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Best Table for Your Eat-in Kitchen

Responsive imageWhile formal, separate dining rooms have passed in and out of vogue for decades, the choice of eating in the kitchen has constantly held its appeal. The informal, effective design of an eat-in kitchen is perfect for today's casual and fast-paced lifestyle. Simultaneously, today's tastes are markedly more luxurious than they were previously. Fortunately, our furniture store Lake Worth allows you to create your preferred eat-in kitchen by providing a wide range of tables. You can add a small table even to the smallest space. Here's a list of ideas to consider.

Round Table

A small, round table with two chairs are all you require for a classic setup that resembles a sidewalk café. Ensure you select petite chairs and tables to prevent your space from looking crowded. You might not have space for a kitchen table and an island, so you could opt for a piece that could do both. You simply have to pull up some stools.

Drop Leaf Table

Whether you opt for a square or round design, this kind of table saves space considerably. The base functions as additional counter space and you can raise or lower the leaves depending on the number of people you are hosting. The tables are also good for storing chairs if they feature wheels to move about easily. However, they're uncomfortable to put the feet under and you must pull out the chairs when necessary; this might not be convenient if you struggle with movement or lifting.

Pedestal Table

If you want people packed in, go for this table, which can accommodate more chairs because it doesn't have corner legs that get in the way. From conventional wood center tables to contemporary tulip-styles, you'll find a pedestal table that fits any kitchen design.

Hideaway Table

If you're constructing an island from scratch, consider including a hideaway table to your design. This will allow you to slide the piece for meals or additional space for preparing food. You can then tuck it back in when it isn't in use.

Choosing a Table for Your Eat-in Kitchen

Whether you're looking for a dining table or one that's multipurpose, you must consider various factors before choosing the ideal kitchen table. Here are some of the factors that will help you make a decision.

The Use

You can use a kitchen table for various purposes. After all, they're the center of your household, so their use will vary depending on your family's needs. Regardless of whether you have a handmade conventional country table that accommodates eight people or a small contemporary one that sits two people, the table should be versatile and fit your kitchen and lifestyle. Remember, the table's style can change considerably depending on whether it's a dining table or utility kitchen one. If you're wondering which table to pick for your kitchen, our home décor Lake Worth will advise you accordingly.

Table Design

The most common shapes from which to choose are round, rectangle, and oval. Deciding on one could simply be one of practicality, preference, design, or space.
  • Rectangle Tables

This shape is the most popular and traditional. They're great because of their versatility. Moreover, a rectangle table has a huge area to use besides being comfortable. You'll also find the legs placed neatly on every corner. However, the corners can be a drawback in smaller spaces and the shape might not work well in a square space or room. The tables are excellent in contemporary and traditional styles.
  • Round Tables

This table is great if you have a smaller space because it takes up less room and doesn't have corners to navigate around. While they aren't as roomy as rectangle tables, they offer more than sufficient eating space. If you would rather dish up at the table, bigger round tables might function well with a rotating area at the center, making it easier to reach the food. You'll discover these tables are great for traditional or contemporary kitchens and styles.
  • Square Areas or Rooms

If you have a square space or room, a square table will function best. Bear in mind that square tables aren't ideal for rectangular spaces or oddly shaped areas. These tables are usually more contemporary in style and look great in metal, wood, or glass.
  • Oval Tables

Like round tables, they function well in small spaces because they don't have corners. You should consider this table if you have younger kids for safety purposes.


Table materials are mostly available in wood, metal, glass or at times a combination of materials such as wood and metal.
  • Wood

This material is extremely popular since it looks wonderful. Additionally, it's very strong, versatile, and functions well in various styles.
  • Glass

This material is more contemporary in look and feel. You'll discover it adds elegance to your room and it's ideal for small spaces because it's frequently clear.
  • Metal

This material is practical and contemporary. Metal tops and tables are for utilitarian use. Nevertheless, metal is excellent for the table edges and legs. You'll also discover that metal works well with glass or wood. While decorating the kitchen, ensure you select from our wide range of living room furniture Lake Worth. Our professionals will help you choose the best table for your space and style.
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