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Spare Bonus Room Ideas: What To Do With That Extra Space In Your Home

spare bedroom ideas

Bonus rooms hold many meanings to a family upon entering different stages in life. A bonus room does not qualify as a particular room in your house, like a bedroom. In many instances, a bonus room can be an addition or remodel of a house. 

When there’s a room in a house that doesn't have a dedicated purpose, some homeowners are left wondering what they should do with your space. 

Creative planning and decorating will allow you to use the space most wisely. Bonus spaces are valuable when it comes to home layouts. Most of the time, bonus rooms are separate from the main living space and allow privacy for many different scenarios. 

By defining the bonus room as space you can use frequently, like an office or gaming room, you may find it to be one of the most frequented places in your home. Furthermore, turning this room into something useful can make a return investment. 

There are many options to consider what you can do with the extra space in your home. Below are just a few instances to inspire your decorating ideas.

Home Office

A lot of homeowners are looking to create an area where they can bring their work home. Since the start of the new year, working from home has become an essential part of some jobs. Having a spare bonus room offers a sectioned-off space to incorporate an office. 

Because bonus rooms are often separated from noisy areas like the kitchen, they offer the perfect place to buckle down and get work done.

Homework Room

If you find that you may not need the bonus room as a home office, you can designate the space as a homework area.

Some families find that their kids leave their school work all over the house. Turning a bonus room into a homework room can be a quick solution to avoid messy after-school shenanigans. 

Furthermore, if your kids are still distance learning this can be a great opportunity to incorporate an area for them and yourself to work.

Teen Hangout and Gaming Room

If you have a space in your home that can be dedicated to your children, a bonus room may be the ideal area. You can use the area to create a space specifically for them and their needs.

A typical space for your children may include:

You might also want to include a couch and a few bean bag chairs to make it a more child-friendly space.

Furthermore, dedicating a room to them can make it the perfect gathering spot for family game night, movie night, and having friends over.

Reading Room

If you have a love for books, a bonus room can be used to create a library or reading room. 

Create the room yourself with DIY shelving, or bookshelves from any hardware store. Add comfy seating and lamps for individual reading areas and you've created the perfect nook to escape from your household.  

Music Room

For those homeowners that have a house piano or children that play an instrument, a bonus room can serve as a music room. These rooms are usually more distant from the main living areas allowing more peace and quiet as someone practices.

Furthermore, instruments also take up a lot of space. A bonus room can keep them from lingering in your living room longer than you’d like. 

Home Gym 

Many people dedicate their extra space to a home gym. Depending on how big your bonus room is, you may be able to fit various workout machines and weights. You may also want to consider adding a drink cooler and ceiling or floor fans to your home gym to benefit most from your space.

Yoga Studio

If you don't think the full gym set will be the most beneficial to your household, you could always create a yoga studio instead. A yoga studio can be created with just a few yoga mats and yoga blocks. 

Additionally, adding a stereo to space can give you the motivation to practice your yoga poses for hours. 

Craft Room

For those individuals that like to do DIY crafts or embroidering, a spare room makes the perfect craft room. 

Crafts get messy and keeping organized can be difficult without the proper space and storage. Having a dedicated space to get artistic may help your creative process and growth.

Home Theater

Families that love to do movie night may find turning their spare room into a movie theater highly rewarding.

Turn your bonus room into a home theater with:

To further create the movie theater atmosphere, you can use a projector on the wall and add a microwave for easy access to making popcorn.

Bunk Room

A bunk room is a great way to establish privacy for guests when they come to visit. It offers an area for them to store their belongings without giving up your main living space. Moreover, it provides a great place for your kids to have sleepovers.

Creating a bunk room is intended to maximize your space. Dedicating a bonus room as a bunk room offers homeowners extra living space for themselves and guests. 

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From using your bonus space as a kid's getaway to your getaway, there's no wrong answer in turning your bonus room into a space you desire. 

For more cool bonus room ideas and creative decor options, contact us at Badcock Furniture. We are here to help you turn that bonus room from a storage room into the area of the home where you and your family hang out the most.

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