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Upholster or Replace - How to Decide

Responsive imageIf your old furniture looks a little lackluster and you're thinking of investing in new pieces, it's important you consider what works best for you, purchasing new or upholstering? Both options can be advantageous for various situations; upholstering is frequently a much easier process compared to making a new purchase. This option can save you hassle, time, and in numerous instances, cost. On the other hand, purchasing new can be a better choice if your existing furniture isn't high quality and you wish to change the style or size of the sofa. In the event that you decide to buy new, our furniture stores South Florida will ensure you purchase the right pieces to suit your style and budget. If you're debating whether to buy new or upholstery, here's how to decide.


You must consider whether your furniture's frame was well constructed. If the construction of the old upholstered furniture piece was good and had a hardwood frame and it's in good condition, perhaps it's worth upholstering. However, if the old furniture doesn't offer sufficient back support and you realize that it's uncomfortable and difficult to get out of, it's obvious your furniture is revealing signs of structural issues and probably requires replacement from our living room furniture South Florida. If you're in doubt whether your furniture is salvageable, we recommend you remove the bottom cover and examine inside. If you discover the furniture has inferior woods and broken supports, upholstering isn't worth it. Don't be concerned if the cushions are sunken in or deteriorated as they're usually replaced when upholstered.

How it Feels

The first thing you must establish is whether your furniture feels sturdy. Wobbling, dead spots, squeaking, or if you can feel the springs through the cushions, these are indications that furniture requires structural attention. Bear in mind that structural repairs, for instance, fixing the frame can be expensive. Furthermore, the extent of repairs may be incredibly extensive or minimal. For instance, if you need a cushion re-stuffed because your dog chewed it up, it may cost approximately $120 including the fabric cost; hopefully, you won't have a problem with the fabric match. However, if a sofa requires a total overhaul (which entails new springs, cushions, and the support system replaced or rebuilt), the story is different.


Another important factor that will help you determine whether to buy or upholster furniture is the cost. Generally, upholstering costs approximately 50-65% or less than buying a new piece. However, the proportion is dependent on the kind of fabric that needs replacement and any structural repairs an upholsterer needs to perform. Make sure you compare the purchase of new well-constructed furniture versus upholstering an old one. We've discovered that it's usually less costly to upholster furniture than buying new quality pieces because you own the frame already. In some instances, upholstering may cost more but it may be worth it if the piece has sentimental value, is unique, or an antique. Make sure you conduct comparison-shopping by obtaining quotes to estimate the cost of upholstering. This way, you'll establish whether it's a better option.

Valuable Antique

If your furniture dates back more than a century and you've invested considerable money on it, we recommend upholstering as the appropriate option. Remember, this isn't something you can replace with a new sofa. In this case, upholstering means refurbishing an antique and you shouldn't attempt this on your own. Instead, seek the services of a qualified professional and be prepared to spend considerable money.

Stability and Comfort Level

The comfort level is dependent on the springiness or softness of the seat, its material, height, the seat's width, and stability. If you enjoy sitting on the sofa and feel safe, upholstering may seem more practical than replacement if the leather or fabric has discoloration or stains because of age.

Sentimental Value

If your sofa has been in the family for some time and has a history and sentimental value, it's advisable you hold on to it. After all, certain things are irreplaceable and you can't put a financial value on them.
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