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How to Create the Perfect Art Gallery Wall Layout in Your Home

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Whether you’ve just moved in, or need a change of surroundings, some new decor arrangements can go a long way. When a room or hallway needs a little something, floor space doesn't always allow for it. By displaying a gallery wall layout, you can utilize the horizontal surface, to add an upscale touch. 

Often, we search and scour the web for the most popular trend to bring to our favorite home areas. And while some ideas are stunning and certainly desirable, it can leave the space feeling generic, without that personal flow. In the course of this, we tend to forgo incorporating the decor that we love for a more modular look.

By adding a gallery wall layout into your theme, you can display both contemporary style and your favorite art. Using an assortment of colors and images, you can arrange a unique wall art layout. Showcase style, while adding a fun eye-catching feel to your favorites space. 

What Does a Gallery Wall Consist Of?

The rules of a gallery wall layout are, there are no rules. In short, all you need is a bit of creative placement to really make a statement. Some of the most popular wall art layouts consist of similarly themed images of the room. Many hang their selections in groups to provide a sense of welcomes, such as at an entrance or doorway. Some are even constructed quietly in the background of a living room, to just add that little extra ambiance. Feel out your space and decide on the message you are trying to send off. 

For those with more bold taste, opt for wall art layout designs that conduct the energy of the room. Adding accent furniture, like a stylish bench or console table, draws the eye in. Then, the gallery wall layout takes up the awe from there. With the pieces arranged together, from the wall to the floor, this stylish statement will certainly command attention. The best part about it is that the possibilities are endless. 

Colors and Themes For a Gallery Wall

Another element that you will have to consider is the color pallet of your gallery wall layout. Fortunately, by design, the shade doesn't have to be an exact match. The gallery wall serves to embellish colors that may already exist in your space. For example, are your walls a neutral color? Try choosing a bright shade to invigorate the area. For a brighter background, offset the intensity with contrasting white or black pieces. 

While there is no right or wrong way, finding a balance is key. Try keeping to warm hues with reds, pinks, and oranges. And for cooler rooms, greens, purples and blues. Can't decide? Go neutral with black, brown and white. Then work color in as you go, if need be. Try going bold and contrasting those opposite colors, you can always change it later. But, don't be surprised if you love it just as it is, and for what it becomes. 

So, what if you want to incorporate a color that isn’t found in another decor? Well, the solution is both budgets friendly and makes for an appealing collaboration. Instead of giving your room a total makeover, opt for a more subtle change. Something simple, such as adding a throw pillow or two. A few are all you need, but if you are feeling fancy, add more! Just enough to get the point across and the scheme will flow effortlessly. 

Planning a Gallery Wall Layout

When planning a gallery wall layout, make sure to measure your space. Then decide on a theme for your project. It's totally up to you to individualize contrasting art or go for a more uniform appeal. As for the proper placement, that's also up to the artist. Realistically, any wall that just needs a little attention, gives you the blank canvas that you’ll need. Whether adding only a few items, or several more, a gallery art wall is always growing and evolving. 

Take a look at that empty corner or wall that you can't pass without seeing. Try examining upward areas, often seen in living rooms with high ceilings. Along with flattering living room furniture and neutral walls, the grand height is lost to the simplicity. Accent the area when the ceiling meets the wall, using a wall art layout to separate the sections. Or, build your gallery wall layout in a thin section running from floor to ceiling. This elongates the surrounding area, hinting toward the grand atmosphere of the room while showing off your eye for design.  

Showing Off Your Collections

It can seem overwhelming to create your own wall art layout, but it doesn’t take does planning. Incorporate pictures and frames that you already have. Swap out the image or touch up imperfections. If you already have a few in mind, but could use a real centerpiece check out some new eye-catching pictures. If you have your favorite art as a priority, check into some dazzling accents to bring your design to life. 

Wall picture layouts are all about the mix and match. Use what you have or buy something new, or maybe even both! No matter what you decide, this unique utilization of your space is sure to be a showstopper.

Incorporate Unique Pieces

Like many of us, there is always the one area that is dim, lacking light and appeal. So these areas often go under-appreciated and unnoticed. But because gallery wall layouts don't have to include only photos, try adding some mirror art. 

Mirrors reflect light and dimension. Hang selections like Tetris blocks, space them evenly. Not only can they manipulate the amount of brightness in the room, but they also come in different colors and designs. At least one is sure to do the trick. If you love the look, add more! Let the miracle of the mirror do all that hard work, illuminating the areas that are hidden in the shadows. 

Work With Lighting

Speaking of lighting, try intentionally casting spotlights and shadows on your wall art layout. Lamps and lighting are the best way to direct light where it looks best. This trick is especially helpful when shades of the art are just slightly off from the surrounding decor. When highlighted creatively, your gallery wall will flow, despite minor differences in hue. Even better, lamps can be just as unique as the gallery itself! Try adding a new light fixture into the plan and let your creativity run with it. 

From the Floor to The Ceiling

One quick-fix to add interest to an otherwise bland space, is to link the top to accent the bottom. By matching your gallery wall layout to that of an impressive color schemed accent rug, the room speaks for itself. All it takes is a fabulous rug and a coordinating gallery wall to do the trick. 

Likewise, trying to replace an old rug with a new matching one doesn't have to throw the decor off. Blue carpet in an all-gray room? No problem. Just hang a picture or two with a little blue in your gallery wall layout, and the problem is solved. All of your friends will wish they thought of it first. 

Don't Limit Your Options to Community Areas

When designing or decorating our private quarters, most of us tend to be very traditional. One of the last places that often comes to mind with a gallery wall in the bedroom. While there may be a few momentos or photos hung, they are often displayed singularly. Try decorating around the headboard for an emphasized central theme. Or even, around the dresser and mirror, bringing it all together. 

We all love our bedroom to be a tranquil place of peace after a long day. But when switching to your seasonal comforter, or hanging new curtains in a slightly different color, matching fabric is tedious. Instead of hiding that mismatched quilt until the cold nights, simply add wall art that encompasses multiple colors. Then no matter what season or shade you are displaying at the moment, everything looks perfectly in place.

Make It Your Own

Most importantly, make your space your own. No two gallery wall layouts will be the same. Even with the same wall decor, placement and lighting can give each display a different feel. Try it one way, or switch it to a new design. Space each image inches away, or above, or diagonal. 

No matter what look you are working toward, designing a gallery wall layout can be fun and personalized. Badcock Home Furniture makes it easy to browse styles and ideas for any room, unlocking amazing potential for your individual home space. Even better, creating your perfect art gallery wall is only a few clicks away. Check out offers and seasonal trends guaranteed to add flare to your favorite place. With financing plans, interior home design is both affordable and flexible. Get browsing today, and show off your favorite gallery wall layout. 

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