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Top Trending Furniture Colors in 2021

trending furniture colors 2021

This year, the trends are drawing on the comfort of being home while also creating an effort to bring the outside world in. 

A great way to accomplish this is with color and accessories, such as choosing the most popular furniture colors and wall paint.

After the year 2020, a lot of homeowners feel stuck and have found the inspiration to revamp their living space. If you are one of those individuals, there’s always a paint color of the year that can help you determine how in-tune you want to be with the trends. 

Popular Furniture Colors and Paint Trends

There is always a number one paint color chosen as the color of the year, but there are also other colors that are always close behind. 

The top 6 colors of 2021 to include in your home— and not just as paint— are:

  • French vanilla (yellow-creamish tones)

  • Mint

  • Hazelnut (light brown)

  • Gray-green

  • Warm gray 

  • Soft pink

Brighter wall paint is becoming more popularized as homeowners aim to bring light and create joy in their homes. Bright colors aim to bring warmth, comfort, peace, and hope after a year of tumultuous ups and downs. Furthermore, popular furniture colors incorporate many of these tones in fabric, wood, metal, glass and stained glass. 

These top trending paint and furniture colors can bring bright pops of color to a forgotten space and create a rich atmosphere for your family and friends. 

Choosing The Right Color

Knowing your choice in color is the first step to choosing the right scheme for your home. 

After considering your color choices, such as the ones above, and choosing which best compliments you, you can build the rest of your living space around that. 

The significance behind each paint color can vary from individual to individual. However, the color still evokes a general feeling in all. For example, yellow evokes a sense of happiness and reminds many of sunshine. Blue reminds many of the ocean and sky and helps incorporate a brilliant outdoor hue that inspires joy. Another popular color includes pink, dusty pink, magenta, fuchsia, or raspberry and is a great tone that bears warm and cool properties. 

By choosing a delicate tone, such as dusty pink, you will be able to incorporate brighter, contrasting hues like lemon yellow, navy, or emerald green. 

Mixing Popular Furniture Colors and Wall Paint

Many of the new home designs feature a grayish tone with blue accents and glass or wood interiors. However, the gray that most individuals see in newer homes is being replaced with more vibrant hues— like blue— that allow for extra light to come in.

As a homeowner, the dominant color you choose as your wall paint does not have to be used in every room. It’s a space to create your own sanctuary for yourself and your family. 

After you have chosen a dominant color for your space, you can accent it with hints of different hues you find are inspiring.

There are many alternative ways to incorporate popular furniture colors, paint, and accessories as a homeowner, such as:

  • Using shades of white with your choice of color, and/or wood accent tones to inspire a farmhouse style.

  • Using muted and saturated red shades with yellow, orange, green, and brown tones to create an older fashioned look.

  • Using brown, beige, green, gray to create neutral, earthy tones.

  • Using rich, noble shades like black and purple with metal elements, and refined crystal accents to fashion a luxurious atmosphere.

Popular Furniture Colors and Finishes

In 2021, popular furniture colors are just as debatable as the popular furniture finishes you see in a home. 

As a homeowner, choosing the right color furniture may be more of a daunting task than choosing a dominant paint color. Just last year, you may have seen darker stains and wall paint as the trend. Now, the trend has shifted to create an airier atmosphere where families can relax and enjoy the natural light, essentially bringing the outside in. 

In more ways than one, homeowners are starting the trend of wicker furniture, stone textures, metal furnishings, plants, and glass pieces in their homes. Using natural materials in 2021 is a fashionable way to create an indoor space that mimics the outdoors.

Additionally, homeowners still use dark brown woods, wicker, and rattan in homes, but woods like oak are becoming popular. Homeowners are straying from the popular painted furniture look and are leaving the pieces raw. Lighter wood colors like ash, birch, and pine are becoming more popular as homeowners aim to bring a light and airy atmosphere to the room.

If you like the look of darker stained furniture, you can include rich tones in an otherwise neutral space. Not only does a paint color spruce up your home, but the choice in furniture color and accessories help create a seamless interior design look.

Mixing Materials and Decorating

Furthermore, using a mix of two or more materials can provide the contrast you're looking for in texture and pattern in your home. 

The most popular furniture color sometimes doesn't matter, but texture and patterns will catch the eye of your guests.

A popular trend right now in the kitchen boasts a two-tone countertop look; imagine your space with concrete and butcher block countertops or different colored lower and upper cabinets.

Homeowners also have the opportunity to add color with area rugs, linens, and décor. Many people are looking for ways to create stability and add comfort to their homes. This can be accomplished by simply adding a rug and blanket around the couch to make your home feel more complete.

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