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What Is A Leaf Table?

Responsive imageMost people won't think too much about their dining room tables. As long as it has a flat top and some chairs, it's working correctly, right? However, you have more options than you'd think for a dining room table. Here's the leaf table, and why you might want to consider one for your home.

The Problem With Regular Tables

A regular dining room table is a standard flat top, sized to fit a certain amount of chairs under it. If you have a dining room or a lot of space in your home, then these are perfect for you. However, not everyone has a home like this. Sometimes you don't have a separate dining room, dining rooms West Palm Beachbut you still want a table to eat your meals from. Sometimes you just don't have a lot of room, and so a dining room table will always be in the way. Whatever the reason, a dining room table isn't always practical. Because of this, dining rooms West Palm Beach have had to find other options.

The Leaf Table

So, how do you solve this problem? Many people decide to go with the leaf table. Also known as a drop leaf table, these pieces of furniture resemble a regular dining room table. When you need some extra room though, they can actually fold away. These work by having the table top in three separate parts. The middle part of the table is solid and stays put, but the two sides of the table actually drop down on a hinge, so they hang at the side. This is where the name 'drop leaf' comes from. Many homeowners have decided to go with leaf tables as they offer a lot of flexibility to their homes. The solid section of the table provides a usable surface, even when the table is folded up and put to the side of the room. Many homeowners choose to use this as storage, especially if their tables aren't often used. The table also means that if you have extra guests for dinner, if you're hosting a board game night, or just need extra table space, you can set it up in a matter of seconds. Leaf tables are easy to set up, and you can get the tablespace you need right away.

What Other Options Are There?

If you need the space, still need a table, and aren't keen on the design of leaf tables, there are other options available to you. The closest option is the gate leg table. These tables use a similar principle of having one section solid and unmovable, but they use a gate leg, hence the name, to hold up the extra sections when needed. This can add extra stability, so the tables can fold down smaller. You'll need to look around your local furniture store West Palm Beach in order to get a table that's right for your needs. There's also the extendable table, that may be right for you. These tables are more of a permanent feature in your home, as when they're folded up they're still a usable table surface. If you need extra room, there are sections in the middle of the table that fold out, making it bigger. These are best if you need a regular table, but need to extend it out for bigger gatherings.

Picking The Right Table For You

If you're not sure which kind of table will be right for you, think about your needs on a day to day basis. Do you need the table every day? Do you have the room to have a table out every day? If so, then a regular dining room table will be for you. If you don't have the room, then a leaf or gateleg table may be for you. If you can fold them up and put them somewhere unobtrusive, then they'll be perfect for you when you do need a table. Now you know your options when it comes to dining room tables, you can pick one that's designed around you and your needs. If you need more help, visit your local furniture store and ask for help choosing a table. You'll soon have one that's practical and looks good in your home.
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