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Multifunctional Furniture For Small Spaces

A multifunctional furniture is a quality tool in creating spacious areas in confined rooms. Modular furniture, such as the sofa, gives the homeowner freedom in arranging their decor. 

The recent design style that features multifunctional furniture is innovative yet stylish. These styles have become more ingenious, creating a line of items that cater to the downsizing and minimalist mindset. 

Learning to design with multifunctional furniture has become a standard design method. With as many options as there are to choose from, a piece of multifunctional furniture isn’t hard to find.

Smaller homes with limited floor plans may face more challenges than those with open floor plans. However, if you pick your furniture smartly, there are ways to work around it.

Multifunctional Couch

The classic sofa bed has been a staple in many apartments and their convenience has never waned. From the futon to couches that pull apart, there are many options to choose from.

Popularly known as futons, daybeds, and pull-out couches, these sofas offer the convenience of looking like a couch during the day and easily transitioning into a bed at night.

For those homeowners that wish to stray from the sleeper sofa, a secondary option may be to include a convertible sleeper chair. 

During the day, a sleeper chair looks and feels just like a regular armchair used for watching TV or reading. At night, the chair transforms into a bed by reclining. Some sleeper sofas even have coffee table ottomans that form part of the bed.

For homeowners that aspire to create a flexible sitting area, modular sofas and chairs offer various options for you to rearrange your seating.

Multifunctional Tables

Tables are a staple piece in many homes. From incorporating tables within your dining area, living area, and entryway,  there is always a room that can benefit from a table. 

The classic drop-leaf table style has been in households for many years. From the rectangle style to a circular style, there are options for a drop-leaf table in every household.

Furthermore, depending on the side that folds down, you can create a narrow console table or a smaller version of the dining room table. Folding down the sides of the table when not in use creates more room in your living space.

When fully extended, this drop-leaf table style can seat up to six. These multifunctional tables can be turned into a convenient mid-size table or dining table for guests.

Hidden Tables

For those homeowners that are tight on space, a hidden table may be the most beneficial in your household. A hidden table is an easy way to master the minimalistic approach by creating a 2-in-1 piece with wall art and a dining room table. By placing this multifunctional furniture piece in your household, you have opened up the living space for other necessities.

Another option could be to purchase a bookcase or home-shelving unit that incorporates a fold-out table within the design. This type of furniture item will allow you extra storage space for books and knick-knacks. 

Besides the use of hidden tables, side tables pose a solution for smaller spaces that still need places for individuals to set random items down. More importantly, some side tables have been improved to include cable management systems. These systems work to hide charging cords and to safely charge your mobile devices.

The Murphy Bed

The murphy bed is popularized for its ability to save space and blend in. As easy as it is to use, this bed just as easily folds into a fitted wardrobe to hide from your guests. 

In addition to being a bed, some murphy beds are multifunctional and can also produce a dining table and desk. If you feel that your home is too small to comfortably fit a bed, dining table, and workstation, then you can invest in a multifunctional furniture piece that becomes all three.

Multifunctional Seating Storage

Styling your home with multifunctional seating can be beneficial to a tiny home or a smaller space. Many of those who search for multifunctional seating aims to find chairs or ottomans with extra storage.

Most ottomans have a top that can be removed to reveal a storage area. Furthermore, the removable top can double as a surface area for drinks and food. 

Seating with extra storage offers homeowners a place to store blankets, pillows, magazines, remote controls, and other miscellaneous items.

Multipurpose Furniture For Small Spaces

If you like to get creative and find ways to save space in your home, some furniture made for small spaces may include:

  • Combination side tables and floor lamps with shelving for storage like books or the remote control.

  • Rolling laptop desks can be multipurpose household items used for work, art, and eating.

  • Wooden armrest wraps for the couch can act as a mini coffee table.

  • Lift-top coffee tables make a convenient work area for those that lack a home office.

  • A double shower curtain rod will hold your shower and towel simultaneously.

  • The back-of-door full-length mirror has shelving for you to store items like jewelry.

  • Storage steps with drawers in the stairs to provide extra space for miscellaneous items or clothing. 

  • Under the bed storage where homeowners can store shoes or winter coats in a bin and easily access it.

Homeowners who feel they have too much clutter in their homes can certainly benefit from multifunctional furniture pieces.

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Small spaces can be hard to decorate, especially if you lack a minimalist mindset. Choosing the right furniture pieces is even harder when you're not familiar with multipurpose furniture.

For help in creating a multifunctional space that still exudes coziness, contact us today at Badcock Furniture. 

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