of age.

Sentimental Value

If your sofa has been in the family for some time and has a history and sentimental value, it's advisable you hold on to it. After all, certain things are irreplaceable and you can't put a financial value on them.
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Three Ways to Keep your Furniture from Scratching the Floor
Responsive imageHardwood floors are an excellent investment since they’re easy to clean, maintain, and don’t have a buildup of dust and debris most of the time. Clean up has never been easier and hardwood floors are normally longer lasting than any other one. When shopping for living room furniture in South Florida organizing the new furnishings can be a hassle. There is always the worry the new furniture will scratch the floor, but thankfully there are ways to avoid it.

No Pushing

living room furniture in South FloridaA bad habit of organizing living room furniture in South Florida is people tend to push it around when putting in place instead of lifting it. Pushing furniture across a hardwood floor can cause deep scratches to appear which can be difficult to get rid of. Furniture should be picked up and lifted off the floor and not shoved around, asking a friend for help is recommended when doing this. It will help to protect your wood floor from deep scratches and damage. The other fact to keep in mind is shoving furniture can be tempting when it has to be moved around a lot. Redecorating can be a hassle with having to lift furniture up and move it, but it’s one of the best ways to ensure the hardwood floor is kept intact.

Using the Rugs

Area rugs, in particular, are excellent for people who enjoy carpet, but only want it in one area of their home. Hardwood floors are slippery and it’s easy for furniture to slide back when people sit on them or are shifting around. Area rugs provide a surface for the furniture to shift about while offering a layer of protection for the hardwood floor. These types of rugs also add a sense of color to a room and can help to define a space for people who have open floor plans. Rugs are ideal during the cold season since they provide a layer of protection between feet and a freezing hardwood floor. The splash of color can help to liven up a room and to add personality to a new space.

Using the Right Pads

People are usually unaware how useful these items when purchasing them from furniture stores in South Florida, but furniture pads are excellent for protecting a hardwood floor from gouges. Furniture pads basically cushion the feet or the corners of the furniture to cushion them against the hardwood floor. Hardwood floors can be impossible to fix if boards are scratched unless they’re replaced completely. Furniture pads vary in quality with a few being stick felt pads that can be placed directly underneath the feet of the furniture. Felt pads make it possible for the furniture to even be pushed around on the hardwood floor since they slide so easily. They’re an ideal compromise for people who plan on redecorating frequently and need a way to move their furniture around effectively. The furniture stores in South Florida have a wide selection of furniture for people to choose from.

One of the aspects of shopping around for furniture is finding what matches with the current décor and deciding which will be long-lasting. One of the advantages of a hardwood floor is it matches up well with almost any style of furniture since it has an old world charm to it. Wood, in particular, has always been a popular building choice for people since it’s long lasting, durable, and easy to use. When shopping around for furniture to match your home, you shouldn’t have to struggle with the decisions. Shopping at the right furniture store means being able to have access to high-quality furniture that will last a long time. Using these tips will help to protect your hardwood floor from being damaged when redecorating and organizing your new furnishings to create the dream room you’ve always wanted in your home.
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