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How To Make A Room Look Bigger

Whether you live in a studio or a house, you likely have a small room somewhere in your home. While it’s tempting to lavish your attention on the larger spaces in your place, small rooms can be the heart of a home. How? By just taking a look at how to make a room look bigger. You don’t need to hire an interior decorator or demolish a wall. A few simple hacks can turn small rooms into larger-than-life spaces. 

Add A Few (or Many) Mirrors 

Mirrors help open up a small room and give the illusion that it’s much large than it is. The best part? Mirrors are relatively inexpensive. But, you could always amp up the class and purchase a large mirror that covers most of the wall. 

On a budget? Choose an eclectic mix of smaller mirrors to hang around the room. Not only are mirrors functional, but they can also make a statement. Opt for mirrors with a unique design to add both depth and style to a smaller space. 

Look Into Storage Solutions 

Crowding a room can make it look smaller—this also goes for large rooms. Too many items crowded in a room will make it look small and stuffy. Of course, those with a small space have a dilemma. If you have a small space, where can you put your cherished belongings? 

Luckily, Badcock Home Furniture & More of South Florida has storage solutions fit for any room. It’s wise to go with a chest that doesn’t take up too much space if you want to know how to make a small room look bigger. 

Let The Light In 

A surefire way to make a room look small is by keeping it dark. Unless you’re going for a literal translation of a man cave, open up space by adding light. This could be as simple as opening up the curtains and letting the natural light in. 

Alternatively, you could purchase sheer curtains to let the light in, but with a bit more privacy. If you don’t have a way to let natural light in you can always buy lighting fixtures that don’t take up too much space. Alternatively, a slim floor lamp can add space to a room without taking up much space. 

Choose Furniture In Light Hues 

Dark furniture can instantly make a small room look smaller. Instead, make sure to buy furniture that looks light and airy. Off-white is a great color for furniture for a smaller space. Save yourself a headache and stress by covering light, upholstered with a protective covering. 

Inexpensive fabric protectant sprays can also help reduce the chances of staining light furniture. It does this by creating a layer that won’t let the stain soak in. Keep these tips in mind to make your home look bigger and keep cleaning to a minimum. 

Don’t Dismiss Large Furniture 

It might seem counterintuitive to put large furniture in a small room. Yet, it could make a small room look larger in many cases. Remember one of our cardinal tips: don’t clutter up a small room. This also applies to furniture! Going with a larger piece of furniture versus multiple smaller ones can make a room look much smaller than it is. 

While you shouldn’t fill a room to the brim with furniture, a staple piece can be larger. For instance, a small living room will look cluttered with many, smaller chairs. Choosing a larger sofa can tie the room together and make a small room look larger in the process. 

Let Us Show You How To Make a Room Look Bigger

Need a little extra help figuring out how to make a small room look bigger? We have a knowledgeable team of experts at every location to help you make the most out of smaller areas. Give us a call or stop by in person at one of our South Florida showroom locations. We’re here to turn your house into a home.

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