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Extended Service Warranty

Responsive imageThe extended service contract applies to the merchandise on which an extended contract has been purchased on the account. This contract does not include service (either parts or labor) necessitated by the improper or negligent use of the product(s), such as leaving a product outside exposed to the elements, or by natural causes such as: flood, tornado, earthquake, or other acts of God. It does not cover knobs, cabinetry, trim parts, antennas, needles, glass bulbs, batteries, remote control units, other consumable items, head cleaning, and rodent/insect infestation. If you purchased a “Carry-in” contract, to obtain repairs you must bring your merchandise to the nearest location of Badcock’s Economy Furniture Store, Inc.

If you purchased an “In-home” contract, please call the nearest location of Badcock’s Economy Furniture Store, Inc. to request a service repair. Badcock’s Economy Furniture Store, Inc. will not make any reimbursements or cash outlays for labor or parts, except to persons or companies previously authorized to perform such services. You must present your sales ticket when making any claim. The extended service contract commences on the date of delivery and continues for a period of 48 months as listed on page one of the contract.

Consult the manufacturer’s product warranty to ascertain how long it lasts and what it covers. This Extended Service Contract is inclusive of the manufacturer’s product warranty. This service contract is deemed fulfilled if the item is replaced, and the coverage provided under this service contract shall not be transferable to any replaced product.

In the event the contract is canceled by Badcock Economy Furniture Store Inc., the return of premium shall be based upon 100 percent of the unearned pro-rata premium, less any claims that may have been paid. If the purchaser wishes to cancel this contract, it must be done in writing and return of the premium shall be based upon 100 percent of the unearned pro-rata premium less any paid out claims.

Badcock’s Economy Furniture Store, Inc. makes no claims as to the renewability of the Extended Service Protection. Any Renewal, if granted, will be priced at an appropriate rate based upon the age and condition of the merchandise at the time of renewal.

Warranty is only valid in the service area (Palm Beach, Broward, Dade, Martin, or Monroe counties). If the item is moved out of the service area, the warranty becomes null and void. To the extent permitted by law, Badcock’s Economy Furniture Store, Inc. disclaims liability for any incidental or consequential damages.
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1/25/2021 8:33 PM
I submitted a warranty claim regarding my sofa and I have yet to receive any information regarding the claim, an email or a call. IT HAS BEEN A MONTH!
8/21/2022 7:35 AM
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